Michael Vick – Keep The $20 Million Says The Judge!

Michael Vick

Michael Vick must be sleeping a bit better now that a federal judge ruled that Vick can keep the nearly $20 million bonus he received from the Atlanta Falcons.

The Falcons sought to recover the bonuses after Vick pleaded guilty to federal charges in a dogfighting operation. The bonuses were paid from 2004 to 2007.

A special master ruled in October that the Falcons were entitled to recover the bonuses. The Falcons argued that Vick used proceeds from a contract he signed in 2004 to finance his illicit activities. But U.S. District Judge David Doty of Minneapolis ruled that the Falcons’ recovering the bonus money would violate the NFL collective bargaining agreement. The agreement does not allow signing bonuses to be forfeited for years a player has already performed.

Sentenced to 23 months in federal prison, Vick entered a minimum-security prison in Leavenworth, Kansas this past month.

Considering that Every Choice Has A Consequence, Vick is beginning to see the opposite side of that comment. Consequences are not necessarily bad – the are just consequences. Vick is suffering today as a result of the choices he made. However, he has the capacity to turn his life lessons into good for the people who would look up to him – perhaps that is beginning now as he sees a positive event or decision fall his way.

As a teen ethics speaker (www.chuckgallagher.com) and founder of the Choices Foundation, I hope that Vick learns from his incarceration and leaves prison a changed man.

7 Responses to Michael Vick – Keep The $20 Million Says The Judge!

  1. Ashley Burr says:

    Although I despise everything that Michael Vick has been involved in, I think it would be unethical on part of the Falcons to take back the money that was contracted to the dirty scoundrel. Are they going to monitor the expenditures of every player they pay millions of dollars to and take it back if they spend it on questionable activities?

  2. John Harrington says:

    This story has been a complete outrage since the very beggining. I cant believe that our society is based on social standing rather that wrongs or rights. The more money you have the less likely you are to face the ENTIRE consequences. This is a very good example of whats wrong with our country today.

  3. richard maraj says:

    i think that mike should be released early and be allowed to play football, he is great on the football feild and paid his debt to society. Whoever he plays for in the future it is certain that he will make them a definite contender. The league will feel the impact as well because a lot of fans still support and anticipate Vick’s return and release from prison. I love pitbulls and own one myself they are fighting dogs, that’s what they do, they were breeded to fight bulls hence the name “pitbull”. I live in miami and i hope the dolphins go after vick .

  4. Diana says:

    Richard – I think your love of pitbulls is not a love for the breed or animal – they ARE wonderful animals and would trust mine with anyone – it sounds like you share Mr. Vicks after hours fun and for that your dog should be taken and given to a home that does not encourage dog fighting – shame on you who cares if he is a good athlete, what he did was wrong and no matter how much money he has he should serve his entire sentance! I wish he was not allowed to play football ever again, he is not a role model that i would want for my son. If you ask me he should have been sentanced to the max.

  5. meme says:

    I think that everyone should just let the whole michael vick thing go. First of all, we didnt see mike fighting any pitbulls, the house where the dogs were at, he didnt live there…It was his house, but If he is not there how could he know what is going on.. someone snitch on him behind his back and he got scare..He didnt know what to say or do. If he would have said not guilty all charges would have been dropped. Instead he pleaded guilty and they tried to take everything from him just because he had money. People all over the world fight dogs, chickens, and other animals, but do we see that in the news.no! no!..but mike is a superstar with a bank roll so therefore everyone is going after something. MONEY!

  6. birdie says:

    I think we should all lay off of Micheal Vick. We dont know that he was fightning the dogs or not all we know is that he own the house but didnt live in it. I truly belive that if he should be able to play football again and keep all him money. Was anyone there to see him spend the money on the fightning the dogs no so lay off. God gives everyone a second change at life plus he forgive us 70 X 70. Are they the NFL going to take all the other football players money just cause they did something wrong no so i say give him other change to prove he is truly sorry for what they say he did. I truly believe that ATL should give him another change he a great players. For all he parents that say he not a good role model look at yourselve in the mirror and as yourselve am I a great role model for my kid or not………RELEASE MICHEAL VICK AND LET HIM KEEP HIS MONEY……………………

  7. CR1T1C4L718 says:

    Ok let me get this straight, its ok for people to kill animals for fashion or a tasty hamburger, leather for your boots/car/hat/jacket its ok to use ivory when you know it comes from the tusks of elephants, its ok to kill chickens for consumption or fish or tuna, but mike can’t fight dogs for sport? hm ok why don’t YOU people focus on the more important goal at hand, making the USA a better place to live try being more concerned with the country’s debt and unemployment rate before you worry about what another person is doing

    and stop worrying about what another person is doing start worrying about yourself

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