Post Katrina Bribery – Corruption Doesn’t Pay Says Business Ethics Speaker – Chuck Gallagher

Today a Grand Jury handed down an idictment against members of “The Scruggs Law Firm” for alleged bribery of Third Circut District Court Judge, Henry Lackey, of the State of Mississippi.  According to the indictment Scruggs tried to bribe Judge Lackey with $40,000 to provide a favorable ruling on a case they were a party to.

To read the indictment see the following link:

Smart…real smart.  How often do folks think that somehow there isn’t a consequence to choices they make.  Every Choice Has A Consequence!

As a business ethics speaker, I understand that fundamental law of the universe so well.  I, too, felt that choices made could avoid consequences.  Wrong!  You cannot avoid the consequences of your choices and actions.  You may not see them immediately and often the time between choices and consequences create the illusion that they don’t exist.  They do.

The story has all the trappings of a good John Grisham book.  The problem is – the outcome will likely be prison…a place I’ve been and don’t care to go again.

In my newest presentation, “The Truth About Consequeces,” I explore with business groups the reality about the choices we make and the consequences – either positive or negative – that can follow.  For information about that presentation, contact me at

Read the indictment and offer your comments here.

Business Ethics Speaker – Chuck Gallagher – signing off…


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