Ethics In The Fast Lane – Dummy!

O.K.  I admit most of my posts are serious in nature and hopefully, for those who read, have a profound meaning.  I state often – Every Choice Has A Consequence!

Sometimes, however, our choices provide some fun for those delivering the consequence!  Take for instance this dummy, driving down the road in Washington State in the HOV lane.  I know what he was thinking…get there with less traffic…get there a bit quicker.  Yep, let me take the HOV lane.  Of course, to do that it requires “High Occupancy” hence the name HOV lane.  Two people at least right?

Right – two people. 


Well, some folks are creative in their choices.  Like this man who was riding with a dummy.  No, not an unintelligent person, but a real mannequin (dummy) stuffed in a sweatshirt and wearing a hat.  Even the head had been painted beige to give it a more realistic appearance.

The driver was cited for an HOV violation after being reminded by the officer that the requirement to drive in the HOV lane is at least two humans inside a vehicle.  Get it…two humans – “dummy!”

Oh well, every choice has a consequence.  His consequence for riding with a dummy – a ticket.  Hum…maybe he was the dummy?


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