Duane Chapman’s Dog The Bounty Hunter is Back – Choices, Consequences and Second Chances!

Having the highest rated show on A&E, only to get it pulled, because of racial slurs that were taped, has been the plight of Dog the Bounty Hunter. Now, I must admit, I’ve only seen the show in passing a time or two. It, honestly, isn’t something that meets my entertainment needs. However, on the rare occasions that I have seen a few minutes of it, I can see why folks would watch.


The premise is that “Dog” and his rag tag team would go after the criminal element of society and “bring them to justice.” Dog, having formally spent time in prison, is now reformed and one of the “good guys.” Yet, there is an edge about him that makes him unique. Let’s put it this way, if you’re a business executive, he’s not the type you’d likely invite to dinner!

With that said, I wonder why society expected Dog to be politically correct. He deals with a lower element of society as a bounty hunter. He isn’t capturing “white collar crime” figures. If they’re in trouble they self report. Rather, he’s dealing with a much lower element of society – which is precisely why the show is top rated. Most of us don’t see the underbelly of society and can find some entertainment in seeing it from the comfort of our homes.

But, Dog’s use of the “n” word as he described his son’s black girlfriend – touched a chord. Dog should have known better? He really doesn’t normally use that word? He’s clearly got a better command of the english language than that? Whatever!

Duane “Dog” Chapman did apologize. Frankly, I suppose that Dog got a real taste of TV and the power of the spoken word. It’s perfectly fine for African-American’s to use the “n” word as they speak to each other, but white folks should not. Honestly, as a white collar crime speaker today, that’s something I learned from my stint in federal prison. My cell mate was black and he taught me well. I would have thought that Dog would have learned the same as he spent more time in prison than I.

But, every choice has a consequence! The choices you make today will shape the consequences of tomorrow. Following prison I made choices that opened the door for second chances. Second chances are important and A&E has said that since that since the show is about second chances, they have decided to accept his apology and resume production.

Advice to Dog: Make this opportunity count. Keep your show on the edge, but know that every move you make as a person in the public eye is being watched. You can’t afford to mess this chance up. Good luck!


3 Responses to Duane Chapman’s Dog The Bounty Hunter is Back – Choices, Consequences and Second Chances!

  1. Molly says:

    I love your show. I was ill when i heard the news of your show being pulled from A&E. We are all human. We make mistakes and bad choices at times. I feel with your lifes history and all you have been through that you are a good person and leader of mankind. You earned that all on your own. Your mother would be so proud of you if she were here, I know this in my heart. I am estatic that you are returning to A&E. Good luck to you and all your family. You deserve it fully….. God Bless you all, Molly

  2. SjP says:

    As a Blogger for Respect in the Media, I have joined with others calling for A&E NOT to bring back Dog the Bounty Hunter in July. His liberal use of the n-word and racist attitudes should not be tolerated by A&E or their advertisers.


  3. Lisa Weiner says:

    I hope that Dog the bounty hunter never uses anymore racial words again. Lisa Weiner.

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