White Collar Crime Booming? A Look At Issues In Other Countries.

White collar crime seems to be making the news world wide. As a US citizen, it’s hard to determine if the proliferation of white collar crime is largely an American phenomenon or if it is as wide spread in other countries. Articles from around the world would indicate that this type of crime certainly in not restricted to the shores between the Atlantic and Pacific.

Early this month an article was featured in the New Zealand Herald that questioned what would be done country wide to crack down on white collar crime. Seems that the “Serious Fraud Office” was being disbanded in that country in favor of a new organized crime agency.

The odd part of that announcement is any one working for the “Serious Fraud Office” would have to be “seriously” thinking about their career and next employment move. As a result, many have sought opportunities elsewhere. And, since white collar crime is often complicated and not easily understood by those less sophisticated in financial affairs, one might assume that with no seemingly clear plan – opportunities to exploit the system would be ripe in New Zealand.

According to the report, The SFO itself is a small, highly specialised government department with wide-ranging powers. Its core staff are made up of a team of investigators, forensic accountants, prosecutors and lawyers.

The office has just begun investigating complex property business Blue Chip but staff are wondering if they will still have jobs by the time they make any real progress. Many investors who poured money into finance companies had also hoped the SFO would look into the affairs of the string of failed businesses.

But instead, talented staff at the only office with the power to bring charges against those involved are about to be absorbed into the larger police force.

By coincidence, next week the Australians are shining the spotlight on the issue. Fraud Awareness Week – an initiative of the Australasian Consumer Fraud Taskforce – is scheduled to start on Monday.


A New Zealand Side Note: As an American writer and white collar crime speaker, it was interesting to see that it was reported that Donald Eugene Allen, an American evangelist, defrauded investors out of $8.5 million and was jailed for six years. The minister, preacher and motivational speaker was convicted of a scam that left more than 154 people out of pocket. Allen worked with Paul Eugene Palmer – who is serving nine years for tax fraud in the US – to mount a South Pacific swindle.

NOW…it’s folks like that who give motivational speakers (like me) a bad name. Shame on Mr. Allen!

Another Part of the World: Likewise, earlier this month – thisismoney.co.uk – reported a new war on white collar crime. Unlike, New Zealand which is disbanding their special fraud unit, the UK is launching a nationwide anti-fraud body.

According to the article, the National Fraud Strategic Authority will take form overseeing the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau and National Fraud Reporting Centre. Under this new authority, special courts would sit without juries and deal with all aspects of financial crimes.

The article states: The powerful courts would hear both the criminal and civil aspects of a case and would have the power to force a convicted fraudster to pay compensation, as well as decide on any disciplinary action on behalf of a professional or other regulatory body. The move comes after jurors were confused by major fraud cases such as the Blue Arrow and the Maxwell trials.

As reported on often in my blogs – Every choice has a consequence. Having had the opportunity to experience the consequences of poor choices, today as a Senior Sales Executive in a public company and ethics – white collar crime speaker, I hope to impress on folks the importance of making ethical choices – choices that can further good – thereby achieving positive results.

Is White Collar Crime Booming? I can’t say for sure, but certainly there is plenty to report on and many organizations to speak to and consult with. Here hoping that your choices are positive!

Business ethics and white collar crime speaker – Chuck Gallagher – signing off.

4 Responses to White Collar Crime Booming? A Look At Issues In Other Countries.

  1. Clarissa says:

    I am here to respond to your report about Donald E. Allen. I would think you would research all information in a situation. Everything is not always as it seems. Just because a person was pronounced guilty, doesn’t mean they are. Perhaps if people had done an indepth research on his particular situation, they just might would have found this man to be innocent. Or perhaps if he had had a little bit of American help, as was requested, his story could have been told properly. Americans going overseas to any country, especially if your from the U.S., should always the laws for themselves. Americans are open targets and whether guilty or not will be made an example of. This was the case with Mr.Allen. I do not fault Mr. Gallagher for what he writes. I am only saying, research all information before you make statements. Thank you for your time to read this.

  2. David says:

    Only 4.6 of the 9.6 million dollars that was defrauded was ever recovered. Clarissa is Donald Eugene Allen’s wife and seems to have plenty of money to purchase new homes, although they have no visible income. They seem to be well on their way to fleecing a new flock at the Good Fight of Faith Church in Marion and Effingham Illinois. Their 4 children seem to have profligate lifestyles as well as no visible means of support. I hope the 5 million keeps them happy so they don’t scam anyone else. At least for a while. And yes I did my research. Clarissa Edlen, Rebecca L Allen, Geri R Allen, Evie B Allen and Adam B Allen.

  3. jade says:

    David yes you are totally correct!!!!! all need to keep well away from this guy CON MAN Preacher Donald Eugene Alllen and his family 15% a month return on your money .
    STAY WElLL AWAY he will wear his fancy suits gold chains and crosses around his neck and praise the lord while he takes your money don’t be fooled he is definatly a wolf in sheeps clothing.

    He told me if he took my my and never gave it back he would be worse the a murder and a rapist well I don’t have my money back

    Nor many others old, sick, retired, disabled, he doesn’t care
    or his family they were all there working it for him and Paul Eugene
    Palmer .

    Check them all out on facebook!!!!

    Just remember his wife own words all isn’t as it seems CON MAN
    hiding behind a church 6 yrs in jail he should still be in there!!!

    • ljizzle says:

      David and Jade you know nothing! Dont come on here and act like you know people!! And David just because you know 3 of the 5 kids names dont mean jack shit mate you need to do more research because you have no idea whos name you just wrote in. You dont know anything about the situation and you dont know what actually happened with the money. You just need to get a life and get over something that happened over 10 years ago! And Clarissa is the wifes name but it dont mean thats the wife speaking?!? They have plenty of friends named Clarissa. Jade, why would you want to check them out on facebook? Do you have nothing better to do than stalk people? Is your life that boring? He wasnt hiding behind a church you idiot. I think you need to go to church to understand what it even means to go to church you dummy. Yep its best if you stay away from people that know how to dress well cos your ugly no good styles will ruin their reputation. Im glad you didnt get your money back you no good complainer! get the hell over it woman. David when Clarissa says do your research she didnt mean find out how many kids she has you stupid guy she meant find out what exactly happened! i know and i cant even be bothered with you people cos y’all just crazy haters GET UR FACTS RIGHT U HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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