Bankruptcy for Nifong Former Duke Prosecutor – Choices and Consequences says Chuck Gallagher Ethics Speaker


Former prosecutor in North Carolina (Durham), Mike Nifong, who filed rape charges against three Duke University lacrosse players filed for bankruptcy.

Nifong lost his job, his law license and likely any chances he once had to aspire to public office. In fact, it was reported that Nifong made the choice to prosecute the widely publicized case as a stepping stone to further his political ambitions.

As a business ethics speaker, I often say, “Every choice has a consequence.” Nifong is no exception. Nifong, in his filing, listed assets of $243,898 and liabilities of $180.3 million ($180 million of which is from a prosecutorial-misconduct lawsuit). Six Duke player claim $30 million in damages and are listed as creditors.

The Wall Street Journal Law Blog reports the following:

“This looks like a smart move for Mr. Nifong,” Charles Tatelbaum, a Florida lawyer and Law Blog Moustache Society member, told Bloomberg. “This stops all the cases against him so he doesn’t have to pay legal fees if he doesn’t have insurance.” But if the bankruptcy judge decides Nifong’s committed wrongdoing in prosecuting the case, any damages award wouldn’t be erased.

I must agree – this is Nifong’s only move. While there are those who complain that Nifong only spent a day in prison, the reality is the consequences he has and continues to suffer are far reaching. Before, I get a swarm of responses saying, “but what about the consequences to the young men from Nifong’s actions,” let me say…I don’t uphold what Nifong did. What I do is recognize that every choice has a consequence and Nifong is still in the throws of experiencing the consequences from the choices he made.


Do you think that the judge will allow Nifong to avoid the damage claim from the student’s lawsuit? Your comments are welcome.


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