Texas Doctor Sentenced to 97 Months In Federal Prison for Bribery! Samuel M. Theagene What Were You Thinking?

You spend year after year in grueling medical school to achieve you life long dream. Then one day you wake up to find that it was only a “dream.” That’s the day you wake up and find yourself in federal prison. And each day there after you find that one day is the same as the next – and so it goes for eight long years.


That’s exactly what Samuel M. Theagene, M.D. will soon be facing. 8+ years in prison – and for what?

Between October 3, 2006, and February 21, 2007, Theagene, president of the Pain and Neuromuscular Clinic of Texas, P.A., paid a Revenue Officer of the Internal Revenue Service $16,500 in United States currency to absolve his tax liabilities.

Now what was he thinking? Surely a medical doctor has enough common sense to know that bribery of a federal official wouldn’t work? Surely, he would have calculated the risk/reward ratio and figured that he really couldn’t win this battle?

Well, the investigation began in October of 2006, when the Defendant sent $500 cash to the Internal Revenue Officer working on the collections case. Attached to the five one hundred dollar bills was a note which read “A Token.”

Now that was smart (yea right)! However, he might have played that off as a payment toward his bill. Not so fast. His next moves gave away his intent (criminal intent I might add).

Thereafter, the Defendant offered to pay the Revenue Officer 10% of the approximate $160,000 business tax liability to eliminate the debt. Between October of 2006 and February 2007, the Defendant paid the Revenue Officer cash installments of $1500, $5000, $5000 and $4500. At one of the meetings, the Defendant asked for forgiveness of his personal tax liability as well. All of the payments were made by the Defendant to the Revenue Officer in area restaurants.

Not only is Doctor Theagene going to prison, but I’d bet that the IRS is not letting off the hook without paying the liability in question.

Every choice has a consequence. Likewise, you do reap what you sow. Sadly for Dr. Theagene his choices earned him time in the slammer. I do promise this – when he gets out he will wish he’d just paid what he owed.

Business ethics and White Collar Crime speaker – Chuck Gallagher – off for now…


10 Responses to Texas Doctor Sentenced to 97 Months In Federal Prison for Bribery! Samuel M. Theagene What Were You Thinking?

  1. Former patient – Trying to find past Medical Records which Theagene had….any suggestions, and where is he we would like to write

  2. Also a former patient-Had a hard time with my medical records also,but luckily I had a Doctor that Dr theagene had sent me too before all of his troubles happened.But I still wish I could have my files that Dr Theagene kept…..I would like to know where he is.I would like to write him.He was a very good Doctor and I would like to find out how he’s doing.Is there anyway to find out?
    Thank You Very Much

  3. Information says:

    Dr. Theagene’s conviction was overturned by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals recently.

  4. Jalexandre says:

    Dear Mr. Gallagher,
    Dr. Theagene’s conviction was overturned by the Court because it was found that he got entrapped by the Government. For anyone concerned about Dr. Theagene, I want to thank them and let them know that he is doing well and he continued to practice medicine as before. In fact he is my current physician.


  5. Jennifer says:

    Where is he practicing? I am looking for a new doctor. Thanks!

  6. susaan says:

    I hope you feel good sexually asaulted me on the 13 of nov 2012 in your office at 77-16 164th street fresh meadows Ny 11366.Your deal wasn’t enough am a woman. Mr samuel m theagene Stop the messing around with your patients. Am going to complain on you to the board.

    • susaan says:

      I made a mistake with the date on tthe 14 of november I went to ask mr samuel theagene about the pain I had in my back and to re-visit him with and appointment as he suggested, however he ask to exam where the. Pain is in my spine so I lie on the bed and show him. He sqeeze the area then I felt his hand on different areas on my upper back and. On my breast then he ask if it feels good and everything is going to be ok and he wouldn’t charge me when I come back to be check on properly so I didn’t argue I said ok and get out. But I always remember and didn’t return.

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