NECB to offer business ethics degree; do you need a business ethics degree to be ethical?

Since I began speaking about business ethics, I’ve started to see some encouraging signs. Business schools from Harvard to Stanford have begun adding classes that examine the role that social responsibility can play in business. Some schools are now even offering a degree in it. Case in point is the New England College of Business and Finance (NECB). It now offers an online master’s degree in business ethics and compliance, which it calls a “first-of-its-kind in the nation.”

Personally, I’m all for courses that teach ethics, but a full-fledged degree? In the big scheme of things, I think business ethics should be taught as part of marketing, accounting, and economics, for example; ethics should be the strand that runs through all those disciplines. To segregate business ethics is to say it is a separate discipline. On the other hand, I applaud NECB for looking at the environment we’re currently in and determining there’s value in creating a degree like this.

What do you think of creating a degree in business ethics? Will it make today’s business recruits more marketable — and ethical? Drop me a comment here.


2 Responses to NECB to offer business ethics degree; do you need a business ethics degree to be ethical?

  1. Colorado llc says:

    Yes, I think it needs to have an ethic degree on the Business course. This will help and guide the future proprietor discipline.

  2. Ethics degree fan says:

    I think a business ethics degree is essential. Compliance and ethics is its own field today. All over the country you will see certifications for compliance officers like the SCCE and several others. Yes, I agree there should be ethics classes in every discipline’s degrees like law, accounting, finance, and medicine but that is just a taste of a very complicated field that requires a lot of knowledge and study.

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