Choices and Consequences – Former Frisco, Texas High School Teacher Sentenced to 10 Years In Federal Prison

U. S. Attorney – John L. Ratcliffe – announced that former Frisco High School teacher and soccer coach, Robert Lamascus, was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison for child pornography.

According to information presented in court, Lamascus used his computer and internet provider to download and trade images and video clips of child pornography in 2006 and 2007. Lamascus was employed as a public high school teacher and girls soccer coach with Forney ISD from August 3, 2004 to May 25, 2005 and Frisco ISD from August 10, 2005 until February 2, 2007, which was three days after federal agents executed search warrants at his Aubrey, Texas residence. Lamascus pleaded guilty to a 1-count Information on August 28, 2007 charging him with using a computer to obtain and possess child pornography. Lamascus received the maximum penalty of 10 years in prison today at his sentencing.

“Trading or collecting images of child pornography is not a victimless crime, “said U.S. Attorney Ratcliffe. “Each image represents graphic physical and sexual abuse of an actual child. Anyone who uses the internet to trade images of these horrific crimes deserves the kind of lengthy sentence imposed here today.”

While most of my blogs deal with business ethics, as a business ethics speaker I address groups about choice and consequences.  (See YouTube Demo Video)  In fact, my leading presentation deals with the Truth About Consequences. And since Every choice has a consequence, it appears that Mr. Lamascus will have a long while to contemplate his choices.

With such a long sentence, Lamascus will not be placed in a minimum security facility. Hence, the education he will receive will be beyond his wildest imagination. He will be placed in situation that should be unfamiliar to him – in a place that will remind him daily of the choices he made and the substantial price he will pay.

He will leave prison a changed man. But for every choice that one makes that bring negative consequences, you can also make choices that bring positive results. For Robert Lamascus sake and the sake of his family, let’s hope that finds an outlet for positive choices and that before he turns 50 he will have an opportunity to rebuild his life through the positive choices he makes.

Lamascus made the following comments at his sentencing hearing:

“I’m sorry. I committed a crime, and I think it’s fair I should have to do it. I’m sorry.”

“I’m an idiot,” said Lamascus. “That’s all I can say. I’m an idiot.”


Do you think his sentence was fair and just?

One Response to Choices and Consequences – Former Frisco, Texas High School Teacher Sentenced to 10 Years In Federal Prison

  1. ? says:

    I don’t think he should have gotten 10 years….The whole thing seems blown out of porportion

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