Taking a Dead Persons Social Security and Pension Earns Rolf Groer a Conviction!

And while I’m on the subject of Social Security Fraud (that was what my last post was about) – thought some might like this strange story of choices and consequences.

United States Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan announced that Rolf Groer, age 48, a resident of Allegheny County, has been sentenced in federal court in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to 5 years probation, including 12 months of community confinement, and ordered to pay approximately $22,000 in restitution as well as a $5,000 fine on his conviction of theft of government property and theft from an employee pension benefit plan.

According to information presented to the court Groer, between January of 2004 and September of 2006, embezzled approximately $27,904.00 in Social Security benefits, and approximately $14,699.19 in pension benefits paid by The Boeing Company. The Social Security and pension benefits were issued in the name of a person who had died in December of 2003.

As a business ethics and white collar crime speaker, I am a bit amazed that Groer got off with what seems to be a light sentence. But make no mistake, community confinement and 5 years probation is not insignificant. Groer’s life will change and any benefit he may think he got will be erased as he is now a convicted felon – which carries with it consequences.

As I say in most of my presentations, every choice has a consequence!

Business Ethics and White Collar Crime speaker – Chuck Gallagher – signing off…

5 Responses to Taking a Dead Persons Social Security and Pension Earns Rolf Groer a Conviction!

  1. Rolf Groer says:

    I’m glad that you can make use of my situation. Hopefully it will be more beneficial to you as it is to me. It’s too bad that you don’t know of the situation that caused the problem nor of the choices that I didn’t have available to me due to time constaints. As it were, I did what I could to make my Mothers transition as smooth as possible but would have prepared a lot better had I known the things (insurance coverages) that I know now and warn people about. Thru the hell that I went through during her illness, I could have used a motivational speaker as at that time, I didn’t know which way to turn. Best of luck in your speeches.

  2. Rolf…your situation is useful as an example…just as mine has been to me and others. I served time in federal prison. It seems that you got off light for a crime that lasted for over 24 months. However, I make no judgment in that statement other than to say, that the circumstances must have been considered in the sentence which is good.

    Use your experience to help others. You talk about helping make your mother’s transition easier…would she have wanted you to end up a convicted felon? In the long run, would you have made the same choices? What could you tell others that would help them if they were faced with the same or similar situation?

    Lastly I am confused, your mother died in 2003 yet the benefits were stolen in ’04 thru ’06…how did that have anything to do with your mothers transition?

  3. Rolf Groer says:

    Chuck..No .my Mother would not have let me chosen the route that happened, unfortunately neither did the SSA at that time but they would not offer any repayment plans as the other party had. Sadly, the DOJ glorified the whole matter since most of the money was still in the account or in the repayment plan. The benefits were not “stolen” as is mentioned, but that is a mute point. In order for me to try to rebuild my business, I used automatic online payments to take care of the bills that kept rolling in at a pace I would never have guessed. Like I had said previously, had I known that the insurance that had been paid into would not or did not cover the care and medications, something else may have been possible but I don’t think that even now any thing exists. The times after my Mothers death were a nightmare and still are as at that time I was an independent contractor and the money that should have gone back into the business went into calming the continuous wave of bill collectors. Could I have sold all the equipment, yes, however it would have left me unemployed. I had been looking for a affordable job since 2000 without much luck. Strangely, the job I had been hoping for came on the day of my sentencing and hopefully will be available. It is also probably the last chance I have of surviving. I have been using most of my time helping people that are in a bind, usually at little or no cost to them, some say this was partly the reason for this downfall but I still enjoy seeing grateful people on properly done work. One thing I wish I could change would be my name in this instance as there is a young boy in Europe with the same name that had won a championship and when he types in his name in Google, all he sees is my error.

    Good luck,

  4. Rolf…thank you for your posts.

    It is sad that often the best intended choices have consequences that we could never have imagined. In my life, and often I hear reported in the lives of others, that choices are made in the heat of the moment and disaster follows.

    In my case, I was underfunded and overextended. I stole money to solve a short term issue – repaid it – and thought it was over. However, I found out it was easy. So I did it again. My choices landed me in prison.

    Let me say, your choice of surviving is not limited to that one job. Be open to good that can come your way. Think about your choices moving forward and know that EVERY CHOICE DOES HAVE A CONSEQUENCE and the choices you make today can have significant positive results.

    My best to you.


  5. JON JORDASON says:

    If ROLFS name had been Mohammid!
    Or if he’d had a darker complexion,
    Curly Hair!
    This decision could have would have “NEVER” Happened
    I can say this without seeing his RACE!
    (WHITE JUSTICE) is still Pervasive, Blalant, Flagrant and “Destructive” Both Ways.

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