We Pay A Price For Our Choices – Britney Spears Is Experiencing That Now!

Every choice has a consequence. That’s a statement I make in almost every presentation I give and every time, without fail, someone approaches me about a choice they made and the consequences that followed. www.chuckgallagher.com

Think about it, we make choices as normal humans and experience the pain or joy of the consequences that follow. But for a moment, can you imagine being Britney Spears.


What must it be like to be a mega star as a teenager? How do you learn to cope and grow, when as a star you’re under a white hot spotlight? What must the pressure be like when your every move is recorded and captured by the paparazzi’s lens?

Once again, Britney’s actions have left her without visitation rights for her two little boys. The Commissioner ruled that her suspension of visitation rights would continue until her next scheduled hearing on February 19th.

As easy as it is to point an accusatory finger at others, I wonder if we were faced with the kind of intense scrutiny she and Federline (former husband and father of her two children) face, if our actions would be sane or border on bizarre?

So here’s the question: If you could offer one piece of practical advice to Britney so she could bring sanity back to her life, what would it be?


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