Dumb and Dumber – Terrance Healy and Todd Olynciw Plead Guilty To Stealing from The Hartford and Tax Fraud! Oh, Well!

When you write about a massive Ponzi scheme or substantial fraud with multiple variations and many victims, you come to expect intelligence when the fraud is discovered. Then, however, you come across a fraud that reminds you that all frauds aren’t well thought out. As I state often, every choice has a consequence. In this case I just shake my head as the crime was dumb from the beginning!

Todd Olynciw was a project management manager at The Hartford Insurance Company (“The Hartford”) and was responsible for managing office renovations. Terrance Healy was the owner and operator of Sundrop Corporation, a business engaged in interior design and furniture installation for Connecticut and Massachusetts companies. Seems that Healy admitted that he conspired with Olynciw to transport in interstate commerce furniture that was owned by and belonged to The Hartford, knowing that the furniture was stolen and taken by fraud.

Hum…stealing furniture and reselling it. Now, if you’re going to commit a fraud is that the brightest thing to do? Actually, committing a fraud is dumb no matter how you slice it. But conspiracy to commit a fraud is inherently flawed. Two involved together in a fraud mean you start with a 50% chance that someone will have an “ethics” moment and confess. But on with the story…

On numerous occasions between 1998 and 2005, Healy paid Olynciw a total of approximately $71,854 for furniture that was owned by and belonged to The Hartford. On several occasions, Olynciw caused the stolen furniture to be transported from a facility in Massachusetts to Healy in Connecticut. But there’s more to the story…as it doesn’t stop here.

Healy and Olynciw also conspired to defraud the Internal Revenue Service. (That is never a smart thing to do!) Starting in approximately April 2000, Healy gave Olynciw cash for the stolen furniture so that Olynciw could avoid detection and assessment by the Internal Revenue Service for these payments. Olynciw did not report the payments that he received from Healy for the stolen furniture on his federal income tax returns.

The Outcome:

Olynciw elected to plead guilty to mail fraud and tax evasion. He is scheduled to be sentenced on April 30th. Healy, age 62, just plead guilty and is facing 5 years in prison and up to a $250,000 fine. The Hartford lost $876,437 as a result of the scheme, and Olynciw received more than $395,720 in illegal kickbacks.


As a white collar crime and business ethics speaker, I see so often the impact that choices have made on people’s lives. You do reap what you sow. Both Healy and Olynciw will likely spend time in federal prison. That is not a place to begin one’s retirement – as it appears Healy will be doing.

When Healy and Olynciw take their first steps into federal prison – when they go through processing – when they are given their prison uniform…then it will begin to settle in – crime doesn’t pay!

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24 Responses to Dumb and Dumber – Terrance Healy and Todd Olynciw Plead Guilty To Stealing from The Hartford and Tax Fraud! Oh, Well!

  1. Jamie Reed says:

    Todd Olynciw and Terrance Healy were not the only 2 men involved. Expect at least one more man to plead guilty in the coming weeks. Of course this 3 man is holding out, claim he was not aware the furnature was stolen. Let the chips fall where they may. Everything always comes back to get you. As far as I’m concerned, this is a case of very greed men who couldn’t get enough of their fast cars and huge homes. Federal prison will do this 3rd man some good. He needs time to reassess his life and decisions in life. Maybe a 5 year cool off will help.

  2. Jane Doe says:

    You may think that everyone is out to get a buck. Honestly, isn’t that the way of the world? In tight times people only want to strive and succeed. Make something better for themselves. When you are shown a golden star, don’t you just want to grasp it? People out there these days are stealing, looting, doing what ever they can just to get by, why people even steal manhole covers just to get that extra in thier pockets. This economy has made every human in this great country scared. And when you have two senior business men out there scheming away and doing thier best to make that extra buck they will bring in all thier guns. People as such will woo you and butter you up, dangle that carrot in your face to make a brighter picture. This third person indeed is telling the truth. I know this. I believe this. These Olynciw and Healy guys flattered him away..made a bright picture for him….and in the end, he was burned. Got the short end of the stick. I know this third person better than anyone and I know he is not greedy. So maybe you should reassess your thoughts and remember we are all human! Good day!

  3. nolongerfondly says:

    Michael David Young was sentenced for 33 months in November and probably will be starting his sentence on January 6th. This third man was not and HAS NOT been telling the truth about anything in his life!! He got off lucky with 33 months and has not gotten burned at all. The only people that have gotten burned are the innocent people he has stolen from and all of the women he has lied to and manipulated. For those who might read this, I wanted to share that he has additional problems than the ones mentioned above. I recently learned and confirmed this week that Michael has been involved with at least 2 other women (probably more) throughout our 1.5 yr relationship. He is one of those men that you hear about on a talk show about having multiple families in different states and no one knows another except everyone seems to be pretty close here and I don’t think he is currently married but that would not surprise me at all. I want to warn anyone involved with this man to be very cautious. Interestingly enough I learned about his behavior from reading a very similar posting about him by his other significant other in September but was too much in denial back then to believe it. Since then I paid for a background check which confirmed he had been married in the past (something he lied about) amongst other things. He in very convincing and manipulative. He had told his other gf and I that we were both crazy, desperate, off our meds and crying about how much we loved him and needed to be with him. These are things he will say to you as a defense. I know there are probably A LOT more women out there. I think he is a sex addict and a sociopath although he didn’t appear to be but now the pieces are finally coming together…I think everything he does serves a purpose and is big game for him. Be careful!!

  4. anotherformergfscornedbyMikeYoung says:

    Kudo’s to you Chuck for such a great write up …the title line could not be better! Here it is January 6th and I find myself still trying to put this all into perspective and move on with my life after being victimized by Mike also.
    I have waited for this day for the past 6 months and it gives me peace of mind that I won’t have to worry about running into him for at least 33 months. He will start his time this week; unfortunately he will not recieve time in prison for all the lies he told to so many people who befriended him. It won’t surprise me to read years from now that he is again charged with more white collar crimes.
    And to “nolongerfondly” I feel your pain…Mike was very convincing to me also, until I started to question him about inconsistencies in his stories/lies. Mike distanced himself quite quickly when he realized I was on to his “game”. Yes, he was married to Wendee Young and has a daughter age 6…Wendee was smart enough to leave him and his antics when the pieces started to fall apart….but I am sure there is so much she still does not know.
    Thank you for writing your comments…it is comforting to know I was not the only one scammed by Mike. We can only hope someone does a Psych eval while he is incarcerated to properly diagnose him and commit him to long term therapy.
    Maybe we can start a support group – LOL!

  5. 11 Years Scorned says:

    Yet another woman scorned by Mike Young. I’ve been with Mike off and on for eleven years and I am the reason his wife divorced him because she found out we had been having an affair. As much as I had hated telling his wife the truth, I’m glad I did because after reading the two posts above I now know that I wasn’t the only foolish woman supporting him. After “dating” Michael consistently for the past year I’ve recently found out that he’s been involved with at least 4 other women. I have now made it my mission for all women involved with Mike to know the truth. Please google bad michael young dot com and compare your dates to ours. We would love to hear from you. Michael is a scam artist who constantly lies to friends, family members and “girlfriends”. I would be interested in hearing from Jane Doe to compare time lines of when she was with him to see if we have number 6. I warn all women involved with him to be careful and not to get involved emotionally, mentally or sexually.

  6. Another one bites the dust.... says:

    Benjy Orbach, 46, of Colchester CT was sentenced on Jan 20th to 18 months in Federal Prison for the same list of charges as Todd Olyenciw, Terry Healy and Michael Young. Although there is no mention of The Hartford in the press releases, it’s obvious this man was involved in the same scheme. He met with Michael Young (The Cleaning Company Rep) on many occassions to exchange hundreds of thousands in cash. Its my opinion that more charges and sentences will be handed down. There seems to be no shortage of men involved. I find it strange that Michael has proclaimed his innocents throughout this process and claimed he was an innocent victim to everyone elses greed, but yet…he’s received the longest sentence out of all of them! Hmmmm, something to ponder! Ringleader perhaps?

    And, for those of you who believe that 33 months was not a long enough sentence for Michael Young, have no fear! He won’t be going anywhere in 33 months.

  7. John Doe says:

    This Michael Young guy sounds like a real insane and manipulative character.

    On the other hand, I know Todd Olynciw and he seems like a completely normal guy. He also lives in an only slightly above average house, drives average cars, and him and his family do not live extravagantly.

    This all seems completely insane and out of character for the person I know.

  8. Terry Bono says:

    I served with Mike in prison, Mike is a very hard working, Kind and polite. I am shocked to hear anything other than what I described. I wish him all the best and success in his future. T

    • I am me says:

      In my opinion, People of good character don’t get put into federal prison. And I find it funny that Michael just got released into a halfway house and all of a sudden he has people advocating for him. I’m not buying it “Terry Bono”. Michael has no friends here. He’s a sociopathic criminal and has no positive influence on society or human kind.

    • Ha! I've got a wonderful new life says:

      I see he’s pulled the wool over your eyes as well. Michael Young is one of the lowest type of human being I’ve ever encountered! I too am a victim of his sociopathic insanity. I am very grateful for the support I received from all the other women he worked over. I will say I have learned a great lesson. Unless he received intense psyco therapy I doubt he has changed. I have since moved on and fell madly in love and never have been in a better place in my life. If there ever came a day I saw Michael Young’s face it would get slapped!

    • "Life Is Wonderful" says:

      Oh, I just looked up “Terry Bono” on the BOP Federal Inmate Locator, HMMMM your not there……..

  9. Heff Hugh says:

    To T,

    Sociopaths are often charming, kind, polite (these are falsely portrayed, an act), they are manipulative and yes can be hard working especially if they are motivated to work towards a goal they have such as earning something in prison or looking good for a probation officer, etc. I don’t know Mike but most often sociopaths are not able to see the reality of what everyone around them sees (those that see the truth anyway); they are not able to understand why they have a problem and will think it is those around them with the problems. They will usually move on to seek new admirers until at some point they will see through the false identity. Sometimes this is related to never having consequences for behaviors growing up or not having healthy attachments in early childhood relationships with parents or caregivers. Unless behaviors are looked at and responsibility is taken, this person usually repeats patterns throughout life causing problems for others (because they are not seeing a problem) but continuing to feel empty and searching for more. People can change thanks to God’s grace and God’s love for us.

    • I am me says:

      Are you sure you don’t know Mike? lol. You just described him in perfect detail. He doesn’t see people as human beings with feelings and emotions. He sees them as toys, there to satisfy only his needs without giving a damn what the other person feels or thinks. We were all objects to him. Possessions and there for the taking. I only realized how bad it was after I meet the man I am with now. No games, no hurt and conceration for my emotions. Michael Young is the lowest of the low and now that he’s out, he will pick up right where he left off with another group of unsuspecting women! It’s disgusting. So happy I learned my lesson and made such wonderful new girlfriends!

  10. I am me says:

    Funny. Nobody named “Terry Bono or Terrance Bono” on the BOP inmate finder website. So that was a nice attempt on your positive review on Michael Young.

    • Ha! I've got a wonderful new life says:

      Perhaps Michael Young is trying to fluff his own feathers……

      • I am me says:

        Yeah he must have gotten a lot of practice fluffing his feathers over the past 33 months….just sayin’. I think MikeFMC needs to think long and hard before he tries to start his games again. He would have a few angry boyfriends to deal with. There is strength in numbers and I love all my MY girls and we are strong together. Thank god for halfway homes and 2 years supervised probation. Any slips on his part, it would long take a phone call.

  11. AnotherWoman says:

    Where is he now?

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