David Burkholder Indicted – Swindling Money from Family and Friends – $1.8 Million?

Who do you turn to when you need help the most? Most of us would say family and friends. However, in this case it seems that David E. Burkholder, age 54, from San Francisco, CA took that a bit too far. Indicted on 24 counts of wire fraud, Burkholder was arrested on federal charges of swindling his family and friends in Kansas.

According to the indictment, in 2002, Burkholder fraudulently told his parents in Kansas that he needed money to settle a personal injury claim against him as a result of a car accident, and to pay legal expenses associated with forming a new business. He said he would repay the money within a few weeks. As a result, his parents loaned him approximately $950,000.

In July 2003, instead of repaying the money, Burkholder convinced his parents to solicit additional money from family members, which he said was a loan and would be repaid within a few weeks. As a result, other family members loaned him an additional $926,142. In the fall of 2003, Burkholder asked his parents to solicit more money from friends of the family. Again, he claimed to need the money to settle a personal injury claim and to set up a new business. In addition, he falsely claimed he needed to make a payment to Barbara Streisand as part of a contract with the singer and actress.

As a result, from October 2003 through April 2005 Burkholder received 24 wire transfers from his parents ranging in amount from $1,000 to $80,000 each.

Chuck Gallagher - The Ethics Expert

Every choice has a consequence. As a white collar crime and business ethics speaker, it is often that I find people swindling folks they don’t know. Rarely, however, do I find a crime prosecuted when the folks harmed are friends and family. But, you do reap what you sow – so perhaps in this situation it is appropriate to understand that one can be prosecuted for crimes – even when the crime is committed against one’s parents.

Keep in mind, an indictment is only an allegation that a crime has been committed. Burkholder is innocent until proven guilty.

More information to come. Your comments welcome!

White collar crime speaker – Chuck Gallagher – signing off for now!


12 Responses to David Burkholder Indicted – Swindling Money from Family and Friends – $1.8 Million?

  1. Cousin of David says:

    Thanks for publishing this swindle about my cousin. He has caused so much unrest in the family – it is finally good to know he will be brought to justice. Thanks again for posting this information. The world needs to know the truth about David. I hope his parents are reading this and finally come to realization that their son is a crook.

  2. Cameron Polmanteer says:

    Does anyone on the West Coast have residual issues regarding this crime? Mr. Burkholder secured personal loans from at least 2 parties who have had no representation in the Kansas suit nor any recourse now that he is serving time for crimes committed.

    • paul williams says:

      We are not sure how jim and anna keeton are involved in this but they have swindled my girlfriend and a few friends of hers out of almost 1 million dollars, we are in california , if we can tie this up with kansas maybe we can shut these crooks down for good .

      • Bill Lane says:

        Dear Paul my father was also a victim of Jim and Anna Keeton. I would like to speak with you. I would appreciate it if you could E-Mail me at pdurnms@sbcglobal.net. Thank you Bill Lane

    • Rosie Guerrero says:

      I think you can have recourse. If you have been a victim, I would talk to an attorney and find out when the Statute of Limitations time runs out. I would think you could file a suit against another person even if they are still in jail. Even maybe a civil suit. You probably won’t get your money back, because he probably gave it all to Anne Merino, just like his friend Jim Keeton. They are both idiots. And you shouldn’t be embarrassed either, a lot of people are scammed all the time. But the majority of the time they are too embarrassed to come forward. I live in California and I just happened to come up on this article because I was really curious. David Burkholder is not innocent, he is a scammer just like his other friend Anna Marino, the wicked witch of the west.

      • Dave wayne says:

        David sold his house on aztec street in 2008. He grows at least $850,000 from the sale of the house. He put the money in his lover’s name prior to going to jail for 4 years. David states that he has no money when asked by his family and the church in Wichita that he stole 1.8 million dollars from. I happen to know for a fact that David lover is holding all of the money in his account and David lives with him. He tells his parents that he volunteers at the San Francisco Public Library and has no job or money. David still owe the $550,000 in restitution as part of his 4 year sentence. I doubt that the family will ever see any of that money. David also owes me $4,000 that I gave him as part of alone when I was his intern. I’ve never seen that money

  3. K says:

    I thought David was such a sweet person. Perhaps he still is. What would make someone so desperate for money?

  4. William says:

    David was/ in collaboration with Jim Keeton and Anna Merino Keeton of Redwood City ca. Jim has swindled over a million from friends and folks at Church . Cops will not do anything sighting it’s CIVIL .

    • Brad Fries says:

      Jim Keeton was arrested March 18, 2013. His first real court date is April 19, 2013. County of San Mateo.

      • CBS says:

        Good to know that this other swindler has finally been apprehended. David Burkholder owes me several thousand dollars for professional services provided when he was operating a design business. He lied about his finances and how he would pay soon, etc. David presented a sweet and sort of shy personality. I trusted him completely. Bid mistake.

  5. Ask Money Maker…

    David Burkholder Indicted – Swindling Money from Family and Friends – $1.8 Million? « Motivational Speaker – Chuck Gallagher Business Ethics and Choices Expert…

  6. Dave wayne says:

    I worked for david burkholder at his business “david burkholder design”. I worked as an intern for him. Very long hours and always promised to pay me but never did. I loaned him $4000 (all of my student loan money) because he said he needed a loan. I never got my money back. After david was indicted on the $1.8 million dollars, I learned that he sold his home on aztec street in san francisco and put the money in his lover’s account (approximately $850,000). He then did 4 years in prison after the indictment. He still owes $550,000 in restitution as part of his sentence. I seriously doubt john and donna burkholder or his cousins and their church in witchita will ever see any money from david. When I spoke to his parents a year ago, they stated david told them he was broke and was volunteering at the san francisco public library.

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