Business Ethics and Escorts – An Unlikely Combination

Abiding by strict business ethics, a London based Escort Service (V London Escorts) state they treat personal information of their customers with great care and maintain highest levels of confidentiality.

As a business ethics expert, I can understand the application of ethics in many business settings and clearly connect with why many firms would want to tout their foundation, but I must admit I have never considered promoting business ethics as a reason for selecting one escort service over another. In fact, the selection of an escort service might be, by many, a question of ethics. After all, every choice has a consequence, just look at Tiger Woods choices and the mountain of consequences that seems to have followed.

While V London Escorts promotes their professionalism, punctuality, affordability, and beauty – they might have just hit on the magic promotional ingredient that propels them to promotional success – business ethics.  Somehow I doubt that will make a difference, I must give them credit pushing the edge of the promotional envelope when they attempt to promote their services.

So here are two questions:

1. If you were going to use an escort service, would the claim of a high level “business ethics” make a difference in your service provider selection?

2. Do you think that it is ethical to use an escort service? If so, under what conditions would you think it appropriate?

5 Responses to Business Ethics and Escorts – An Unlikely Combination

  1. Naugty Boy UK says:

    1) Most escorts advertise their confidentiality or discretion and I take it for granted. Any agency which is not professionally discreet or does not keep all client details completely confidential will not be in business for long.
    2) Ethical? Provided the service is willingly provided and accepted by both (or all) parties, I have no ethical problem with it.

  2. Ishmael says:

    May you assit me in finding out is a business called Confidential Contact is a legitimate ecort service. They claim to be based in london. They claim to be registered with Company House but the registration numbet they gave me appears to be owned by someone else according to company house.

    On their website I cannot find full contact details like street address and post code.

    Yet another escort service called Escorts for Her and Him have the same claims but are refusing to disclose their company registration details, these agencies are asking for about £300 registration fee and claim that clients are waiting for me. I suspect these are scams

    thanks, i await your response

    • Ishmael…I’m sorry but I have no idea what the answer to your question is… I am a business ethics blogger and have no contact with escort services other than to report on the humor of those businesses touting their ethics.

  3. Pisulicdom says:

    I think is no nee to worry about this kind of problems because most of High Class Escort agencies don’t want to lose their client doing things taht they could damage theyr reputation.
    And yes is ethical to use an escort service because most of the business mans don t have time to invest into an real relationship and this is the easyest way to do it.

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