Kansas Attorney General Resigns – Ethical Choices Yeild Consequences

According to the Wall Street Journal Law Blog:

Paul Morrison

Paul Morrison, Kansas’s AG, said he would resign on Friday after he admitted to an affair with an ex-employee who says the AG also sought information from her about a political rival. “I have held others accountable for their actions, and now I must be held accountable for my mistakes.” He said he was resigning “not because I have ever done anything contrary to the laws of this state or the ethical standards of my profession, but because law enforcement should be the focus of this office, not my personal life.”

“My actions caused pain and sadness to many people I love,” Mr. Morrison said at a press conference Friday. “I have been working for some time to get right with God, to get right with my family and to get right with friends and address my personal problems — and I’ll continue to do so.”

Every choice has a consequence.

As a business ethics speaker, I can’t tell the readers how many times someone has lost their career and/or been forced to resign do to questionable choices. Morrison says that he did not violate the ethical standards of his profession and technically he may be right. However, ethics go beyond just the specific standards of a given profession.

If you violate your marital vows, have you committed an ethical violation?

If you take home office supplies from work or use the copier for personal purposes, have you committed an ethical violation?

If you teach your children one set of values and violate them yourself, have you committed an ethical violation?

The consequences of Mr. Morrison’s choice has not only brought about his resignation, but has subjected him to public scrutiny. Often I have counseled individuals who are facing prison due to their choices (as I have been an inmate in federal prison for unethical choices) and find, across the board, that none of them find that the benefit they once had from their choices is worth the consequences that follow.

What choice have you made that have had unintended consequences?


One Response to Kansas Attorney General Resigns – Ethical Choices Yeild Consequences

  1. Ivan L. Fail says:

    Dear Mr. Chuck Gallagher. 12-21-07

    Thank you very much for your web posting and coverage of the Kansas Attorney General scandal. I am all to familiar with the legal and political system in Kansas.

    You should do some investigation of –, and report on the “ethics” of Kansas state attorney “discipline” bureaucracy”. Focus on the level of electorate oversight and “decision making” authority that the lawyers permit the electorate to have in the process. Take special note of the level of “public participation” (guaranteed) and the “adequacy of discipline”. It’s a “zero deterrent to fraud”.

    You can easily do that by going to http://www.halt.org –, click on “Reform Projects”, “Lawyer Accountability” and “2006 Report Cards” state by state.
    Kansas gets VERY poor grades for “attorney accountability, public participation and adequacy of discipline” etc etc.

    As a retired federal correctional officer -, former Kansas resident and current defendant in a malicious, frivolous, lawyer enriching lawsuit in Wilson County Kansas , I saw disgraced Kansas Attorney General Paul Morrison’s “oblique accountability avoidance” rhetoric denying any breach of “attorney ethics” to be “classic lawyer” -, and Kansas lawyer “to boot”.

    . Twenty nine years of experience in the “bowels” of the federal criminal “justice” system -, and two very souring experiences as a defendant in malicious, frivolous, merit-less, lawyer enriching civil lawsuits has earned me a “Doctorate Degree” in racketeering “attorney accountability and ethics” and the judicial tyranny -, societal rage and contempt for the law that evolves from “attorney ethics” in America.

    The secretive, sovereign, self policed, “accountability immune” legal profession -, at all levels of the profession -, from private practice to a black robe and seat on the bench to the lofty pinnacle of power in the legislatures is pure and simple an incestuous “clique” -, whose larcenous greed, lust for power and repugnant, deceitful hypocrisy would make Al Capone or John Gotti blush in shame -, or grimace with envy.

    In America’s “self policed” ,money and politics driven civil and criminal
    “justice” system–, the majority electorate -,of our “free and self governed society” -, is denied any effective and consistent oversight monitoring, policing or disciplinary authority or power over the profession which makes up the “candidate pool” of our judges and influence peddling legislators.

    Corporate crooks, celebrities and well heeled organized crime Kingpins -,in general and in many cases–, frequently enjoy a much higher quality of “Constitutional Rights and judicial tolerance” in America’s criminal courts -, as evidenced by the “track record” –, than do the small time offenders for obvious reason$.

    In the civil courts of America -, in spite of fact that he has no credibility and his case has no merit -, Satan himself can “sue Jesus Christ for the Universe”. And in America’s civil courts there is only thing preventing Satan and his lawyer from bankrupting the Lord with legal fees plus costs -, in just the pre-trial “discovery charade”. That is the fact that Jesus Christ has even more Sovereign power, authority and “intimidation” muscle than Satan.

    AND believe it or not He has even more Sovereign “Self endowed power” than Satan’s attorney” -, although the legal profession and the American Trial Lawyer’s Association would deny that -, and sue to overturn that fact of life -, at $200.00 per hour, per attorney and UP –, “plus costs” –, IF they had their way -, which fortunately they can’t –, and consequently won’t!

    Like it or not that is the depths to which America’s civil and criminal “justice” system has sunk to in far too many cases.

    The courts are consistently used -,and abused as a “legal black jack to bludgeon” and ram double standard “justice” down the throats of many poor, low and middle class Americans while selling “Constitutional Rights, tolerance and license” like poker chips” to those who can afford to buy them via high roller huckster attorneys and PAC money lackey politicians -, who are “elected attorneys”.

    In the civil courts malicious, frivolous and merit-less lawsuits filed by malcontents who are often professional victims and “serial litigants” -, and prosecuted by their vicious and unprincipled “attack dog attorneys” ——-, malicious plaintiff’s and their attorneys consistently use the courts as a black jack and bludgeon. They financially and emotionally pummel and plunder their victims to a pulp -, or force them to surrender to avoid being bankrupted by “legal fees –, plus costs”.

    And yet the lawyers, their black robed “bureaucrat brothers -,and sisters” on the bench -, and in the halls of Congress are “shocked and appalled” and profess ignorance when some rage driven “societal time bomb” who has been repeatedly denied affordable, effective and timely justice or legally bullied, fleeced, head gamed, exploited to the ignition point –, goes on a shooting spree.

    That is courtesy of America’s greed and politics driven, power crazed legal profession -, which owns, operates, controls and “polices the “system” from top to bottom” and which would NOT recognize “Ethics” or “Honor” if they walked up and “introduced themselves” -, or gave them a right “hook to the jaw” which we can only “fantasize about”.

    At the moment, along with several other defendants in malicious, frivolous lawsuit estate dispute Case number 2006CV26 creeping through the “pre-trial discovery” phase in Wilson County (Fredonia) Kansas at the “bargain price” of $150.00 per hour -, plus “costs” -, so I’m speaking from experience. And this is my second “experience with the “civil courts” and malicious, frivolous lawsuits.

    In the first case, the plaintiff was a mob enforcer contract killer and loan shark who sued me and threatened my family and then ordered his attorney to arrange for a photographer to take photos of my home and four year old daughter playing in our yard. Four 8 by 10 photos of my home and daughter were later found in and confiscated from this killer;’s federal prison cell.

    And yes the attorney “skated Scott free” because he “was acting in his legal capacity as this serial killer’s attorney”. You can see one of those photos in the January 25, 1971 issue of Life magazine in the story “The Gorilla Cowed His Keepers”.

    Ivan L. Fail
    Marshfield, Missouri

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