Facebook – Nude Student Photos and a College IT Administrator: Robert T. DeCampos, Jr. – Dumb and Dumber!

I never cease to be amazed at the stupidity of what people will do with social networking.  Dumb – don’t put nude pictures on your facebook account!  That most would say that is common sense, but it seems that “common sense” goes out the window with some folks when it comes to their Facebook or MySpace pages.

Perhaps someone will get a clue – these are public and can be found!

ADVICE:  Don’t put anything on Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn or any other site that you wouldn’t want your mother or boss to see.  If you feel that you could be fired or severely scolded for your entries – don’t put it on the site.

Enough Said!  facebook-logo


According to SouthCoasttoday.com – Robert T. DeCampos Jr., 30, a Dartmouth resident, and computer administrator, faces charges that he illegally obtained nude and semi-nude photos of about 16 female students by hacking into their UMass e-mail accounts and Facebook files.

What did he allegedly do and how?  According to published reports:

His first step, according to court documents, was to search Facebook for female UMass Dartmouth students. Next, he checked the names with the campus Web site.

Then he would use his administrative authority to access their e-mail, where he would attempt to log into their personal Facebook accounts. When that failed because he lacked their Facebook passwords, he would have Facebook send a link for a new password back to their e-mail. The hacker would then open the e-mail to reset the password, then enter Facebook with all the privileges and access of the student.

At that point he could view all of the students’ photographs, including private ones, and do further searches for their friends.

According to The Chronicle of Higher Education:

The university fired Mr. DeCampos last fall after police searched his home and found a portable flash drive containing the photos. Mr. DeCampos, who was released on his own recognizance after the arraignment, is being charged with 13 misdemeanor counts of unauthorized access, which carries a maximum penalty of 30 days in jail and $13,000 in fines. He is also being charged with one count of felony larceny, which could mean up to a five-year jail term and a $25,000 fine.

The Boston Herald also reported:  “Robert T. DeCampos Jr. also attempted to snap “upskirt” images of shoppers at an electronics store in Dartmouth, authorities said yesterday, following a four-month probe into the alleged cyber snooping, according to the New Bedford Standard-Times.”


It appears obvious that DeCampos (while innocent until proven guilty) is experiencing the consequences of his choices.  As an ethics speaker, there is little doubt that DeCampos will likely serve time in prison for his actions.  But there is another question that deserves attention: why would someone put nude or partially nude photos on Facebook?  Is there really a thougth that Facebook is private – that there are no consequences of the student’s actions?


5 Responses to Facebook – Nude Student Photos and a College IT Administrator: Robert T. DeCampos, Jr. – Dumb and Dumber!

  1. anonymous says:

    First of all, you are extremely ignorant and way to quick to judge others.

    Perhaps you should go back and read the articles again. I know that not all people involved were “DUMB” enough to put nude pictures on their facebook. Obviously what he found wasn’t **PUBLIC** due to the fact he HACKED into students email accounts as well (which I’m sure were linked somehow to other email accounts of theirs). Pretty sure it’s not a crime to have pictures on your computer that were open for the entire public to view. There’s a reason he’s being charged. Get your facts straight and seriously, don’t be so quick to assume everyone is so dumb.

    • Hum…let me get this, I called a Hacker dumb and you don’t agree? Amazing!

      Oh, you don’t agree that I called folks who put nude or partially nude pictures on their (reported) facebook page – even though it was not “public” – dumb. I stand my my comment. It is dumb to put nude pictures anywhere on the internet or text them via phone – called “Sexting”. The girl or girls who put those photos on their computer were “dumb” to do so and the hacker was “dumber” to do what he did. There are consequences for both.

      Don’t put photos that your mama or boss would object to anywhere on the internet or your computer. That rule – if followed – won’t get you in trouble.

  2. anonymous says:

    No, I agree.. Putting naked pictures on facebook (public or private) is definitely dumb and yes, he was dumber for doing what he did. My issue is that whatever pictures he found may not ALL be from a facebook account. People do link other email accounts to one they use most often (like their UMASS email). So who knows if he actually hacked into those too after he sent passwords to their email accounts. The problem is that regardless of what the girls did, he still had no right to hack into their accounts and what not. Photos that he got weren’t just randomly on some website.. he invaded their privacy. I’m pretty sure there’s free porn all over the internet.. so why be such a creep that your going to go thru all that trouble and ruin your career to do something illegal?

  3. anonymous says:

    There is nothing wrong with being nude, it’s very uplifting.

  4. Waqas Muhammad says:

    face book website for making friends and some how try for dating if you get..

    But uploading naked or nude pics is a non sense.

    FACE BOOK is not pornographic web site .

    The people like to do that they can look for other pornographic website where they can watch others or they can load for them self.

    If some one like to nude he/she should request for porn studio to employee them as porn star.

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