Wesley Snipes – Blade vs. IRS – Don’t Think ‘Blade’ Is Sharpe Enough To Win!

By all accounts this trial will be fun (in some sense of the word) – at least, the concepts will provide some novel approaches to taking on the Federal Government.


As his (Wesley Snipes) trial begins in Ocala Florida, let’s look at some of the comments from both the prosecution and his defense. When your finished reading – share your thoughts. Quotes are from a Reuters story on January 16, 2008.

“The defendants Snipes, Kahn and Rosile willfully agreed to defraud the United States of revenue it was due,” prosecutor Robert O’Neill told the jury in his opening statement.

Snipes (and others) is charged with failing to file tax returns for years 1999 to 2004. Likewise, he sought refunds totaling more than $11 million for taxes paid in 1996 and 1997. Now any person with basic logical sense knows that it is a losing battle when you don’t file your returns. Sorry, but that’s just dumb!

Snipes’ lawyer, Robert Bernhoft, said Snipes was waiting for the IRS to answer his inquiries about his need to file returns, and always stood “ready to pay and file.”

Snipes took the advice of others (some of whom are on trial) and bought into the concept that one didn’t have to file and pay taxes. On a personal note, I have seen many of those folks – seen them in federal prison. Not filing and paying one’s taxes will ultimately land you in federal prison – which is exactly where I think Snipes will find himself.

O’Neill told the jury that Snipes in 2000 joined Kahn’s group, American Rights Litigators, whose focus is to “thwart the process of the IRS.”

He called the group’s main argument against the requirement to pay taxes a “bizarre, gibberish kind of idea.”

O’Neill said the group prints what it calls “Bills of Exchange” which are “nonsense documents” as purported payment for IRS bills. Snipes, he said, sent Bills of Exchange totaling $14 million along with IRS payment vouchers to the government.

Kahn, who is charged with conspiracy and is representing himself, has declined to participate in the trial, but made a statement to the jury explaining that he believes the court has no jurisdiction in the case.

Now, that’s the mark of an idiot – a man representing himself who doesn’t show for trial and thinks the court has no jurisdiction in the case. The last time I heard or saw that – it was Sadam Hussein and I seem to think that he was hung to death. There is no good that can come from such a bizzare concept and choice.

But back to Snipes – he is being tried in Ocala, Florida and out front of the courthouse is the statue of a confederate war hero.  He is the inspiration for Forrest Gump. In that movie, Forrest said his mother always said, “Stupid is as stupid does.” Now I never took Wesley Snipes for Stupid, but following Eddie Kahn is evidence to the contrary.

Financial and Tax Fraud Education Associates has the following listed for Eddie. (Read this as it is just a hoot).

Eddie caters to the dumbest of the dumb, and his theories for not paying taxes are thus the dumbest of the dumb. Eddie has claimed variously that he can’t find the Form 1040, that the IRS was not created by Congress and apparently just materialized out of the blue, that the IRS doesn’t have the power to collect taxes, that the United States doesn’t actually include the states, but is actually limited to the District of Columbia, that all the money collected from taxes goes to the International Monetary Fund (Eddie doesn’t say who pays for our aircraft carriers, but what the hey), and that so long as keep out of the Social Security Program that you’ll never have to file taxes.

See the attached link to review a seminar advertisement from Eddie Kahn. http://www.quatloos.com/EKADaytonOHSeminarFlyer101202.pdf

Prediction: Snipes loses this battle. “Blade” goes silent as he’ll serve time. Snipes will get some real life experience for prison characters he might play in the future.

But what do you think?


18 Responses to Wesley Snipes – Blade vs. IRS – Don’t Think ‘Blade’ Is Sharpe Enough To Win!

  1. Ken says:

    Well, the thing is, I’ve heard that if he contests the legality of paying taxes and believes he has not commited any crime, he cannot be sent to prison, but can be forced to pay the money back. Also, others have fought this and won. They claim the tax on one’s labour is unconstitutional. In the constitution there are 2 legal forms of tax. Indirect and Direct. Nowhere is there anything about taxing someone’s labour directly and the income tax is not apportioned, thus it is illegal. You can believe what you want, but people have researched this and there is NO LAW requiring Americans to pay an income tax, plain and simple. Taxes are too be taken apportionately on gains(by a corporation), not an individuals pay. Supreme court decisions have concluded the same and the 16th ammendment gave government no new powers of taxation. Plain and simple. Call Snipes stupid if you will, but he obviously knows the law and that is why he has’nt filed.

  2. Yea…well…I was in prison with a guy who said and did the same thing as Snipes. Say what you will, but there are thousands in prison for taking the line that they weren’t required to file and pay. Barring a miracle, I predict Wesley will go to jail. He was told by his former tax adviser and ignored the advice. We’ll see…

  3. Ron Moss says:

    Wesley; Thanks for your efforts to free me from Slavery. You and Sherry Jackson both. See Schecter Poultry Corp v US 295 US 495, 1935, Sup. Ct. ruled Congress cannot abdicate duties and delegate to other groups its responsiblilities. National Recovery Act is exactly like Fed Reserve Act, Both are unconstitutional. If I could afford the fight. That would be my challenge. Free us from economic slavery to Bankers. They hold our nation hostage, using ATF, IRS, FBI. as coconspititors. We are paying interest on Ten Trillion dollars.Andrew Jackson fought them and won. He warned us what they were up to in 1835. Our leaders did not listen. Maybe you will. Thanks again for your endeavors. Black men can jump. Ron Moss

  4. KrystiV says:

    I have heard that there was a full page ad taken out in early 2000, in USA today, that there is a $ 50,000 challenge to be paid to anyone that can prove there is a law requiring the public to pay income tax…The first to try to find the “easy money” were people who worked for the IRS. Guess what ? So far NO ONE has claimed the money because NO ONE has found the law so far…As far as I know the challenge still stands…

    Americans, in general, are blindly loyal to a puppet regime. When I went to school, we were required to take a class in American Government. Is that still a required class for high school? If not,…why not?

    This government or what ever it is continues to dumb the public down…I noticed a few years ago that local news reporters are beginning to make the grammar mistakes of 8th graders. Just listen. If the only place you trust news from is the Televised media then you might as well put a ring through your nose and let them pull you around like a pet cow.

    Search for news. You have to. What comes into your home on the idiot box is designed to entertain or frighten consumers for corporate profits. This programming is not constructed to inform and alert citizens…

    Mr. Snipes , I wish you nothing but good in your endeavor…Go, get ’em, Dave…

  5. comment says:

    man, its so weird to see people say there is “NO LAW” to pay taxes. Are those folks braindead? Ever here of “death and taxes”?
    Of course there is a “law” to pay your taxes.
    Man, its scary how clueless people are.

    Snipes is going to jail.

  6. bob jackson says:

    comment you are an idiot ….death and taxes …is that your law …if you would have read the first post by someone who actually did there homework, you would understand all of this!!! but no you just think you know without actually knowing!?!??! hahaha typical ………

  7. Bob…gotta agree with the guy on April 24th. Snipes is headed for jail. So regardless of the arguments…facts are you gotta file your taxes or face the consequences.

  8. M says:

    you do not have to file ur taxes..stop repeating da same dumb crap that everybody’s saying. We were so ignorant to all this stuff but now we have the net n we r able 2 research more n easier.. THERE R NO LAWS STATING THAT U MUST PAY UR TAXES..THERE R PLENTY OF RANSOMS OUT THERE..if anyone is so sure how come no one is winning u dumb monkeys..u ppl r nothing but pions, da same reason frikin military ppl wear dog tags, it symbolizes exactly that.. who do u normally put frikin dog tags on, r tags period.Ignorance!!! It is constitutional to file taxes because for one it violates ur 5th amendment right, for 2it’s unconstitutional, that’s y they tell u that it’s voluntary to file..1040 is not even a legal omb number, that document is illegal n ur dumb behind files anyway..y da hell do we pay taxes, to repay debt owed to the Federal Reserve, the central bank, who themselves r not supposed to exist. point blank period.if i work n make 3000 i wanna keep my damn money…ALL OF IT. i’ll pay taxes on watever i buy..that’s it…but do not tax my income. The only reason they’re winning is because they’re the government, but we seem to forget that the ppl make up a government..not the president r congress r irs r banks…DA FRIKIN PEOPLE..YES US IGNORANT DONKEYS..WE MAKE UP THE GOVERNMENT n since apparently we can’t run it proiperly we taken advantage of by the leaders..
    Regardless, it is unconstitutional to pay taxes, n with all the money that wesley got , he’s losing n this is where da ppl r supposed to come in help, but no we sit back bc that’s entertainment for u right..just like half of u r just saying pay ur taxes wesley…shut da hell up n be a slave to this crap. u dumb frogs..

  9. M says:

    O n i love how the media puts it into such right words, we start thinking that they’re right…wesley snipes has been trying to steal from the government…wesley has been charged with fraud…etc etc so we automatically assume..well he must be robbing us 2, cuz we pay taxes…We r so friking properly trained…This is incredible, n that’s da prediction in da bible,we just walking around eyes wide shut, just like in da movie when tom cruise wasn’t supposed to find out about this secret society n finds himself in deep doodoo, well guess what that was all about, that’s us, but ppl would rather spend more time on y am i writing like this, i must be black, ooooo i can’t read slan, i’m actually a 27 yr old white man.. i was told one da y that i would lead men,,n i laughed n i was young but now, this is making some kind of sense, i’m just gonna say it first, ppl read n research…u know, da truth is written but we don’t spend any funds on books do we…nooo, we’d rather get that [plasma so we can watch da news later n watch reality crap on tv all night n medications thatmakes us “better” so we start worrying about our weight, look, cancer n all this formatted crap that is supposed to be played to control ur mind…looops did i say that.. Mind COntrol.. oh noooo da government never tried that.. I can sit here n talk all day…don’t believe all that u hear n read..therefore..researcchhhhh…

  10. bearon1 says:

    If a certified public accountant CPA, files and signs a return with the IRS, and the IRS is arguing with the CPA, how is it Snipes fault that a registered agent of the IRS made a mistake ?

  11. bearon1 says:

    strange lights in the sky and Biden gets busted and fined by the FEC for tax deductable income, but unlike Snipes is not sentenced to prison.

    • bearon1 says:

      See, the IRS framed him in criminal court instead of pursuing it in tax court, the court of proper jurisdiction.

  12. bearon1 says:

    Snipes’ lawyer, Robert Bernhoft, said Snipes was waiting for the IRS to answer his inquiries about his need to file returns, and always stood “ready to pay and file.” How did the IRS dispute that tax court fact ?

    • bearon1 says:

      pretty obvious…. you see, the IRS framed Snipes in criminal court by not answering in tax court, the proper court of jurisdiction, about his inquires.

  13. bearon1 says:


    He had information SUBSTANTIAING thoes claims from both, a certified public accountant, a person deemed trained and qualified by government to do such and members of the bar documenting the governments response.


    • I appears you like to see yourself in print. Here are the facts…Snipes was found guilty of failure to file his tax returns. If you have an issue with the tax court, you must first file and then claim your issue. Snipes did not file hence he was found guilty. His attorney’s (who were paid substantially for their services) claimed that Snipes sentence was too harsh. The appeals court said not and the prison sentence stands. WHAT PART OF THAT DO YOU NOT GET?

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