Wesley Snipes Tax Fraud – Choices and Consequences Equals a Prison Prediction for Snipes!

As the case unfold for tax fraud for Wesley Snipes, the story gets more bizarre. Here you have “tough guy” actor (emphasize actor) acting out in an amazing way his fight with the federal government and the IRS. Read some of the comments he made following his indictment back in 2006 and ask yourself if this is rational.


Reported by OCALA.com is the following quoted:

Wesley Snipes sent a document to the Internal Revenue Service declaring he was a “nonresident alien” of the United States, refuting his Social Security number and warning that continued prosecution could lead to professional consequences for federal employees.

Among other things, the letter claimed the IRS deceives people to “terrorize, enslave, rape or pillage” taxpayers.

A nonresident alien…yea right. For years he’d been filing taxes in this country and now – all of a sudden – he’s a nonresident alien. The only part of that, that makes sense is he’s lost his senses and become an alien. That is a crazy argument. Oh, but if I you push me it will result in “consequences for federal employees.” What is that? If I were a juror that could only be a threat. Dumb… Oh and the IRS folks are “terrorists, pillagers and rapers.” Go figure. So far it doesn’t look like Wesley is thinking, even if he did believe that he had a legal basis for not filing.

In the 600-page declaration signed by Snipes and sent Dec. 4, 2006, Snipes said he had “no ill intent or malice” and didn’t want to evade any lawful requirement to pay taxes. But he went on to say the government had “no lawful authority to impose any kind of criminal sanctions.”

Snipes declared he had no taxable U.S. income, making the IRS Form 1040 “absolutely the wrong form for me to file.” He also claimed taxes withheld were “stolen funds.”

He chastised the IRS and prosecutors, saying their position toward him was “simply false, fraudulent and misrepresenting.”

The document also warned the government’s “illegal collection action” would result in “significant personal liability” for those involved.

“Warning – pursuit of such a high profile target will open the door for your increased collateral risk,” Snipes wrote. “I certainly don’t believe this is in your best interest and can be avoided.”

Over the past week or so I’ve been writing here to keep readers abreast of what’s been happening in the Snipes case. I’ve received several comments, most of whom have shared their beliefs that the IRS (a branch of the federal government) doesn’t have the right to collect taxes as they are unconstitutional.

Reality check: Call it what you want, but there are thousands of folks in prison (or have been in prison) who made the same argument. I was in prison with one. He argued vehemently that the government had no right to impose or collect taxes and he cited numerous cases to support his case. Oh, remember, he was in prison. When he got out…we made contact and I asked what he was going to do about his taxes for the year. His response? I’m gladly paying my taxes now.

I suspect when Wesley gets out of prison, he will have a different attitude.

Ah, but Snipes codefendants are not helping the case. Read more from the article:

Snipes and codefendants Eddie Ray Kahn and Douglas Rosile are charged each with one count of conspiracy to defraud and one count of aiding and abetting the making of a false and fraudulent claim as part of an alleged tax fraud scheme. Snipes also is charged with six counts of willfully failing to file federal income tax returns.

Earlier Thursday, a letter from Kahn to Rosile showed an apparent rift between the two over money issues. Rosile had worked for Kahn’s American Rights Litigators preparing tax returns, including Snipes’. For every tax refund that customers received, ARL was to receive 20 percent, with half of that going to Rosile.

Rosile was once a certified public accountant, but his certification was revoked in both Florida and Ohio in the 1990s.

IRS agent Kathleen Arth testified she investigated tax returns prepared by Rosile, including a large number citing the so-called “861 argument” that alleges American citizens don’t have to pay taxes on money earned in the United States. Rosile made no effort to meet with her, even after she issued a summons compelling him to do so, she said.

The trial could be over by the end of next week. It will be interesting to see what witness Snipes brings for his defense. Hopefully, he will plead insanity, cause what I’m see from this trial, he might be able to support that. Otherwise, I think he’s a dead duck. And no matter how bad he might think he is (Snipes) there’s someone “badder” in prison.

Every choice has a consequence. Snipes made choices that were not in his best interest – perhaps by being brainwashed by Kahn, but for what ever reason, Snipes will soon find out the consequences from his choices. I truly wish him the best, but doubt a cheery outcome. The government can’t afford to lose this one. And, bagging Snipes in prison will send a powerful message. Take to the bank, that is exactly what the feds intend to do.

As a business ethics speaker, I speak to groups about the truth about consequences. For information about how this might benefit your organization, visit www.chuckgallagher.com.


One Response to Wesley Snipes Tax Fraud – Choices and Consequences Equals a Prison Prediction for Snipes!

  1. michael Walker says:

    In your appeal for the “evasion” counts they found you guilty of it would be prudent to bring up thr PRA (Paperwork Reduction Act) and the FACT that the current 1040 form that the IRS requires that Americans use to file their “voluntary” taxes bears an invalid OMB number and is therefore a bootleg form.
    You should also ask the IRS disclosure offices directly for the section of the IR Code that clearly defines “Income” within the parameters of the law and, in specificity, which section of the Code in clear and unequivocal language creates both your tax liabilities and filing requirements.
    You may also wish to contact Larry Becraft, the lawyer that got Tommy Cryer acquitted in Louisiana, and Joe Banister, a former criminal investigative division officer for the IRS who quit the IRS on moral grounds, and was then persecuted and prosecuted by the IRS and who also won his cases against them.
    Kudos to you for having the guts to be a David that took on the federal Goliath, now beat them on appeal and show the rest of America that the majority of us do not have either a tax liability or a filing requirement under the Sub-Title that they say we do and that Sub-Title “A” onlt applies to non-resident aliens, foreign corporations, and those who, specifically, draw a federal paycheck.

    I have, literally, thousands of references to prove that your assertions are correct, and I would be happy to forward them to you for the asking, but by all means, contact Larry Becraft, Tommy Cryer, and Joe Banister, they can help immensely and get your convictions thrown out.

    Thanks for fighting this injustice that fleeces the American public. We all owe you a debt of grattitude for standing up for yourself in the face of overwhelming odds.


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