O. J. Simpson – Robbery or Recovery? Only the Jury Knows for Sure!

The prosecutor would have us believe that O. J. is a gun slinging robber.  The defense claims that O. J. was just getting his personal belongings back.  But the truth will be decided by the jury.

According to the prosecutor, “He is the person who put these crimes together.  He is the one who recruited these individuals to help him commit the crimes.  We have so much more than a coordinated series of acts,” he said. “We have words that come out of the defendants’ mouths themselves.”

It seems that there is a belief that O. J. Simpson will once again escape what many feel is a just outcome – prison.  But the question remains, is O. J. guilty or just a prisoner to his dumb choices – none of which are crimes.

He’s a question for the blog readers:  If O. J. had never been to trial for anything else in his life.  If he were a star player for an NFL team and well loved, would public sentiment and expectation of guilt be there?  Is it possible that if the person being tried for exactly the same purported crime were, say Tony Romo, there would be an entirely different media circus calling for his acquittal?

Every choice has a consequence.  O. J. is living proof of that.  When it is all said and done, O. J. will have spent more on his defense than he would have gained from the repossession of the good he claims were his.  As a motivational speaker I keenly observe what happens in life.  My presentations are designed to go to the heart of those issues we face and find the positive and truth that can come from them.  Regardless of the outcome – there will be those who believe the outcome is wrong.  The fact is – O. J.’s choice is earning him a consequence, one that he will likely not forget.

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