Billy Graham – An Example of True Evangelism – Senator Grassley’s Not Interested in His Ministries!

Recovering from surgery, Billy Graham noted evangelist, is listed in fair condition following successful surgery on Wednesday to update a shunt that controls excess fluid to his brain.


Graham, age 89, has been an example of Christianity and true evangelism for my entire life. Recalling at a young age the Billy Graham Crusades that were televised around the world, Billy Graham had a clear and consistent message that has not wavered. Unlike those whose ministry has been called to task by Senator Charles Grassley, Graham has stayed focused on his role.

In an article from Time Magazine the following was stated:

Under a blazing North Carolina sun, faith and power renewed their vows, as three former commanders in chief — Jimmy Carter, George Herbert Walker Bush and Bill Clinton — convened in Charlotte, N.C., to pay tribute to a man they all love.

The occasion was the dedication of the Billy Graham library, modeled after the dairy farm where the evangelist grew up, with an immense cross as its doorway and an exhibit designed to soak visitors in the gospel message that Graham had preached to more people than any man who’s ever lived.

Preached to more than any man who ever lived. What an amazing accomplishment. Graham obviously took to heart the mandate – Go and preach the Gospel! By Graham has done with without lavish and fanfare. God provided for Graham, but Graham never needed a Bentley or Cessna Citation to accomplish the mission at hand.

The time article goes on to say:

If Graham’s spiritual message was always consistent, a message of gospel love and Jesus’s saving grace, his political message changed profoundly. There had been a time where he didn’t hesitate to speak out on the issues of the day, on foreign policy, the economy, court decisions. But he had come to see the cost of discussing the issues that divide people.
Jerry Falwell’s death brought many reminders of what happens when preachers take sides; long ago, Graham had decided to go down a different road. He had gotten way too deeply involved in his friends’ campaigns, and he resolved to try and stop diving in. Ten days before his good friend Ronald Reagan was sworn in, Graham told Parade Magazine that “evangelicals can’t be closely identified with any particular party or person. We have to stand in the middle, to preach to all the people, right and left. I haven’t been faithful to my own advice in the past. I will in the future.”

Today Graham recovers as he enters the twilight years of his earthly life.

Graham, 89, was hospitalized at Mission for nearly two weeks last year after experiencing intestinal bleeding caused by an arteriovenous malformation, a tangle of small blood vessels in the lining of the colon. He also has suffered from prostate cancer and macular degeneration.

His wife, Ruth Bell Graham, died in June following a lengthy illness.

Wonder what the ministries of Kenneth Copeland, Eddie Long, Creeflo Dollar, Benny Hinn and others think – when they look at what they have done in comparison to Billy Graham’s ministries. The humility and wisdom that Graham has shown is a remarkable accomplishment. The lives he has touched with a ministry, largely untouched with significant controversy, is amazing.

Perhaps others can still learn from the Graham legacy.

4 Responses to Billy Graham – An Example of True Evangelism – Senator Grassley’s Not Interested in His Ministries!

  1. court says:

    this is gay. it doesnt say anythng bout him that u cnt find nywhr else

  2. Perhaps not, but the comparison between Graham and Copeland, et al is startling. That was the point. I hope, that you, like I support Graham and wish him well following his recent stint in the hospital.

  3. heyamatt says:

    CS Lewis described a truly humble person as one who doesn’t compare themselves to others.

    Billy Graham is a great man… and I am sure everyone of these ministers that you’ve compared him to rejoice and celebrate his success.

    Personally, I try to live my life like Jesus… yeah, His life was marked with a little more controversy than Rev. Graham. When He had the chance to prove that He was innocent… He remained silent.

    I like Peter and Paul too, but they were probably too controversial to be considered great men… jail birds.

  4. John says:

    The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability founded by Billy Graham are real liars and thieves and give nothing back to society. It’s a useless organization that exists to protect the crooks and not to give true accountability to the donors. Here are some facts you cannot deny:

    Southern Baptist Evangelist Billy Graham was embarrassed in 1977 when the Charlotte Observer discovered an undisclosed $23-million fund in Texas, apparently not mentioned in the accountings of the Minneapolis headquarters of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. As a result Graham’s business manager led the formation of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability after Graham said on a national telecast, “. . . there are some charlatans coming along and the public ought to be informed about them and warned against them, ” “stated K. Hadden and Charles E. Swann in their book Prime Time Preachers.

    Graham helped start the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, a self-policing organization, .the St. Petersburg Times reported on Oct 11, 1998.

    .In 1992 his ministry, Samaritan’s Purse, had a run-in with the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, the self-policing organization his father helped start. The ECFA suspended Samaritan’s Purse while it looked into Franklin’s (Graham) compensation and use of the company plane.


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