Sarah Palin – Ethics Violation? I Violated Nothing!

Nothing more contentious than a hot presidential election, especially when everyone is looking for dirt – for that one fatal choice that could cost the election.  On Friday, it was reported that Palin violated Alaska ethics law when she tried to get her former brother-in-law fired.

Sarah claims – NO VIOLATION!

According to a report on CNN:

“If you read the report, you will see that there was nothing unlawful,” Palin said as she emerged from her hotel in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

According to the report Palin violated state ethics law by trying to get her former brother-in-law fired from the state police, a state investigator’s report for the bipartisan Legislative Council concluded Friday.

“Gov. Palin knowingly permitted a situation to continue where impermissible pressure was placed on several subordinates in order to advance a personal agenda,” the report states.

The investigator’s report states Palin’s efforts to get Wooten fired broke a state ethics law that bars public officials from pursuing personal interest through official action.

Of course Palin’s attorneys have stated in a CNN report:

Any abuse of power, they said, was on the part of the Legislative Council members, not the Palins.

“Sen. French and Sen. Green may have abused their government power by using public money to pursue a personal vendetta against the governor…”

“Put bluntly, Branchflower completely misapplied the Ethics Act and has instead sought to create a headline to smear the governor,” the lawyers wrote.

McCain spokeswoman Stapleton said the Legislature exceeded its mandate in finding an ethics violation. “Lacking evidence to support the original Monegan allegation, the Legislative Council seriously overreached.”

Ethics Violation or not?  In Presidential politics the issue of truth may not be important.  Rather, illusion and the ability to sway popular opinion seem to be more important than the truth.

Do you think Palin violated ethics law in Alaska or do you think that this is mostly a political ploy?  Your comments are welcome.

2 Responses to Sarah Palin – Ethics Violation? I Violated Nothing!

  1. Ken says:

    Just the fact that she let her Husband setup shop in the corner of her office to do personal business and levee the resources of that office, seems un-ethical and an ubuse of her office. Its seems downright irresponsible and stupid!

  2. Aleksy says:

    Clearly a violation of ethics. No question about it. What I find dumbfounding is that the McCain campaign has not gotten her to “voluntarily” step down (use family matters if they want to try to save face) and then immediately put in someone like Mitt romney to try to pull this thing out. Also, I find it equally amazing that therer does not seem to be any rule or law in place that clearly states that an ethics violation premanently removes that person from office and bars them from trying to persue any office in the future. Sarah Palain abusing ehtics at the state level—just imagine what she would do at the national level if elected.

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