William D. Poynter, Maryland CPA – Sentenced to 108 Months in Prison. Why? Money Laundering … Go Figure!

O.K. – I’ve been a CPA.  Been is the operative word.  I am no longer a CPA due to choices I made back in the ’80’s.  Today it is clear that every choice has a consequence.

Now one would assume that those of us who chose the CPA profession would clearly understand the rules of money and laws of economics.  Yet, it never fails that, from time to time, a failure of judgment will catch the headlines of the media.  Bad choice = negative consequence.  This is true for William D. prison1Poynter.

Poynter, age 59, operated an accounting business, W.D. Poynter & Associates, in Lanham, Maryland.  According to the US Attorney’s news release:

From November of 2005 to December of 2006, the defendant and two employees of a mortgage company conspired to launder over $127,000 in cash that they believed were the proceeds of drug dealing.

Now that was a bad choice.  I understand how easy it can be to defraud someone and rationalize that it was only a loan, but to conspire to launder money that you thought was drug money …  come on!  But, no it gets worse.

In actuality, the money was provided to them as part of an undercover money laundering investigation conducted by special agents of ICE.  The defendant and his co-conspirators accepted the cash from an ICE informant and undercover agent who posed as drug cartel members.  In exchange for payments totaling $8,000, the defendant and his co-conspirators laundered $127,400 by depositing most of that currency into bank accounts they opened in the name of a fictitious church, and by converting the remainder of the cash into United States Postal Service money orders.

I don’t get it.  108 months in prison all for $8,000.  Now that is not a good exchange by anyone’s definition!

“By agreeing to launder what he believed were the proceeds of drug trafficking, this defendant’s conduct amounted to a criminal dereliction of the esponsibility and character expected from a CPA,” said U.S. Attorney Taylor. “His conduct is a prime example of why money laundering is such a serious and complex crime, and one against which we must remain vigilant.”

The question remains – what would motivate such bad behavior?  Was Poynter motivated by money?  Beyond this poor choice how did he operate the remainder of his CPA practice?  Some insight into those questions was reported by a former employee in May of 2007:

I worked for W. D. Poynter for approximately two months. He wrote me a check, I took the check to a check cashing place. ACE cashed the check two months laters. ACE contacted me regarding the bounced check. They said they had spoke with Mr. Poynter on numerous occasions. He mentioned that he would take care of the matter and never did.

Also, I had problems getting my W-2 from him. He liared saying his computers weren’t in the building and making excuses. It took him two months to send my W-2.

Regardless of motive – one this is sure, Mr. Poynter’s life will now change.  And while he faces federal prison well over 7 years, the repercussions of his actions will have a direct effect on others close to him.  His family will have to deal with the issue, his employees either have or will likely have a change in their employment and others with whom he was connected will feel the effect.

As a business ethics and fraud prevention speaker, I am conducting research into the motivation behind the actual crime.  If you know Mr. Poynter please contact me so we can discuss the motivation behind his actions.



8 Responses to William D. Poynter, Maryland CPA – Sentenced to 108 Months in Prison. Why? Money Laundering … Go Figure!

  1. poynter is innocent! he was coerced by gangsters says:

    Mr poynter was coerced by gangsterrs. he really isnt into drugs

  2. My name is Will Poynter, founder and former president of WD Poynter & Assoc. CPAs. And I would like to begin this comment stating that Chuck Gallagher should be banned from the Internet for sensationalizing material to falsely excite his readers.

    He begins his commentary about William D. Poynter, implying he is making a quote from Mr. Poynter, myself, which has never been made. He implies I said I used to be a CPA, but am no longer, because of bad choices. See his opening statement about me above. I have never made such a statement or anything similar.

    He should begin to clean up his trash by removing that statement. Next, he provides what he believes to be a summary of my case, when what he is trying to report is an inaccurate account from a former employee who was fired for poor performance and theft. While he refuses to mention the employee’s
    name, I am certain I know who she is. And, her name will be added to this report in a future update.

    He then implies a criminal conviction is somehow related to her fraudulent accusations. Which he implies are a character defect, which may have been an indication I would launder money.

    First, these two events are unrelated, and should not be discussed together. Second, I would invite the press to question Judge Emmet G Sullivan as to why he has refused to issue a court order, forcing government prosecutors to turn over information that would reverse this case. Nor has he demanded that the court reporter provide me with verbatim transcripts, that would prove fraud on the court. Despite the fact the law allows me the right to buy verbatim transcripts. It appears, Judge Sullivan has chosen to sustain a conviction he knows has problems, claiming the record showed overwhelming proof of my guilt.

    But, it is the record, which officers of the court know is false, along with substantial other information Judge Sullivan refuses to allow to be heard, which completely refute this case. Yet, Chuck Gallagher, claims to be an ethics and fraud prevention speaker.

    If that were true, he would follow this case insisting the government prove the evidence they used against me was real. And that would indicate he was truly an ethics and fraud prevention speaker. Because fraud by American Federal Courts is far more dangerous than even the false accusations made against me.

    The Constitution guarantees every citizen a fair trial in front of a. Jury of their peers. Yet no trial could be remotely considered fair when the government is allowed to introduce false evidence and the judge refuses to take actions to correct it. Government prosecutors can convict anyone when there is poor or no over site on their actions. No one can testify to made up evidence improperly used at trial

    I challenge Chuck Gallagher to confront Judge Emmet G Sullivan and have him explain why he has refused to enforce my Constitutional right to fairness, and then he would have the type of story he deceives his readers he is reporting.


    • The comment made about making bad choices as a former CPA was my quote about me not about Mr. Poynter.

      • Mr. Gallagher,

        If your comment about your making bad choices was truly about you, then you should make that clear in your narrative about my case. I find it difficult to believe that you would drag a questionable conviction into a narrative submitted by a dishonorably discharged employee for use as a character defect of mine, to show I was somehow a criminal, waiting and bidding my time to cheat an employee out of her paycheck.

        My criminal case and her false issues are totally unrelated. This former employee, who will remain temporarily unnamed as she will be the subject of civil and possibly criminal litigation at some point in the near future, was present, when federal agents confiscated my computer systems and the LAN server. She knew my computer systems were unavailable to me.

        But to then imply that Ace check cashing contacted her to collect a debt of my company is blatently false.
        Further, her claim that she received her W-2 forms late adds insult to injury. I was imprisoned on December 12, 2007. Clearly a month and a half before W-2 forms were even required to be delivered. Yet, even from my incarceration, I retained Faye Harris to ensure everyone got their W-2 forms on time. Not one other person has complained about a late W-2 form, and I am willing to provide you with the list of people who worked at my firm, and received their W-2 forms within the required time limits set by the IRS.

        But what makes your report so egregious is the fact that you accepted the word of a fired employee and clearly did not check the facts, prior to making your allegations against me. The No Reply Rip off company is now holding me hostage for a $2,000 payment to take their claims to mediation. You have no such arrangement. And, my suggestion to you, would be to clarify your report or face the possibility of a slander case, you cannot win.

        As I sited in my rebuttal to you, if you want a real story, find out why the federal courts have used every evasive means available to them to delay proof of fraud on the court by federal prosecutors. I have information in my possession now that would substantiate that claim.

        I have no idea who your ridiculous email was sent to, but if it was distributed to anyone other than me, you are guilty of mail fraud. If you would like to continue these discussions, I welcome it. But if you are a fraud investigator, you should make reports on facts you have investigated. Clearly that is not the case here.

        My CPA certificate clearly states, that I may be known and styled as a CPA. It is not even certain I can’t get my practice license back. So your unsubstantiated claim that I am no longer a CPA is false as well.


        William D Poynter

      • I’m a bit baffled by you earlier comments and those now. First here’s my first sentence: “O.K. – I’ve been a CPA. Been is the operative word. I am no longer a CPA due to choices I made back in the ’80’s. Today it is clear that every choice has a consequence.”

        NOTICE: I said I’ve been a CPA – I am the author of the blog. So William who do you think I’m talking about? You? Any rational person would understand the context of the blog as it is authored by me not you as you would not naturally be writing about yourself.

        NOTICE: I referenced the US Attorney’s news release about you and quoted portions from that release. “According to the US Attorney’s news release:”

        My ridiculous email was a response to your earlier reply which is clearly posted on this blog.

        Now…two questions: Are you currently licensed as a CPA in public practice in Maryland or any other state? Were you in fact sentenced to 108 months and has that sentence been changed or altered by any court?

      • ssbfs says:

        Mr. Gallagher,

        It was completely unprofessional for you to engage me in a debate last night, knowing I was replying on a cell phone rather than a computer. But, I’ve had 20 people look at your post and they all thought you were talking about me. But that is irrelevant to the real issue here.

        While there is no relationship what so ever, you have chosen to imply a fired employee’s claim of unfairness, is possible support for my motive to launder money. Yet, by her own admission she worked at my company two months. Company records put her tenure closer to 50 days. But you seem to have overlooked those facts. Had you investigated her work history you would see she has been fired many times, questioning whether or not her word was even dependable. And, I will be dealing with her soon.

        As I have maintained in every reply I’ve sent to you, there seems to be a bigger issue you seem to be afraid to investigate. And that is the propriety of my criminal case. Allegations about an employee getting a bad check and a late W2 form might have gotten you three readers in the six years you had that post on line. Using my story would take that nonsense and make it a worthwhile read.

        You claim to be a fraud prevention expert, claiming to be conducting ongoing research into the motivation for my actions. Yet in six years, you have not uncovered even one detail that would explain my actions or imply they happened in a way that would be consistent with how you have presented your version of the story. Is there a greater fraud you are afraid to investigate?

        You don’t seem to be afraid to use red herrings, asking if I am licensed. I’m 65 years and have no interest in pursuing additional work as a CPA. Further, if you are the expert you claim to be, you know all I would have to do to get a practice license, would be to take 80 hours of continuing professional education and get a sponsor. And I am actively pursuing a resolution to my illegal conviction, which I can’t loose if I can get it back in court.

        But you accept the word of the US Attorney, who himself has blocked my access to documents, the law states I can have. Ask to see my docket. I didn’t just come up with these claims I’ve been fighting them for years. But you would rather sensationalize my story, improperly linking it to an unconfirmed accusation of an employee who could not last 90 at my firm. As though you had uncovered the motive for a money laundering conspiracy. Most experts do a little better.

        I currently can prove beyond a doubt:

        1. I was forced to trial with an attorney who had lied about her experience, and was known to be incompetent.

        2. I was tried without my primary defense witness, and refused a continuance, though it was known he would be in court in 7 days.

        3. The government’s only witness against me conspired with his uncle to cheat me out of $113,000 during the investigation.

        4. The government’s only witness against me introduced a staged picture of a car at the crime scene he claimed was mine. I have that picture right now.

        5. The government introduced a voiced over recording they knew to be false, claiming it was evidence. O have that recording now.

        6. When I tried to get the goverenment’s witness out of my office I was accused of arranging a meeting with one of the conspirators. Who told them I was not involved at a recorded meeting, the government arranged.

        My facts are verifiable and more than enough to challenge my conviction. And I have more. And it would have taken very little investigation fr a man claming to be an expert to see their is something wrong with this case.

        You have misinterpreted my communications with you as they are challenges to your claims of being an expert. You can ask the court for the same documents I’ve tried to get from them for years. If there’s a cost, I’ll pay it.

        Why not get a report on fraud on a federal court, and you might finally be delivering the kind of stories you readers have been misled to believe you are providing.


        Will Poynter

      • Will…why do you want me to investigate your case from a blog I wrote over 6 years ago? Unless something has changed – you are a convicted felon and former CPA just like me. The only difference I see is you seem to think you’re a victim. I, on the other hand, readily accept that I contributed to my outcome and have chosen to move on. Perhaps you should do the same. Life is much brighter when you elect to be a victor rather than a victim.

      • ssbfs says:

        Mr. Gallagher

        I think we will be better able to discuss this situation after I get this case reversed. Though I have no desire to practice as a CPA again as I am 65 years old, but I will write back to you once I have re-gotten my license to practice and gotten this case reversed.

        I have moved on, but I see you want to have the last word, as you failed to display my last post. You already know why I want you to investigate my case because it would help to allow me to get additional information that would prove the case represents fraud, and you claim to be a fraud investigator. The federal courts are infamous for withholding information to sustain convictions that would make them look bad, and I want to take care of the ridiculous post from a fired employee that you use as evidence for your reasoning to keep your post alive. I will get back to you and your ridiculous blog soon. I don’t think I’m a victim, I have absolute proof that I was, and still am. Your blog just adds to my misery as you posted it without investigating any fact other than a report from a disgruntled, fired employee.


        William D. Poynter

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