Chapel Hill Restaurant Closed – You Gotta Pay Your Taxes!

Chuck Gallagher - The Ethics Expert

As reported on Charlotte News channel 9 – a popular Chapel Hill North Carolina restaurant – the Ratskeller – is closed. A note on the door stated it was closed for failure to pay taxes. What a shame!

Every choice has a consequence!

As we approach tax season, many of us will begin the process of closing out our business years and accumulate data for our individual returns. Many people will begin thinking about their tax saving strategies in an effort to minimize what is due. That is just good tax planning.

However, failure to comply with federal or state tax laws is just unwise! As a business ethics speaker I know full well the effect of not paying taxes – I served time in prison for my unethical choices. While I am not proud of my past behavior, I do speak to groups nationally about choices and consequences.

For the Ratskeller the cost – business closure (at least for now). In the long run, the cost will likely be greater. Minimize your taxes – just makes sense. Failure to pay taxes will yeild an outcome that – I promise – you won’t want.

If you’ve enjoyed the food and fellowship at the Ratskeller…post a comment. Perhaps, it will be reopened and legal!


2 Responses to Chapel Hill Restaurant Closed – You Gotta Pay Your Taxes!

  1. If you don’t want to pay your taxes, rather than breaking the law by not paying them, why not work to elect politicians who want to get rid of the income tax? One such person is presidential candidate Ron Paul.

    If we got rid of the federal income tax, our government budget could still be the same it was in 1997 without cutting anything beyond that. Sounds good to me, the government was quite big enough in 1997.

  2. ashlee says:

    i love the ratskeller… i drive to chapel hill every chance i get to eat there

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