Choices Foundation

The Choices Foundation, established by Chuck Gallagher, has a mission to accomplish two educational purposes.


First, the Choices Foundation supports providing ethical educational presentations, workshops, and keynotes to universities, colleges, high schools and religious organizations. Chuck, and other speakers, talk to young people about ethics, honesty, integrity, the choices they make and the consequences that follow.

The Choices Foundation believes that if you make an impression about ethics on young people before they enter into the business community or become established in adulthood by helping them see the relationship between choice and consequences, they may become more personally and professionally productive and ethical adults. After all, personal integrity and ethics are the backbone of adult society.

Second, the Choices Foundation provides educational scholarships to children who come from a disadvantaged background and/or whose parent(s) are incarcerated. Education can help break the cycles of poverty and poor choice, yet those who need an education the most are those who can least afford to receive the benefit. Hence, the Choices Foundation is established to help fund that need and uplift our underprivileged youth.

Having captured the attention of audiences from coast to coast, Chuck is an inspirational motivational speaker with a dynamic ethics message. As a business ethics speaker and sales motivational speaker, Chuck’s business and personal experiences over 30 years provides a powerful framework for presentations, workshops and consulting. Understanding the business and ethical challenges facing organizations today, whether corporate, government or association, Chuck, as a motivational keynote speaker, delivers a message that focuses on the pressing issues tailored to the client’s need.

A portion of the proceeds that Chuck earns from speaking to business audiences, associations and/or governmental agencies goes to the Choices Foundation to promote the furtherance of it’s cause.

9 Responses to Choices Foundation

  1. Beth Herrera says:

    Hello Chuck, I am interested in knowing if you could possibly come to speak at our high school in February or March of 2009. We are in an affluent suburb of Chicago. Our students rank among the top nationwide. Last year six of our students from our two school district scored a perfect score of 36 on their ACT’s. I could go on and on with the honors our student receive annually . I’m sure you are aware of the pressure these adolescents are under to succeed in every aspect of their lives.

    As a member of the Diversity Committee of our high school I have taken it upon myself to explore the possibilities for a meaningful week long symposium on the topic of integrity. In my opinion this topic for discussion is long overdue. The discussions would be between the students themselves moderated by a peer leader, students and teachers, perhaps high school students and college students and even hopefully students and parents and students and professionals. We would need a powerful keynote speaker to act as the catalyst for this week long event. I am hoping you would be willing to be that person. All I would need is a video of your speech preferably addressing a high school audience (among the toughest of audiences), which I would in turn submit to the Diversity Committee of our school for approval.

    Beth Herrera
    Glenbrook North High School
    1 847 509 2513

  2. Rolando Torres, Jr. says:

    Very humbling to hear your interview on WFAN. I am an attorney that works with an inner city school for at-risk students in Trenton, New Jersey. Would love to have you speak with the children. The school doesn’t have alot of money but maybe we can find a way to do this if you are in the New Jersey or Philadelphia area. I know where your coming from I worked in the jails of New York City for 6 years and went to night law school. Also, if there’s some way we can chat maybe I can help your foundation in the NJ area. (609) 610-3459.

  3. Marianne Unger says:

    I taught Philosophy of Values and Ethics for years at a Wisconsin University. I am now heading into teaching religion from a sociological perspective.I have an MA from Loyola University,Chicago.Need an extra speaker?
    Marianne Unger

    • Charlene says:

      Hi! I am not sure if this is the same Marianne Unger, but I was wondering if this was the Marianne Unger and Christopher Unger, who own a piece of property at Lake Wallenpaupack in Briar Hill. My parents have the property next door adn my husband and I were very interested in buying the land if you were interested in selling. Please let me know if you are interested at

  4. Greg Bem says:

    Dear Chuck,

    I am serving as a volunteer for City Year in Greater Philadelphia at North Philly’s Olney High School West. We are currently trying to bring in external motivational speakers that will speak to several classrooms of students.

    Seeing what you have been involved in has encouraged me to leave this message. It seems like you would be a great fit for our severely stricken school. The resources here are stretched thin and the school itself is often more imprisoning than educational, especially from the eyes of the students.

    If you are unable or will not be in the area, do you have any contacts with other high school speakers?

    Please let me know if you are interested. My phone number is 215-992-4530.

    Thank you very much,


    • I am always open to ways in which I can share the empowering message of choices and consequences – especially to young people. Feel free to give me a call and let’s see what we can work out.

      Chuck Gallagher

  5. Mitchel W. Salzman says:

    Dear Mr. Gallagher,

    I run the scholarship program at Vallejo High School, in Vallejo, California. I have a senior who has a parent incarcerated in Corona, California. My student has a GPA of 3.76 and has taken all our Honors classes, as well as Advanced Placement. She even spent 6 weeks at UC Davis Summer Upward Bound Program and got nothing but straight A’s.
    Do you have information on scholarships and other financial aide resources for her. Thank so much for your time.

  6. Gail Bryant says:

    Dear Chuck,
    As a former educator, I have worked with at-risk children and youth for 26 years in a high crime area Los Angeles, Calif. I am semi-retired but I feel I have much more to teach and offer to our youth and their families in ways of encoragement, advice and support. My goal is to speak at school assemblies and parent groups.

    I would greatly appreciate your feedback on how to get to get started & apply for funding for this new endeavor.

    Gail Bryant

  7. Chris Craig says:

    Hello my name is Chris. I’m wondering where I can get more information about this foundation. I’m the oldest of four children and we are all wanting to go to college but our father is incarcerated. I tried to find the website but it seems to be down. Any information would be really helpful, thanks!


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