Former FEMA Employee – Robert G. Davis – GUILTY of Identity Theft!

Every choice has a consequence! In this case, stolen identities of over 200 people will likely get Robert G. Davis, age 44, a stint in federal prison.

Davis plead guilty to stealing personal identification information of over 200 persons, fraudulently opening over $150,000 in credit accounts with various retailers in the names of the victims, and ordering merchandise for himself on these accounts.

According to the US Attorney’s office,between December 2003 and November 2007, Davis stole the identities of over 200 people (“ID Theft Victims”) while working as a clerk at various mortgage companies operating in the District of Columbia area and as a FEMA Human Services Specialist who worked with the victims of natural disasters. Davis stole the identities of the ID Theft Victims without the knowledge of his employers by copying their personal information from loan applications the ID Theft Victims had submitted to FEMA or the mortgage companies. Approximately 30 of the 200 ID Theft Victims had their identities stolen from FEMA, an agency of the Department of Homeland Security after they had submitted their personal information as part of their applications for disaster relief.

After obtaining the ID Theft Victims’ personal information, Davis called various retailers impersonating the ID Theft Victims and fraudulently opened credit accounts in their names. Davis used the identities of at least 74 ID Theft Victims to open accounts with The Home Shopping Network, Ginny’s Inc., Shop NBC, QVC, Inc. (collectively, “Retailers”), and he fraudulently obtained credit with these Retailers in excess of $156,257. Impersonating the ID Theft Victims, Davis fraudulently ordered dozens of items that were delivered to his home, or other addresses near his home. The items ordered by Davis included gold and diamond jewelry, designer watches, digital cameras, DVDs, Dyson vacuum cleaners, gourmet food (including steaks, lobster, and seafood), lingerie, clothing, jackets, DVD players and other electronic items. After obtaining these items, Davis would either keep them for personal use or pawn them at pawnshops in and around the Washington, D.C. area. Between December 2003 and November 2007, Davis pawned dozens of items and obtained over $24,084 in cash from the pawnshops in exchange for the items he fraudulently obtained from the Retailers.

Davis is facing between 2 and 32 years in prison. His sentencing date is June 20, 2008.

Every choice has a consequence. As a white collar crime and business ethics speaker, I speak from first hand experience about the truth about consequences. Reality is – no one escapes the consequences of their choices. While Davis may have looked good for a time and avoided the consequences – he did not avoid the consequences all together. Prison is no fun and Davis is facing many years plus substantial restitution for his conviction. Likely he will serve time and that will prove to be a dramatic change from his prior activities. You do reap what you sow.

If anyone reading has any background on Davisfeel free to comment as I study the behaviors and backgrounds of those convicted of white collar crime.

White Collar Crime Speaker – Chuck Gallagher – signing off…

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