Leroy M. Bennett – Tax Protester ‘volunteered out’ – Sentenced “IN” to Federal Prison – You Can’t Beat The Tax Man!

Here’s a man who worked all his life, retiring with 30 years service to General Electric, somehow deciding that he could just “volunteer out” of the federal tax system. He did and now that choice is costing him his freedom.


Something changed. My guess is that he somehow became influenced by all of those who claim that the federal income tax is unconstitutional – there is no law establishing it’s existence – and so on. The same “bull” that Wesley Snipes found himself caught up in. Look for my prior blogs on the subject and see the comments – I am still amazed that folks fall for that “BS”! But, alas, Bennett did. He stopped filing tax returns in 1995 although he had income from wages and pensions from GE.

His defense – Bennett believed that he had “volunteered out” of the federal tax system, and Bennett also raised various additional, and frivolous, tax protestor arguments. NOTE: These only get you a prison sentence!

OUTCOME: Bennett is sentenced to 21 months in federal prison. At age 64, this is not likely how Bennett planned on spending his retirement.

Your comments are welcome! And by the way, if you’re going to comment on the tax protestor side, have the guts to elect not to file yourself and oh, publish your name for the IRS to find – only then will you be real in your beliefs. Otherwise, it’s just hot air that takes you no where but prison. Believe me I know – I’ve been there.

White Collar Crime Speaker – Chuck Gallagher – signing off


One Response to Leroy M. Bennett – Tax Protester ‘volunteered out’ – Sentenced “IN” to Federal Prison – You Can’t Beat The Tax Man!

  1. Kathleen Bourinot says:

    I grew up in Ma. and never heard of people doing this. Since I have retired and moved to Florida, I hear of this a lot. There is a group with the name Patriot in it. To me they should be in jail. They are like a cult. They are brainwashing intellagent people that are very naive and think they are right (Patriot group) They have a book out I here. I talk a very intellagent woman that is a senior vice president of a bank from doing this. I had to speak very harshly to get through to her. She still thinks it is okay; but does pay all her taxes for fear she will go to jail. I don’t think Roy Bennett should be in jail. I think people in Florida that believe this should be educated into why they are wrong in believing this. They truly believe this, they truly are indoctrinated into believing this and some call themselves a Christian group, This is what I hear. I try to get more information to report the ones really responsible for convincing people that this is the right thing to do. (not pay taxes) Why don’t they go after these groups that indoctrinate people into believing this. There are some good people going to jail for this because they are brainwashed. I have truly heard of many people going to these meetings and being brainwashed and I think because the groups say they are Christian, they are taken in. Of course they are not Christian because if they were they wouldn’t want these naive people in jail. Who would be the ones to report these groups too, and why isn’t there more education on the subject for those taken in?

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