Choices – Consequences and O.J. Simpson

With the news today and O. J. Simpson must stand trial as reported on one must wonder if the fickle finger of fate will bring what many people feel should be justice to O. J. Simpson?

As a business ethics speaker, (  I often find people who feel that the rich and famous can avoid the consequences of their choices.   They site O. J. Simpson as evidence. 

I tell them that they are wrong.  At least that’s my opinion.  Just because we don’t see the consequences of our choices in the time frame we feel we should – doesn’t mean that we will avoid the consequences.  We won’t and can’t. 

Before I had to face the outcome and consequences of my unethical choices, I, too, thought I could avoid the consequences.  In fact, I began to believe that there weren’t any.  I rationalized that my behavior was no, in fact, illegal.  I was wrong!

I entered Federal prison and emerged a stronger person.  But make no mistake…there were consequences to my actions.  I speak about them regularily to corporations and associations around the country.  Every choice has a consequence and certainly I am living proof.

O. J. will get his day in court and I trust that justice will prevail – regardless the outcome – guilt or innocence.  Let us not forget, however, every choice has a consequence.

Any thoughts? 

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