Business Ethics Speaker – Chuck Gallagher states – Michael Vick Facing Longer Prison Sentence

Texas Motivational Speaker, Chuck Gallagher 

Many thought that Michael Vick would be sentenced to a year and a day for his conviction on “dog fighting.”   Some had said that he threw his career to the “dog” as it were, but with a short sentence and voluntarily surrending and starting the sentence now, it was thought that Michael might just be back in the game for the ’08 year. 

Not so fast. today two of Michael Vick’s co-defendants in the federal dog-fighting case received sentences at the high end of the Sentencing Guidelines range.  Now there is some thought that Vick might face a longer prison term at his sentencing in December. 

According to the Associated Press, “A federal judge made clear his disdain for animal cruelty when he sentenced two of Michael Vick‘s dogfighting cohorts to 18 months and 21 months in prison Friday.

“You may have thought this was sporting, but it was very callous and cruel,” Judge Henry Hudson told Quanis Phillips of Atlanta, who received the longer sentence.

The prison terms for Phillips and Purnell Peace of Virginia Beach are a little longer than prosecutors recommended, but less than the five-year maximum Hudson could have imposed.

Vick still could get a sentence above the negotiated range in his case — a year to 18 months — if (Judge) Hudson concludes 27-year-old Vick is more culpable than the others because he admitting bankrolling the operation and providing gambling money.

According to court papers, Vick not only financed the “Bad Newz Kennels” but also participated in executing several underperforming dogs by drowning, hanging and other means. “

Should Vick be sentenced to the mid to upper range of the sentencing guidelines, he would be out for at least half of the ’08 NFL season. 

Every choice has a consequence! 

My guess is Michael Vick would have never considered this as a result of his actions.  Frankly, neither did I expect the consequences I received.  My misdeeds were illegal and I deserved the punishment I received.  But, during the time of the illegal actions, I never expected prison.

Hopefully, Vick will use his influence to help others so that they don’t face the consequences that he is facing today.  Holidays behind bars are no fun.

 As always, your comments are welcome.

 Business Ethics Speaker – Chuck Gallagher – signing off…


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