Senator Grassley Not Backing Off from Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar, and Other Ministry Requests!

According to a report from the News and Observer, “Sen. Charles Grassley, an Iowa Republican, said Friday that he has no intention of backing off from his investigation of six lavishly spending ministries, despite what he said was considerable “pullback” from those ministries.”


Senator Chuck Grassley had requested in 2007 financial material from six mega-ministries: Randy and Paula White of Tampa, Fla.; Benny Hinn Ministries in Grapevine, Texas; Joyce Meyer Ministries in Fenton, Mo.; Bishop Eddie Long of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Ga.; Creflo Dollar Ministries in Atlanta, Ga.; and Kenneth Copeland Ministries of Newark, Texas.

Thus far the only ministry that has complied completely was Joyce Meyer Ministries. The Kenneth Copeland Ministries has been reported to have complied partially, but Copeland has resisted publicly. Likewise, Creflo Dollar Ministries, has refused to voluntarily provide any information and said it would await a subpoena and Eddie Long has resisted as well.

Grassley, the Iowa senator, a Baptist, was invited to the New Baptist Covenant by former president Jimmy Carter. During a 25-minute address, he spoke about hunger. But later, at a news conference, most of the questions dealt with his controversial investigation into the ministries.

Grassley said he plans to send follow-up letters to those ministries that have so far snubbed his initial requests for information about their spending.

“We’ll deal with them in the way of encouraging,” Grassley said. “I think it’s a case of people waking up and realizing that they have nothing to hide.

Grassley explained that he began the investigation last year after seeing newspaper and television investigations about how these ministries reward their leaders.

“It’s nothing about the message,” said Grassley. “It’s about obeying the tax laws.”

Grassley said he wants to make sure the ministries are not abusing their tax-exempt status, but he said he was loath to consider subpoenas for now.

As a business ethics speaker, ( I have had many comments about the ethics involved with the Grassley requests. Most of the ethics issues surround the governments requests and the ministries responses.


What is the motivation behind not complying with the senator’s request?

If there is nothing to hide, should the ministries comply?

Does their resistance and non-compliance color your view of the ministries in question?


33 Responses to Senator Grassley Not Backing Off from Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar, and Other Ministry Requests!

  1. Debra says:

    I am very suspicious of these so called ministries, and ministers. If they are a christian, then by that very addmission they should comply, what are they afraid of, what have they to hide, if there is no wrong doing on there part then this should be an open and shut case. Me thinks there is a fox in the hen house, and it is not Senator Grassely.

  2. Kristy Beach says:

    I’ve been there, that’s why I am here.
    Exactly who does have a right to question Copeland about where the money goes? Copeland put on a exhalent performance at his latest ministers conference, visible at , in which has now gotten the attention of people all across the USA, and abroad. If I didn’t personally know better, one would actually think he cares about the protection of all his followers (partners),that pour money into his ministry. Requesting a summery of my mothers (Bonnie Parker) contributions, a long time partner of KCM, we like Grassley got little or no response. (Request viewable at ). If their partners aren’t entitled to this privileged information, even though they are funding this lavish lifestyle KCM has grown very accustom to, nor is the Senate entitled either, then who is? The IRS perhaps? Are the teachings of the Prosperity Gospel message being misconstrued? Do we, any of us, have a valid argument, or the right to ask for these records ? I believe with all my heart, we should let the ones affected most by this money making scam have a say in determining the answer to those questions..
    “ I had a home“, “I had a life“, “I had faith“, “I had a family“, “I lost a loved one“, “I have no clue what the truth is anymore!” “I will never trust any form of religion.” these are merely a handful of endless testimonies coming to light nationwide. Ranging from all walks of life, their heartbreaking testimonies can be found throughout the web, yet inconceivably, victims are being labeled as fools, ignorant, and basically downright blind for not seeing the truth behind the Prosperity Gospels falsehoods. ” Being only human, our quest for health and wealth, regrettably does lead some in the wrong direction. Promises and guaranties, made by the Prosperity Gospel ministers, give people that have not obtained these blessings on their own, a second chance at achieving their goals in life. An important discovery I made while reviewing testimonies, revealed the fact numerous victims had very little knowledge of the Prosperity Gospels dark side. These unfortunate victims, appear to be equipped with only a small portion of the web of deceit these ministers weave . Picture yourself being raised in a small country town, with a population of only a few hundred, the closest city, only a population of only a few thousand. Computers, internet, cable, satellite TV, and other high tech gadgets are not needed or desired. You are living a simple , solemn life you wouldn’t trade for any amount of cash. After your working day is done, you gladly remove your shoes, kick back in your easy chair, and relax without a care in the world for a while. After flipping on the TV to view the local evening news broadcast, you are reminded to give thanks that you don’t have the worries that accompany life outside the safe haven of your home, and your community. Religion is your safeguard, your faith is strong, and you have no doubts about the truth behind your sacred beliefs. This was my life, before KCM.
    Prosperity Gospel ministers enter the homes of many victims though a thirty minute Sunday morning worship service on a local broadcast station. Growing up in Jigger La., truly located in the middle of nowhere, I can testify to the fact that we only received on a clear day about three or four channels at most. Warnings of dangers associated with Prosperity Gospel ministries, made by critics, ministers, and victims go unheard, therefore tragically for many, when the realization of this scam is discovered it is already to late. Family’s have lost their homes, lifesavings, and some even their lives due to the Prosperity Gospels misleading doctrines. Unfortunately my mother was not one of the lucky ones, her confidence, and faith in this false Gospel, ultimately cost her, her life. After more than a decade of programming her mind to believe and think the Prosperity Gospel way of life, she lost her battle with cancer. By refusing medical attention, she sealed her fate, but the programming she had acquired from Kenneth and Gloria Copeland proved strong all the way to her last breath. A diary she left behind revealed the horrific tale of her life from 1992-2002, the top of each page titled with Kenneth Copeland, Gloria Copeland, or BVOV. Some mistakes in life we can not undo, and good intentions don’t always go as planed, these victims are simply following misleading promises of health and wealth. The use of miraculous healing confessions, and newly found wealth testimonies, are their sales pitch, sadly my mom among many other are proof that their sale pitch works. The possibility these Mega churches were misusing finances for personal luxuries is what brought this scam to the publics attention, not the loss of life, the financially bankrupt, and numerous homeless victims they have been left in the wake of this devastating hoax. So, do we continue blaming the victims, or do we stand up beside them, learn from there mistakes, and put an end to these senseless tragedies? Even I being a victims daughter have many lingering questions, such as follows, “How is it that some see the truth, and others do not?” ” What leads these victim to believe the unbelievable?” “ Are some more vulnerable to these sort of money making scams than others When all is said and done, perhaps they will be tagged, not as the Prosperity Gospel, but the false gospel. One Quote from Copelands mouth should erases any doubts of KCM innocence,
    “It’s not yours, it’s God’s and you’re not going to get it and that’s something I’ll go to prison over. So, just get over it!”

    The family of Bonnie Parker

    Photo, before and after KCM,
    Documentary Suffer The Children, exposes televangelists lavish lifestyles ,
    Book recently published by Sara Posner, also looks into these subjects,

  3. STEVEM says:

    The ministries have made the reason why they are not complying abundantly clear so I am not sure why you are asking questions that you have the answers to. Let the IRS ask the questions as opposed to the senator who is playing to the media. What is so complex about this ?

    And to Bonnie Parker’s family please get over your silliness. People have been healed under this ministry sorry for what hapenned to your mother but it was not the prosperity health and wealth gospel that kille your mother . It was cancer.

  4. Joh says:

    Drink the koolaide stevem your exactly the kind of gullible fool the Copelands rely on and as for being so downright insulting and calling Bonnie Parkers Family “silly” you may need to actually read what you wrote and try and understand it yourself .. show just one person that the Copelands/hinn/myers/dollar/whoever have physically Actually healed of a major illness (LIKE THEY SAY OFTEN ON THEIR “MOVIE SETS” they call Churches) just one that has been cleared by a professional medical practicioner.. ill bet you cant find one anywhere

  5. Beth says:

    SteveM is correct. There are laws in this country that govern who is allowed to do what. It is the IRS and not the Senator who should be dealing with whatever issues there are to be dealt with. I begin to wonder what people are thinking. Do you really think that in taking away someone else’s freedoms of privacy (in other words, the Senator prying into personal information rather than the official government body of the IRS) that you are somehow protecting your own freedom? This is not an issue of what these ministries believe or preach. This is a breach of the common freedoms that are available to us as Americans. We cannot decide to protect the freedoms of some but not those of others simply because we don’t like a ministry or organization. There is an orderly and lawful way to go about this. Senator Grassley is trying to circumvent this lawful process, and he is using the media to try to influence people who could gain a lot from a critical thinking course.

    The end does not justify the means. As I watch this drama play out, it is with some concern. I see personal freedoms which seem to be quietly and carefully chiseled away from the American people without their apparent cognizance. They jump on an emotional bandwagons led by politicians without thinking carefully as they are swayed by elaborate rhetoric and faulty reasoning which sounds good but lead nowhere. The real issue here is has Senator Grassley overstepped his bounds as set up by the law in requiring personal information from churches in an improper manner. I believe the answer to that is yes. Whether his intentions are good or not, he must also uphold the law. It’s not the intent that matters. It is the content.

  6. BP says:

    Beth and SteveM,

    I agree with both of you. If Senator Grassley want this information from these ministries he should subpoena them. But I don’t believe he want to do that because the information will be sealed and he would not be able to grandstand before the media. If he want to see what is going on with these ministries he should not have a problem subpoenoing them and have them come before the commission, which is what they have been requesting all along.

  7. Deb Williams says:

    I am a Copeland partner and proud of it, my life has been changed and Kenneth teachings that the God’s Word does change circumstances is true. God said in His word that He delights in the prosperity of His people. The Copelands have never asked for any money on their appearance on TV or the Web. God’s Word shows us that whatever we sow we will reap. I have never been a partner to any other ministry and am not sorry I am with this one, I will gladly give to a ministry that has changed so many lives, with their teaching that does line up with God’s Word. I have complete trust in My God and His annointed, who are we to question where the money goes, I know many needs have been met and will be met, for one example, hurrican Katrina victims. If we look back to our beginnings “separation between church and state” was set up to keep government out of our churches not the churches out of our government

  8. anonymous says:

    The senator should take a look at scientology

  9. Jim Mark says:

    I sincerely believe that some of what is called the “faith movement” or “faith teaching”, was subtly perverted over time, so that even the people who originally became a part of the movement in true sincerity were taken in by what it became. No matter who a minister is or how special he claims his relationship to God to be, he is still a falible human being and able to be decieved. This is especially true when they give their selves permission over time to divert even in the tiniest way, away from absolute and total ethicalness in the way the minies that come into their ministries. Small little diversions away from ethical practices, have a cumulative effect over time and pretty soon, they are permitting their selves lavishness. It doesn’t happen over night and some people refuse to admit reaching the point of error. It is really a dangerous place for them to be in and I would encourage them to do the right thing and admit what is painfully obvious, that they have indeed over-compensated thier selves with the monies given to them by sincere people whose goals were not to support lavish lifestyles. These people gave in order to see God’s message furthered to the world in need of hope and yes to also reasonably compensate these ministers, to take care of their bills and living expenses. I also don’t believe people who gave to them, wanted them to barely scrape by but to be well taken care of, which is not the same thing as a lavish lifestyle. For God to grant permission to these ministers to live wealthy, would send the message, that he cares more about these ministers than he does about those who give to them.
    Those who commented that the with holding of their full disclosure, does indeed indicate they don’t want you to see just how lavish that lifestyle has been. They can hide behind the pretense that this has been a violation of their rights etc, etc… but when men live in complete honesty in what they do, they will leave nothing uncovered, especially when it literally has potential to damage the image of Christian Leaders. It is extremely important that they all comply.

  10. Jim Mark – I agree. I do not judge the funds, prosperity, or material benefit. I do, however, think that we have a moral and ethical responsibility to be crystal clear about what is received, how it is used, and how it furthers the ministry. When one deals with complete truth they reduce the possibility of attack. The truth will set you free.

  11. dreamer77 says:

    I have to agree that the implications of the Senator’s request and investigation are chilling. The IRS has been granted the authority in cases such as these, and the Senator should follow protocol as the finance committee tends to do with the majority of other private organizations. If he is allowed this kind of authority, just think what could be next. That is the point here – I don’t think any of us would want this to become a spring board for beginning to blur that line between church and state.

  12. share says:

    I believe what Jim Marks said is true. I have been a giver to the Copeland ministry for a year now and have always wanted them to account for the money given myself. I do believe that ministers should give account to their partners of where the money is going. I appreciate Joyce Meyer’s ministry because it does share the knowledge of where it’s money goes with the public. I know that ministering to the people is the primary objective and should be, but God also said that we are to feed the hungry, & clothe the naked. We can’t just see a person in need and pray for God to supply their need when we have the capability to help them ourselves and give them a word of encouragement or”The Good News”. I heard of the hurricane Katrina efforts of the Copeland ministry, but have never heard of any other programs that give to the needy. I know that missions is not the only ministry, but I believe is should be a large part of every ministry. What are they doing within their own community to help? I would like to at least know that. If they are too busy to help the ones closest to them, I think they have missed the essence of God’s message. If they had the people of their own communities support, they would have a physical backing that would prove their innocence without them having to go on the air to plead it for themselves. I would have never known this was going on, if Ken wasn’t on TV trying to plead his own innocence in a rather weak way. I have defended their message to my friends and family, but I can’t defend their “privacy” of the money we are supporting them with.

  13. Mel says:

    I stand behind the Copelands 100%. I have been a partner for 15 yrs and have been blessed by the teachings. I promise you that there are always those who “try” the prosperity massage for monetary gains only and that is NOT what is taught. These who “try” it and fail, never do the work of learning how to walk in love ect. There is more to this teaching than money, in fact its a small part. I wonder if people came against Abraham, Job (who by the way, God doubled what was taken from him by the Devil), Solomon, David, and on and on. If God doesn’t want us to prosper, then why did he prosper these men of God in the first place. Also, how can we feed, clothe the poor if we are poor ourselves. It just doesn’t make any sense. God prospers me so I can share the Blessing, not keep it.

  14. Let me point out, the issue is not nor has nothing to do with prosperity teaching. There are many ministries who teach prosperity. Rather, the issue is whether the ministry is in compliance with federal law that affords the ministry tax exempt status.

  15. loren says:

    With a lot of these ministries I have long smelled a rat. But just sit back and watch. If the fruit is rotten, it will fall in on itself.

  16. DAVID says:

    Here is what Senator Grassley will get out of this: “Nothing”. That’s right. nothing. This is still (for now) a free country, and as a free citizen I have the right to do what is in the bounds of the Constitution. By the way What is the First Amendment of that Constitution: “Congress must NOT interfere with freedom of religion, speech or press, assembly and petition.” Question: What is this whole attack on the Pentacostal Six? Answer: Congress attempting to interfere with the freedom of religion.
    Slowly how Americans are losing their rights because the let people in Washington get away with anything. Well, this time they are not going to get away with it. So wake up America and pay attention to what’s going on in our country: politically, socially, economically and legally, and start doing something about it. Quit letting CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, or FOX do your thinking. I say to the Pentacostal Six: Don’t give up! Resist this attack the way our Founding Fathers resisted tyranny and the British crown. RESIST the devil and he will flee. So Senator Greenley and the rest of the Spanish Inquisition, I repeat here is what you are going to get out of this “Inquiry”: NOTHING!!!

  17. David…well, so far Grassley has gotten most of them to comply.

    Oh and by the way…it is not a religious inquisition…it’s a request for information to see if the ministries are complying with tax law and that the government has the power to do. So Copeland should comply to expose the truth about his ministry.

    • Judge Deborah says:

      In my opinion the IRS is a form of Communism and we had no IRS until 1913. An income tax is a plank of the Communist Manifesto and is unAmerican. The IRS has no business asking Christian churches anything. The separation of Church and State was meant to protect churches from control by the government.

      That’s why Tea Parties have sprung up all across America. I’ve gained much from Kenneth Copeland Ministries and appreciate them so much. God bless such a brave man for standing up for American freedoms.

      I homeschooled my kids and this government has become a tyrannical despot. Thank God we can throw many of the liberal bumbs out in November 2010!

  18. DAVID says:

    What truth are they (the government) wanting? What truth are you wanting? What do you Mr. Gallagher have to hide? Why don’t you give me the names of all the people that have donated to you? Look at it for what it is: An inquisition and it is a religious one at that. Quit trying to dodge the real motive of this Baptist supported Senator trying to get the names of people or organizations that have donated to these big ministries. So what if I want to donate a dollar or a million dollars to anyone I want to, it is my right and none of your business or the media’s business, got it. The Constitution protects that right. The real reason is that Senator Grassley is jealous that people other than senators or big time politicians or any non-Elitists can ride around in private jets and be apart of a country club such as theirs. It might mean that there are people out there in America who don’t comprise their integrity and are very rich. He may think like most people that if you have nice cars and mansions and jet airplanes that you have attained them by some unethical means and that you are a dirty scoundrel and should be exposed.
    So Copeland, nor the others should reply to this religious “Inquistion.” Go read your history books, not the historic revisionists ones, but real history: the Spanish Inquisiton, the English Civil War, the Nazi’s and so on. They too wanted the names and expose “truths” about ministries and where are they today? In the boneyard of history. May I say history is repeating itself before your very eyes. And Oh by the way … it was Senator Greenley that created the tax law (the one that opposes the First Amendment , please read the first Amendment ) that is aimed at the Pentacostal Six ministries. Is not privacy part of the law? Do you you see some irony in that?

    The Pentacostal Six and company will resist Senator Grassley the way the American Patriots resisted the British in the American Revolution. You attack my partners, you attack me, you will NOT win. Guaranteed by the Blood of Jesus. I have more to say but I will give the floor to my fellow Christian Americans who are just now waking up in America and are about to be heard concerning this Greenley conflict.

  19. David…

    Hate to say it, but you’re a bit out there with the questions. But what the heck…here goes.

    What truth does the government want from the six ministers? Are they mixing ministry with business? If so, they lose their tax exempt status. That’s what they want. The data requested will help to either verify that they are compliant or not. No big deal…just a matter of legal compliance.

    What truth am I wanting? Frankly I don’t have an agenda. I don’t care whether they are in compliance with the law or not. What I speak on is the correlation between choices and consequences and in this case – Copeland is making a choice by resisting and I am interested in seeing what the consequences are from his actions and choices.

    Who donated to me? I am a for profit speaker – no body donates to me. When I speak to colleges, universities and high schools I do that for FREE! See the article in Business Week April 24th edition for verification.

    You along with others seem to want to make this something it is not. It is not Baptist’s against other ministries. It is not an issue of religion. It is not anti-prosperity. It is – ARE YOU IN COMPLIANCE WITH THE LAW!

    But, I know that you’ll disagree and I respect that. I appreciate the comments and in the end, I predict that Grassley will issue the supoena and Copeland will be compelled to comply.

    Remember choices and consequences…guess only time will tell.

  20. loren says:

    A pastor and his board should be a good shepard to their flock and a good steward of God’s money. I once heard Creflo Dollar screeching about our paychecks that they wern’t ours but God’s. So why are most of these preachers stealing God’s money to support ultra lavish life styles. A pastor deserves a good living but not what is going on here. These preachers are pushing the tax laws to the limit and beyond. And if there is no wrong doing, what do they have to hide and why are some of them hiding it. Creflo Dollar and Benny Hinn sat on the board at Oral Roberts University. And look at the scandal and financial mess that developed there. If it takes the government to protect people from their own stupidity, then so be it. GO GET EM, CHUCKY.

  21. Joh says:

    Im hoping the Government has enough sense to lock these frauds up and throw away the key

  22. marlin says:

    Oh, here we go. Another ignorant know-it-all. A joh-nnie-come-lately on the scene, scrambling to pick up some of the jargon with little useless tidbits thrown in here and there, buckets of scorn and barrels of self-righteous indignation. Probably never darkened the door of a church, sat through a whole sermon, never gave a nickel or any other positive input. But, here we are, showing up on all the sites, pitching in the two cents worth. Or, perhaps not – perhaps some solid information ?? Ok, keeping in mind that slander, name-calling and ignorant prejudice are not admissible under the rule of law, WHATCHA’ GOT?????????????

  23. Manic Monday says:

    There is still no evidence to date of any wrong doing on the part of any of these organizations. Copeland is still standing strong and gathering the support of other Christian leaders that have realized how this could affect all of us. Grassley needs to be put in his place and recognize that he can’t always get what he wants.

  24. adoniram says:

    I am writing from india, i want to endorse kenneth copeland’s teachings on the blessing of God and that we are redeemed from the curse of the law through Jesus Christ. Poverty is a curse, I was born in a poor country under poverty but after I got saved, I have followed Copeland’s teaching and put it to practice. I tell you that I have been so prosperous in everything I do that I am no more poor and people in the society are really amazed with the God’s blessings over my life. My only explanation to them is that “Jesus came to give us life to it’s fullest”. I am blessed financially now. I give for the preaching of gospel in my country and around the world. God’s Word works in any circumstance no matter what, where and how bad the situation looks like..To Jesus be the glory.

  25. Dolphin Lover says:

    Grassley should have used a different procedure if he wanted to investigate these ministries. The whole thing does not look good from an outsider’s perspective. Even though I agree that these ministries have an appearance that does seem shady to some, Grassley should have gone through the IRS from the beginning. Copeland is continuing to gain support and hopefully the right decision will be made and no new precedents will be set.

  26. gwen says:

    What was the outcome of this?

  27. tooserv says:

    Senator Grassley’s request for the records of the six churches is unconstitutional.

  28. tbird1949 says:

    I totally agree with most of the bloggers here and that is that Grassley has no authority here and the IRS is the authority over the tax exempt organizations – so Grassley you know who has authority go for it! Oh, and while you are “going for it”, don’t forget to mention Pastor Jeramiah Wright who lives in an expensive mansion and preaches “hate America” and Black Liberation from his 501 C(3) pulpit – why just single out these 6 ministries? go get them all Grassley!

  29. Angela09 says:

    If you are truly a christian, you know what it is spoken to you through the Holy Spirit and that God is your vendicator. I don’t believe in men, I believe in God. I believe that God and God alone knows all. Christians need to be praying and listening to God on where to tithe their money and God will deal with his people. It’s God’s business and he is our vendicator. I trust him to guide me and not man.

  30. Beverly says:

    I can’t understand for the life of me why there is always something,if you have a personal relationship with the Lord and truly beleive in his word he will see anything a real christian goes through and fix it, how many churches can you go to for help? how many people reach out and help for the love of one another, as a child I went to many churches and seen many ways just watching people shows who loves God and who doesn’t. In these last days alot of things will come out to the open and there is nothing for us to do about it but Pray and hope they were genuine in trying to bring people to the Lord, if not they will receive there reward,The Bible says, “There will be many that come in my name”. It will be truly up to us to see the real from the fake. If you read your Bible the Lord said, ten percent of your total wages, if you make $400 the Lord only wants $40 of that but after it goes from your hand to the church what happens? your mind can be a playground for what you don’t understand and we try to have something real to hold onto to let us know things will be alright, we trust in these Pastors to get us to heaven when it is all on you.If these Ministers reach out and bring people to the Lord and help his people then why have something to say, they are doing what God says, if not God himself will bring them out because you will not get bigger than him I don’t care how much they make. This rep. is bent on starting something that is either going to expose some fakes or make some stronger. I will keep the faith and trust in the Lord,not man.

  31. Judge Deborah says:

    The government has no business trying to get private donor addresses and names and phone numbers. That is irresponsible. It is unconstitutional to try to muzzle pastors and tell them what they can say in the pulpit. Churches should never, ever have to pay taxes for any reason whatsoever. Chuck Grassley is defying God’s law. It’s hard to believe he even is a Baptist or that he even reads his Bible. Grassley has been drinking the Kool-Aid and has been in Washington for far too long. Term limits, anyone?

  32. John says:

    Today Mr. kenneth Copeland ministry not helping people at all. They are only working and concentrating on numbers. I have friends who they are telling to leave are they will fire them. Or they should accept 5 weeks pay to leave. Either way they gonna have to leave. They don’t have a reason to fired them so they put it to them like that. They had fired about 8 or 9 people this week alone. People who work for the ministry for years. They were literally told to hang up on people and not exceed the call over 7 minutes. Well MARIE and SAM only mission is numbers and not to help people. This ministry should be a place of god. A place to help people who desperately coming to them for help. But instead they are hanging up on them just so they continue to focus on numbers and not helping anyone. So the peoples who been working there for years. The people who really wanted to help others because that what the ministry use to do. They are the ones getting fired because they are not following instruction which is to hang up on people. Sorry it doesn’t sound like it make any sense but this is the truth. Sign up call in for a week or two and you will be the judge of what i am saying. You will see them for what they are. God does not like ugly. Those people work there for years. Some of those people thats the only place they ever work the only place they know. And to fired them because they have 3 to 5 call over seven minutes is pitiful and wrong. THEY NEED TO BE EXPOSE.

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