Throwing Assets to the Dogs! – Michael Vick’s Continued Consequences

According to CNN – “In a motion filed in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson noted that Vick, in his plea agreement, agreed to pay “restitution for the full amount of the costs associated with the disposition of all dogs” in the case.”

Today the government asked a federal court to hold a portion of Michael Vick’s assets valued at more than $900,000 to be used to pay for the care and/or disposition of the 54 dogs found on Vick’s property when he was busted last spring.

For a full report of the CNN story see

Again, according to CNN, “Vick agreed that those costs could include “the long-term care and/or the humane euthanasia of some or all of those animals,” which were seized from the “Bad Newz Kennels” on his property in Surry County, Virginia.”

As an Ethics Speaker, I routinely speak to groups about Choices and Consequences. Every choice has a consequence. I, like Michael Vick, have enjoyed the benefits of good or even great choices and the agony of the negative consequences that can follow poor choices.

Michael Vick is (was) a talented NFL rising star. He developed himself and his skill to rise to national fame. However, the choices he made on his “shadow side” have had consequences that go far beyond what Vick might have ever considered.   Perhaps when the dust settles and the consequences subside…Vick will use the experience to help others learn the sometimes painful lessons of choices and consequences.

Your thoughts?

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