Kenneth Copeland – Godfather of ‘Prosperity Gospel’? Why Not Comply with Grassley?

CBS Evening News recently did a story on Kenneth Copeland Ministries and the related public investigation launched by Senator Charles Grassley. The article CBS Investigates is linked here. Copeland Article

The senate investigation relates to compliance with the tax laws governing non-profit organizations. The question is whether the ministry resources are being diverted into for profit business that the Copelands own or have control of such as aviation, real-estate development and texas oil and gas wells.

A portion of the article is reprinted here:

“It’s a business, it’s a bottom-line business,” said a former ministry employee – who feared being identified. The employee answered hundreds of prayer requests a day, most sent in with donations, before quitting, feeling “betrayed” by Copeland’s gospel of prosperity.

Michael Hoover, who worked for Kenneth Copeland Ministries for five years, quit in 2005 over disagreements with the church. He says he witnessed other employees doing work on behalf of for-profit businesses tied to the Copeland family.

“In my viewpoint, I believe that they were using a lot of the ministry’s assets for personal businesses,” he said.

“The nonprofit activity and the for-profit activity are so intertwined that you can’t, you can’t separate them,” said Ole Anthony of the Trinity Foundation.


Kenneth Copeland recently stated: “You render unto the government what belongs to the government. And you render unto God what belongs to God,” he said, according to the newspaper. “You can go get a subpoena, and I won’t give it to you,” Mr. Copeland continues. “It’s not yours, it’s God’s and you’re not going to get it and that’s something I’ll go to prison over. So, just get over it.”

Here’s the question, what would keep the Kenneth Copeland Ministries from being fully compliant with the Senator’s request?

As a business ethics speaker ( I understand that every choice has a consequence. What will be the consequences of Copeland’s non-compliance?

26 Responses to Kenneth Copeland – Godfather of ‘Prosperity Gospel’? Why Not Comply with Grassley?

  1. I agree with the Copelands! Its amazing we have rappers, and thuggish figures who make millions over dollars and fly in corporate jets and yet not one person complains about it! The people who ridicule these men need to get a life and go out and fulfill there own dreams and stop being envious of the success that they have accomplished in ministry. Yes they are some that abuse there influence. But the Copelands are not one of them.

    • martha High says:

      the only difference is these ministers get money from supposedly followers of God especially by promising them all kinds of blessings by misusing the word of God

    • Michael Hoover says:

      The problem is in where does the non profit stop and the profit begin? When a partner gives money to the ministry to further the growth of the Word of God, it should be put towards that. However, when KCM employees who are being paid from donations from partners are using their workday to work on the ranch (for profit business) or tend the horses (for profit business) that’s where it crosses the line. I don’t want my Grandma to give her$50 a month to KCM and that gift then goes to paying someone to take care of one of the businesses Kenneth owns. It should be put into the Growth of the Ministry and the growth of His Word, not Kenneth’s personal business. That money is taxable. This is the question.

  2. Lucy says:

    I would have to say i agree with darren, in that as a young person there is so much negative influence out there and such as Brittney Spears, Paris Hilton, and the list goes on of Horrible examples, but yet no one gets mad b/c they sleep at fancy hotels or drive nice cars. The Copelands, The dollars, and many others have affected people all over the world. Literally!!!!! Think about it for a moment. You usually get paid in life for the problems that you solve. And the more problems you solve the more money you make. Typically! Well these men have given there lives up for the lives of others. The least they deserve is a nice home, car, clothes and financial freeedom.

  3. Kristy Beach says:

    I’ve been there, that’s why I am here.
    Exactly who does have a right to question Copeland about where the money goes? Copeland put on a exhalent performance at his latest ministers conference, visible at , in which has now gotten the attention of people all across the USA, and abroad. If I didn’t personally know better, one would actually think he cares about the protection of all his followers (partners),that pour money into his ministry. Requesting a summery of my mothers (Bonnie Parker) contributions, a long time partner of KCM, we like Grassley got little or no response. (Request viewable at ). If their partners aren’t entitled to this privileged information, even though they are funding this lavish lifestyle KCM has grown very accustom to, nor is the Senate entitled either, then who is? The IRS perhaps? Are the teachings of the Prosperity Gospel message being misconstrued? Do we, any of us, have a valid argument, or the right to ask for these records ? I believe with all my heart, we should let the ones affected most by this money making scam have a say in determining the answer to those questions..
    “ I had a home“, “I had a life“, “I had faith“, “I had a family“, “I lost a loved one“, “I have no clue what the truth is anymore!” “I will never trust any form of religion.” these are merely a handful of endless testimonies coming to light nationwide. Ranging from all walks of life, their heartbreaking testimonies can be found throughout the web, yet inconceivably, victims are being labeled as fools, ignorant, and basically downright blind for not seeing the truth behind the Prosperity Gospels falsehoods. ” Being only human, our quest for health and wealth, regrettably does lead some in the wrong direction. Promises and guaranties, made by the Prosperity Gospel ministers, give people that have not obtained these blessings on their own, a second chance at achieving their goals in life. An important discovery I made while reviewing testimonies, revealed the fact numerous victims had very little knowledge of the Prosperity Gospels dark side. These unfortunate victims, appear to be equipped with only a small portion of the web of deceit these ministers weave . Picture yourself being raised in a small country town, with a population of only a few hundred, the closest city, only a population of only a few thousand. Computers, internet, cable, satellite TV, and other high tech gadgets are not needed or desired. You are living a simple , solemn life you wouldn’t trade for any amount of cash. After your working day is done, you gladly remove your shoes, kick back in your easy chair, and relax without a care in the world for a while. After flipping on the TV to view the local evening news broadcast, you are reminded to give thanks that you don’t have the worries that accompany life outside the safe haven of your home, and your community. Religion is your safeguard, your faith is strong, and you have no doubts about the truth behind your sacred beliefs. This was my life, before KCM.
    Prosperity Gospel ministers enter the homes of many victims though a thirty minute Sunday morning worship service on a local broadcast station. Growing up in Jigger La., truly located in the middle of nowhere, I can testify to the fact that we only received on a clear day about three or four channels at most. Warnings of dangers associated with Prosperity Gospel ministries, made by critics, ministers, and victims go unheard, therefore tragically for many, when the realization of this scam is discovered it is already to late. Family’s have lost their homes, lifesavings, and some even their lives due to the Prosperity Gospels misleading doctrines. Unfortunately my mother was not one of the lucky ones, her confidence, and faith in this false Gospel, ultimately cost her, her life. After more than a decade of programming her mind to believe and think the Prosperity Gospel way of life, she lost her battle with cancer. By refusing medical attention, she sealed her fate, but the programming she had acquired from Kenneth and Gloria Copeland proved strong all the way to her last breath. A diary she left behind revealed the horrific tale of her life from 1992-2002, the top of each page titled with Kenneth Copeland, Gloria Copeland, or BVOV. Some mistakes in life we can not undo, and good intentions don’t always go as planed, these victims are simply following misleading promises of health and wealth. The use of miraculous healing confessions, and newly found wealth testimonies, are their sales pitch, sadly my mom among many other are proof that their sale pitch works. The possibility these Mega churches were misusing finances for personal luxuries is what brought this scam to the publics attention, not the loss of life, the financially bankrupt, and numerous homeless victims they have been left in the wake of this devastating hoax. So, do we continue blaming the victims, or do we stand up beside them, learn from there mistakes, and put an end to these senseless tragedies? Even I being a victims daughter have many lingering questions, such as follows, “How is it that some see the truth, and others do not?” ” What leads these victim to believe the unbelievable?” “ Are some more vulnerable to these sort of money making scams than others When all is said and done, perhaps they will be tagged, not as the Prosperity Gospel, but the false gospel. One Quote from Copelands mouth should erases any doubts of KCM innocence,
    “It’s not yours, it’s God’s and you’re not going to get it and that’s something I’ll go to prison over. So, just get over it!”

    The family of Bonnie Parker

    Photo , before and after KCM,

  4. rock says:

    Please don’t compare the Copelands with real celebrities. Thats being an ignoramus of the lowest kind (kcm lingo). Where smoke is, is fire!!!!

  5. James (London England) says:

    Thank God for the Copeland’s and the prosperity message. Being a black male and living in England (with all its problems then, including institutional racism) during the 1980’s my future looked if the truth be told totally bleak. Coming from a broken home and being black without an education the only career opportunity open to me at that time was a career in crime.

    But then the Copeland’s came to England and preached to us that “God can prosper you if you put Him first and tithe”. I dared to believe that and tried it. I put what little I had into the offerings (I had very little to lose anyway) and someone that I didn’t know gave me £50 during the course of those meetings. Well it was like someone had just given me £10,000 up until then no one had ever given me anything.

    Today I have traveled to different parts of the world. I have a degree and brought my own property. If I had never met the Copeland’s my story would have been very different.

    What I would say to the Copeland’s don’t stop doing what your doing you have changed my life and the lives of countless others!!!!

  6. Jon Secrist says:

    I the past year or so I have sent three emails to KCM ministries. The first was about quitting smoking. I ask it he might have any suggestions on how to quit. He sent me a book and two cassette tapes free and ask for nothing in return. Then I got curious about his spiritual journey. So I ask how he can to know Jesus. He sent me a hard back book titled “30 Years of Ministry at KCM. Again free and asking nothing in return. Some time later I was involved in a church plant as asked his advice on opening a new church. He sent me three books. Still, he asks nothing in return. I’ve been getting his magazine every month for more than three years, also free. I have sent KCM a donation a few times of five of ten dollars at a time. Still it has not been enough to pay for the books and tapes he sent me. The so-called prosperity message, which is the same gospel Jesus preached some 2,000 years ago. Some people didn’t like Him much either. The message says that you reap what you sow. Kenneth Copeland has been sowing into my life for some time. So he practices what he is preaching.

    Just because to don’t allow a cop to search my car doesn’t make me guilty of anything. Only and an idiot wound think that because someone stands up for our rights of privacy or due processes of law is any indication of guilt.

  7. Jon…what a powerful testimony. I appreciate your post and comment.

    I agree that just because your car is searched doesn’t mean you are guilty of anything. Likewise, if you or I were stopped by the police – random lets say – and we were asked to have our car searched. Would you? I would cause I have nothing to hide. I might not like it, but what’s the harm.

    My only point here is why the fight? If Copeland has nothing to hide, then why not do what he has done already in 2000 and just give the data.

    Now…back to the car. If I had something to hide, I’d likely refuse – demand a search warrant and call my lawyer. That’s kinda what Copeland has been doing and that I just don’t get.

    Why not give the data and focus on the powerful ministry that you so graciously attest to. Good comment…Thank you!

  8. John moussa says:

    Well what can one,people are looking for hope and some kind of magic wave the wand finance, if you do what they say, unfortunatley the only magic happens is in the purse of these (hate to say frauds) of these preachers and sadly I have seen many followers go broke yet they themseves live a incredible life. Oh they say”its Gods Blessings” I say “its your manipulation”. True if you cosider yourself a priest of the gospel sell what you have and I am sure you will raise enough funds.

    Heres a challenge show me somewhere in scripture that says if I give it will multiply make sure it is in context of the word, or like these preachers you will mislead many.

    The key to how God blesses you with wealth is simple prov 8, here it states God exchanges the fruit of the Spirit with wealth. Forget the magic God is not into numerology you can’t buy God blessings Isa 55 He freely gives to the sheep that walk in His command of love.
    “Show me the money” they say. Hello, preach the word innnnn context and I will show you a better way.
    GOD IS NOT A MAGICIAN…….wake from your sleep GOD IS AWESOME and they who kep His commandment HE will BLESS, so stop giving to these freak shows and find someone you can love and give to, ie a friend or how about this one an enemy, and the promise is, you will be blessed. Matt 5,6,7

    • Celia says:

      I am in a pickle. I’ve been poor all my life. It does take money to make money unless you are selling your body. I’ve been following these prosperity preachers & doing everything to the best of my knowledge (I believe) & now I am facing becoming homeless. They say, “Sow into the need.” Well, I did that & unless God works some kind of miracle between now & tomorrow, I will have to search for a place to stay. They say, “Be a good steward of your finances.” This is very difficult when you earn $1500. per month, but need like $2000. per month. They say, “Sow into the need”, but now I feel I’m faithless & being evil because I’m confused & having trouble believing them anymore. I see bigger buildings with better technology which is great, but all I wanted was a job & for God to lead me in my online business. I’m still waiting & at 12:00 tomorrow my landlord says she’s sending the eviction papers to the attorney. I don’t think that a job & leadership with an online business is too much to ask. Sure I’m not perfect, but I feel like I was expected to be just to receive this blessing.

  9. larry stutes says:

    I think these politicians who go around barking at people like Copeland are a bunch of frauds. If they were half as much interested in cleaning up the corruption in congress and wash. d.c. they might be believable. It is really hard for me to believe that a man like Copeland would lie and cheat and steal like a bunch of politicians with him knowing what the eternal penalty would be for that. if he is doing that then let him continue right where he is at because with such talent he would inevitably want to get into the big money and end up a Senator or congressman. He cant hurt the Christians because we are rewarded by what we give willingly and with the right motive. God repays us not Copeland or congress, thank God!! If congress repaid us we would all be starving. These politicians need to do something productive for the big money we pay them!

    • Celia says:

      If they cared about people period, they’d give all military personnel & law enforceent agents free housing, food & medical & put much more funding into housing, counseling, etc. the millions of homeless kids & teenagers on America’s streets. This is proof that overall the government cares about power & money, not people.

  10. Nick Allen says:

    Jon Secrist – Have you considered that message is TOTALLY false? You’re whole message sounds more like a get rich quick scheme you’d see on a commercial.

    “Just spend $20 you will get 10 times as much!”

    The message of the Copeland’s ministry has NOTHING to do with JESUS. For the Gospel that the Copeland’s are preaching is a false gospel.

    The true Gospel has to do with the redemption of Jesus’ atonement on the Cross for wicked, wretched, sinners that were TOTALLY undeserving. The beauty of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is that God loves people who do not deserve it.

    Yet this message they preach has more to do with God being like a pinata and our “faith” is like a stick that we just whack God whenever we want and He will rain out “blessings” and “favor”.

    The Copeland’s need to stop perverting and contorting scripture to try and advance their Gospel. I pray they will have a revalation of the true Gospel of Jesus that has to do with worshiping JESUS not the “blessings” and “favor” that are secondary to salvation.

    Otherwise we just sound like the Israelites in the desert who after God rescues us from our slavery, we start complaining that we want more than what He’s given us.

  11. adoniram says:

    I am writing from india, i want to endorse kenneth copeland’s teachings on the blessing of God and that we are redeemed from the curse of the law through Jesus Christ. Poverty is a curse, I was born in a poor country under poverty but after I got saved, I have followed Copeland’s teaching and put it to practice. I tell you that I have been so prosperous in everything I do that I am no more poor and people in the society are really amazed with the God’s blessings over my life. My only explanation to them is that “Jesus came to give us life to it’s fullest”. I am blessed financially now. I give for the preaching of gospel in my country and around the world. God’s Word works in any circumstance no matter what, where and how bad the situation looks like..To Jesus be the glory.

  12. Oscar Easler says:

    The bottom line – which most of you just don’t get – is that Copeland is teaching another Gospel. Paul said, “If anyone comes to you preaching any other Gospel than this, let him be accursed.” Copeland teaches that God is a man with a physical body. The Bible teaches that the Father is a spirit. Copeland teaches that Christ’s death on the cross was insufficient for your salvation, that he could have done what Jesus did. In saying that, he denies the divinity of Christ who was fully God as well as being fully man. But, after all, Copeland says he is a God. He said, “Every time I read in the Bible where Jesus said I AM, I just smile, cause I AM to.” Copeland is not a god and will die like a man. He teaches that Jesus was tormented in literal burning hell by Satan for our sins and there obtained our salvation. There is no Scripture for this. He teaches that the Father raised Jesus up out of hell and He became the first born-again man. Jesus did not need to be born again. He was sinless perfection. Yet, Copeland says that He took upon Himself the very evil nature of Satan. Jesus is God and in the Scripture we read, “I am the same yesterday, today and forever. I change not”. And it goes on and on. You people need to open the Bible and get into it and see what it says because you are being deceived and if you don’t get it right you are going to open your eyes in hell one day just as Copeland is. Thank God for the truth and the Gift of Discernment.

  13. archangel says:

    The scripture says not the judge anyone. No person can truely judge accept God. Let God be the judge.
    God is the giver of prosperity as it is written ‘ as your soul Prosper so should you’.
    We should continue to pray for discernment and to understand what God want from us.
    You have a mission in life so as the Copelands. Be true to your calling..
    When we walk in the Spirit we will have discrenment of which is right and which is wrong.

  14. Tom says:

    If what you are telling me is true,
    can you tell me why you are not a multi-millionaire/billionaire and why the rest of us aren’t either?
    One answer that comes to me is,
    well, it’s just not ethical.
    It is impossible for anyone to earn that much money by the sweat of their brow unless they are prospering on the backs of others.
    Which is ethically very corrupt.
    And two,
    Scripturally, we have no multi-millionaire/billionaires in the new testament, even though their souls prospered way beyond anyone living today.
    I hope that was helpful.

  15. Tom Thomas says:

    The only motivation that I can think of for someone even wanting to have this much money is greed.
    It neither scriptural nor ethical for anyone,
    much less a man of God to be a multi-millionaire/billionaire.
    It is not ethical because this much money is far beyond the ability of any man to earn by the sweat of his brow, so therefore it is earned through the hard labour on the backs of others.
    It is definitely not scriptual because there is no-one in the New Testament with this much money, and especially not earned through the embezzelement of fellow believers.
    Paul states, if these ministers of God do not work they should not eat, especially if they come in word only with the absence of notable miracles, because there were the same kind of embezzlers in his day.
    And the scripture that they should prosper even as their soul prospers does not apply to filthy rich monetary gain, because the early church prospered way beyond the contemporary church because as many as came were healed.
    Today being healed is like winning the lottery.
    So I assure you that we are ‘not’ prospering.
    A whole body is worth more than all the money in the world.

  16. Man, some of you guys need to wake up! The bible says to test the spirits to see if they are of God, for many false spirits have gone out into the world, Jphn 4:1. And as for rappers who make millions, they’re not promising anything for the price one pays to buy their CD’s or go to their concerts, ministers are! They always swear God will pay you back a hundred fold on your “seed” you “sow” into their ministry, if not telling you funds are designated for a particular purpose, and they are never called to account for the millions poor people give them hoping for a promised blessing or just trying ro honorGod! The Word says we are to be gentle as lambs,but wise as serpents! And beyond that, the first part of Mr. Copeland’s quote is correct, render unto ceasar what is ceasar’s, a qoute from Our Lord Himself, so why does he think he is above the law that God Himself established through earthly government? There has been no acountability among these “ministries” for far too long. Have we learned nothing from Jim and Tammy Bakker?

  17. Brad Blinstrub says:

    I have been involved with the so-called “faith message” for decades. It does give results. Powerful ones. So does Satanism. So does WICCA. So does trance inducing hypnosis. etc. Hitler put Germany on the right economic path and subdued a horrible depression, because of his result oriented ministry. People worshiped the ground he walked on. He delivered results. He got starving Germans a real prosperity, power and a sense of strong direction. People swore by him. Believe it or not, many Christians, Lutherans and Catholics alike, believed he was a God send. He, in turn sent 12 million people to their deaths in camps from hell, and in roadside self-dug pits: and his armies perished by the millions with them.
    Jim Jones had a gospel choir rolling with his big revival bus. Poor people, especially Black People flocked to him. He had healing miracles supposedly, following his trail of promises. He preached Jesus Christ. He led people with vim and vigor. Politicians were impressed with his great work with minority people. This was at a time when counter-culture revolution was still simmering in the seething seventies. Blacks and minority veterans of the Viet war, along with disenfranchised White men had to be quelled. Enter: False Christianity from stage right. He, the Rev. Jones, one of many, gave people faith in “God” and in his mission. They followed Mr. Jones FAITHFULLY. They followed him from the People’s Temple in San Francisco, all the way to their deaths, in steaming jungle compound in French Guiana. He killed them all via controlled mass mind control piped from a pulpit preaching Jesus. The cyanide and the bullets were just the coup de grace. They were soul dead a long time ago. Jim Jones! He too was unaccountable. After all, this was “God’s business.”
    Ted Haggard was one of the main spiritual advisors to George Bush Jr., He, Rev. Haggard preached vehemently against homosexuality. He bragged on how virile and potent the men were in his mega church. He got outed by a male masseur and escort who told all. Ted Haggard tried lying his way out of it. However, the facts were out, and he confessed to being a homosexual all down the line.
    P.T. Barnum said so matter of factly, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” RE: Sending free books, tapes, etc. A boatload of ministries give stuff away. Really, it is used a tax write off. A 501c3 operation can make profits while claiming charitable giving and making statements of loss to take a chunk out of clear profit, for tax purposes. A working man itemizes in nickels and dimes. Big ministries itemize in the millions with an already gov’t approved tax advantage. They can do it on a far more profitable level, because they are the priestcrafters. The craft of religion is the strongest witchcraft money can buy. The government uses the pulpits of fundamentalist preachers especially, because they can get young men and women to join the military like no recruiter can ever do. When a war starts somewhere, few fundy preacher types ever ask why. They just thunder the word of war and presto! the boxes of “patriotic” yellow ribbons seem to drop out of no where. They have sharpy lawyers and sharper accountants. Jeremiah XVII:V “Thus saith the Lord; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the Lord.” The secular government protects their fundamentalist/evangelical man following systems of church gov’t. Even more, The Faith Message is very instrumental because they can convince people that they “can write their own ticket with God,” and not get killed. Who needs Jihad? Christianity has its own. Only it’s better propagandized and dressed up. The Faith Message is the fundamentalism of promising liberty with the end result is that you have less liberty than ever before. II Peter II:XIX
    At the point you swallow this lard, one is under pressure to never be financially strapped. Never be sick. Never have personal doubts and struggles. It is the religion of self hypnotic dishonesty. God becomes an electro-mechanical program that only listens to correct prayer formulas. God is now an unforgiving program, and is a DOS like monolith that will only respond to proper commands and compatible hardware that can only interface with only Faith Approved Software. One can only learn these commands and purchase the recommended hardware from the Faith Dealerships. Dealership/Ministries specially “anointed” to give you the correct programs and proper hardware with the software necessary to have an encounter with God! All this of course, via the Ministry approved dealership’s Power System.
    Gone is a human’s personal encounter without the so-called Dealership Approved Faith. The old and antiquated, obsolete incorrect plug ins that require the simple wiring of simple prayer with a broken heart is not enough. It is still not enough according to the dealership, that your prayer be along with honesty of one’s falling short. It is not enough. Oh no! That’s over. That unseen wiring needs no plug. It is too mobile for a controller’s ability to handle therefore it must be scorned. Scorning the “Old Paths” is a big part of big money ministries. They mimic people who don’t approve of their antics a lot. Proverbs XXIII:X Now we must become robotic, electronic and in need of constant recharging via the Dealership’s Ministries of Faith. The best way, and really the only way to “partner up” with these dealerships is to giving them money. They’ll stand with you. Yeh. Sure.
    It is a digital faith now and the wonder of a loving wandering shepherd leading his flocks in personal care for each special sheep is now replaced with the Mega/Corral. You are in a feed line now and you must not move. You are now a sheltered piece of crying livestock awaiting church penicillin and dealership approved growth hormones. Forget that caped disheveled shepherd. You can have Jesus in a Lincoln Town Car and an Armani suit!
    The trouble is is that this system, just like the world’s electronic grid will not be able to generate anything when that conditional power goes down.
    My encounter with WICCA was more authentic and actualized, than the warped and dishonest false Christianity of many high power ministries who preach Jesus Christ, but are nothing more than soulless corporate enterprises. Corporate motivational operations with catchy archetypal logos, with the old rugged cross thrown in for marketing’s sake. “Corporatism is fascism.” Benito Mussolini(He liked it.) So do the preachers. At least most of them.
    The most amazing thing about a lot of these ministries is that no matter how obviously insane and garish they get, they actually believe, on certain levels, that they are guiltless. They believe in their pathos. They equate it with God.
    I do not seek this drug like prescription of deception anymore. I am satisfied with that old rugged cross and above all, the man God Jesus who hung on it, for me and you. I look forward to holding him like I used to hold my dad someday. I pray I am worthy to do this. I will be there, only because of him.

    • Celia says:

      Thanks! Great! I’m beginning to believe in the practical. When something seems unpractical & you’re told to just donate & believe, I’m beginning to think it’s a hoax. How long does it take to cash in on this blessing? I feel God took better care of me when I was not into all of this & just prayed for a job & a place to stay. It’s causes a person to feel like when God hasn’t come thru for them that it is a fault on their part & so they give more & confess more & pray those scripted prayers more, wondering what’s wrong with them because they are still poor & ignorant.

      • Lionel says:

        Hi, i read u comment and i was drawn to tears cause u ar drifting away from the truth. Search out this subject from the word of God and understand it than for you to have a conclusion cause u felt the other person might have said the right thing. Do your part with God,.

  18. Bob says:

    When was the last time an atheist asked you for money?

  19. ScallyWag says:

    Beware of false profits..

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