Fort Worth Man Faces Life Sentence! Mama Always Said, ‘Don’t Play With Guns!’

Edward Garcia, a man convicted of three or more felonies, will not likely be home for Christmas in ’08 – nor will he ever be accused of being to smart!

Seems that Garcia, age 41, was convicted Thursday of being in possession of a firearm – the sentence for which is life in prison. On May 2, 2008 Edward will find out his fate.

Seems that on “tax day” April 15, 2007 the Fort Worth Police Department responded to a shooting call. The were met by Lucia Garcia – Edward’s wife – who told officers that Edward had shot himself in the leg. Officers observed Edward Garcia lying in the living room floor wiht a gunshot wound to his inner thigh. (That must have been a site!) Officers were then taken to the bedroom where they recovered a loaded .22 caliber, semi-automatic pistol.

According to the news release by the U. S. Attorney’s office:

Further evidence offered by the government showed that when officers interviewed Lucia Garcia, she told them that her husband was drinking beer so she went inside and locked the door, leaving him outside on the west side of the residence. At approximately 8:30 p.m. however, after hearing banging at the front door the front door glass breaking, she went to the front door and saw Garcia standing with the pistol. She opened the front door and took the pistol from Garcia.

The jury heard testimony from a FWPD officer that when he went to John Peter Smith Hospital to interview Edward Garcia, he found that Garcia had an entry wound on his upper left inner thigh and an exit wound on the same leg approximately 12-16 inches lower than the entry wound. When the officer asked Garcia at the hospital what had happened, the officer testified that Garcia said, “Isn’t it ******* obvious. I was putting the gun in my waist and shot myself. If you want to know anything else speak to my lawyer.”

To sum this up on a late Sunday night: Dumb (that’s was Edward is), Drinking (that’s what Edward had been doing), and Domestic (being locked out of the house by your wife falls into that catagory) – when you combine the “three D’s” you have a recipe for Disaster.

Every choice has a consequence. This is just one I couldn’t pass up, as it’s priceless for the “You Gotta Be Kidding Catagory.”


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