Working and Ethics in America

From a recent blog I read I share the following and ask you to comment on your perception of “work ethics”:

I recently read a newspaper article on attitudes towards work.

America: The more you worked, the more you billed, and more the profit you generated for yourself and your company.

France: The fewer hours you work, the more vacation you take, more the time you get to grumble about the state of the universe, and smarter you feel.

Australia: On Mondays, they would talk on how they enjoyed the just-ended weekend; on Thursdays, the talk would be on what one would do on the coming weekend; on Friday afternoons they would not be any talk as they are already driving off to the nearest beach or hill ranges.

Urban India: When I meet software professionals, I see that the talk is like as in America – billings and profits. While attitudes of work are seen in some other areas of businesses, most others exude a chalta hai attitude; anything will do; performance and good work be damned !

The question for this blog is not about other countries, but more about what you think.

  • What does “work ethics” mean to you?
  • Is it more “ethically” sound to achieve your personal goals or to achieve the goals of the employer?
  • Is it possible to meet both?
  • Has the strong focus on business performance in America helped or hurt our country?

Texas Motivational Speaker, Chuck Gallagher Feel free to respond- the commentary should be interesting!

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