Senator Grassley To Ministries – You Better Cooperate! Additional Information Sought from Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar, Eddie Long and Others


When the Senator from Iowa asks for information over which he has authority – well, let’s put it this way, “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s” and in this case – Grassley is Caesar when it comes to the taxing authority of the government.

Sen. Charles Grassley, the top Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, is preparing another round of letters to Christian television ministries, prodding them to answer questions about their spending and the way they are governed, a spokeswoman said back in mid-January.

Jill Gerber, Grassley’s finance committee spokeswoman, said the the follow-up letters would go out in the next few weeks to ministries that have raised concerns or not responded. Gerber said the letters will describe Congress’ authority and duty to investigate and evaluate laws over which it has legislative authority—in this case, tax-exempt policy.

“Customarily, people come to recognize the wisdom of responding to requests by senior members of the Finance Committee, and particularly by Sen. Grassley, before a subpoena becomes necessary,” she said.

Democratic Sen. Max Baucus of Montana, the finance committee chairman, has not commented publicly on Grassley’s investigation. But Carol Guthrie, communications director for the committee’s Democratic staff, said this week Baucus is aware of the investigation, and suggested that the ministries ought to cooperate.

Gaining support of the Democratic chairman would not only give the investigation added heft, it would deflect criticism like that of Dollar, the most outspoken critic among the ministers under scrutiny.

So what’s next: Well, it appears that the next move is in the hands of the ministries in question. It seems that some want to fight, like Creflo Dollar. Dollar commented on the Fox Business Network that he felt is was Grassley, and not the committee, who was pushing the investigation.

Considering the comment from the Democratic Finance Committee Chairman, Max Baucus, it would appear that Creflo needs to rethink his position. One doesn’t want to get into a power play with the powerful Senate Finance Committee. Right now, I don’t think politics are on the side of any of the ministers or their ministries. Thus far the only ministry that has taken the high road (and who I feel will be rewarded for her position) is the Missouri-based Joyce Meyer Ministries. Smart move on her part.

Otherwise, it is reported that Kenneth Copeland ministries is willing to cooperate, but to what extent is not clear. Neither has there been much word from Benny Hinn and his ministries. Eddie Long and Creflo Dollar have both taken a public fighting stand – an unwise move in my opinion.

My guess, as this is written, is that Grassley has signaled, much like Bush before the Iraq war, his intention giving the uncooperative ministries another chance to comply. Lack of compliance by the end of January will result in further investigation and an outcome that many of these folk don’t really want.

I could be wrong, but it seems like the writing is on the wall. What Creflo and Eddie don’t want is Senator Grassley’s version of “Shock and Awe!”

You thoughts?

Business Ethics Speaker, Chuck Gallagher, signing off…

One Response to Senator Grassley To Ministries – You Better Cooperate! Additional Information Sought from Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar, Eddie Long and Others

  1. Danny R. Roman says:


    There once existed a pre-Judaism party turned political dynasty (around 65 BC) known as the Pharisees who were obsessed with an unappeasable craving to wield political control and power over individuals, the nation, and government. The party incorporated many virtuous members and leaders deeply committed to the interests of the populace and nation, but history would prove and record, that those in the zenith of laity and leadership were charlatans of the worst kind. Their grip and influence on the nation was acquired through intimidation, trepidation, and tyrannical abuse of political power as the self-perceived delegates of The Almighty. Asserting themselves as the truest of “Patriots” and the highest echelon teachers of “righteousness”, they ruthlessly resisted dissent or any nonconforming scrutiny of their dearly venerated ideology.

    The Pharisees, to achieve their schema by law, calculatingly stacked the Supreme Court also known as the Sanhedrin with theocratic judges. Around 18 AD (Anno Domini), the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court also happened to be the High Priest. It was this Chief Justice—Caiaphas, who took an unyielding position against Christ Jesus, classifying him as the most significant peril to the nation’s party, insisting that he, must die. As the Christ began to manifest, he deliberately positioned himself as an undeviating antagonist to the Pharisees, vigorously exposing the double standards, self-righteousness and self-importance of these counterfeits who flaccidly proclaimed the embodiment of the Father. Publically, the Christ called them a “bunch of snakes”; said they were shutting the kingdom of Heaven in the face of men and women; said they lacked compassion and fairness; called their most passionate followers “two-fold sons of Hell”; said they were the least compliant of anyone…full of greed and corruption; said they reminded him of externally beautiful mausoleums…full of rancid decay and dead men’s bones; called them frauds; warned his constituents against their manipulations; said they did not by any means encompass the love of God; called their spiritual fathers “murderers”; exposed their duplicitous hypocrisy, and condemned their adulation of God as futile.

    The Pharisees…heaving with pomposity and material comfort which was funded by looting the national and sanctuary treasuries were pathetically indifferent to unfolding events, disconnected from working class citizens or anyone else not of their party, and impoverished of moral fiber to appreciate the times…that an East wind was blowing…a time of change had arrived.

    They never saw it coming.

    In the last two decades, the Republican Party has been methodically and ideologically imprinted by a Pharisaical Right which has morphed into a dreadfully corrupt theocracy. Multitudes of decent, hard working, law-abiding Americans who love their Families, Country…Military…and the Name that is above every other name, have been fleeced and betrayed by insatiably ambitious preachers and politicians. Those who have had the audacity and resilience to take issue with the Right have been politically and socially ostracized as “Appeasers”…“Godless”…”Socialists”…”anti-American”.

    From the pulpits and podiums of America; the discordant hostility, barefaced condescension and iniquitous malice championed by the Right has industrialized into an unabashed high-and-mighty State Religion that endlessly denigrates and attacks civil opponents and “Liberals”. This unvarying drum-beat has fully urbanized into an malignant brain-worm; disseminated for consumption by the iconic “Conservative” superstars of Television, Radio, and Print…“two-fold sons”…who have gleefully advanced their careers by churning out inexhaustible vitriol and malicious fabrications. These “two-fold sons” and their mentors do not even begin to resemble the Christ of the New Testament they speak so often of. They have succeeded in driving Family, friends, and neighbors apart…our Nation…by dissonance, more than all of our enemies combined; past and present.

    Still, epic change has arrived. They never saw it coming.

    The Republican Party, also know as the Grand Old Party (GOP) was founded on 17 July, 1856. Soon thereafter, on the actual floor of the US Senate, two contentious Democrat Representatives from South Carolina violently attacked one of the founders of the Republican Party–Charles Sumner, because he had just finished an empathetic and fervent anti-slavery speech. The attack left Sumner in critical condition and virtually incapacitated for four years as he struggled to recover from the inflicted wounds. Nevertheless, an unembellished covenant by blood was established, and it became an irreversible force that elected the first Republican President—Abraham Lincoln. If not for the GOP, there may never have been a President Elect Barack Obama.

    That same GOP has precipitously descended into an Joe-the-plumber, Joe-six-pack, “you betcha”, (wink), “palling around with terrorists”, hockey-mom less-than-a-shell of what it once was. This is inexcusable…and a travesty; a mockery of the political process; a grave disservice to our Country; a flippant impertinence to the courageous men and women who spilled their blood and laid down their lives that our Country may remain “that shining city upon a hill whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere”.

    The GOP of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt, Earl Warren, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Booker T. Washington, Ronald Reagan, Colin Powell, Barry Goldwater, Ulysses S. Grant, and Abraham Lincoln must find the way to recaptures its balance and honor. Humility would be good place to start. America needs the Grand Old Party to rise from the ashes with a renewed commitment of unifying the Country; to ban caustic and odious theocratic politics from contradicting its legacy. The GOP must embrace the new wind; replace loathsome tactics with the vibrancy and vision of the next generation; shore up and hold close a renewed heritage of decency and compassion within the Party that longs to be reborn. The GOP can do it…Yes It Can. It is its moral obligation, and as iron sharpens iron, its responsibility to engage the Democratic Party with civil and respectful discourse to make possible an invincible and interconnected United States of America…for our children, and children’s children.

    Written by Danny R. Roman
    29 November 2008

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