John Anthony Miller – Ponzi Scheme Fruadster sentenced to 13 Years in prison… Was it worth it?

Frankly I’d say John Anthony Miller was lucky.  Based on the sentences being handed down for Bernie Madoff like Ponzi schemes, to get 13 years was probably light considering…

According the the news release from the US Attorney’s office, from 2000 through November 2008, Miller operated a Ponzi scheme through his Newport Beach-based investment companies, JAM Jr. Enterprises and Forte Financial Partners. Miller made promises of “guaranteed” annual returns of as much as 18 percent per year, telling investors that their money would be invested in foreign currency trading, oil wells, real estate and other vehicles. During the course of the scheme, Miller provided investors with monthly account statements that falsely represented they were earning the promised returns. In fact, Miller had never earned any real profits from his investment activity and, in the pattern of a typical Ponzi scheme, used money from some investors to make Ponzi payments to other investors.

Now it seems that Miller was, knowing his fate was sealed, trying to escape the clutches of the federal prison system.  Guess Miller didn’t think that prison suited his style.

The FBI and the State Department already were aware that John Anthony Miller’s scheme was falling apart when they targeted him in a sting in November 2008.  Working with an informant, an FBI agent who also was an attorney and a former clerk for a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, set up a sting operation. Miller’s telephone calls with the informant were recorded as the scheme was collapsing.

Miller sought the informant’s help in obtaining a passport to a country that did not have an extradition treaty with the United States, according to the complaint. Using a story that a family friend knew a corrupt passport official, the informant set up a meeting between Miller and the purportedly corrupt official, who was actually an undercover officer from the U.S. Department of State.

Miller agreed to pay $20,000 for the passport, with $5,000 paid up front and the balance of $15,000 upon delivery of the passport. Miller paid the undercover officer $5,000 in cash that had been stuffed in an envelope. He then filled out a passport application that used the identity of his deceased classmate, according to the complaint. Miller ultimately concluded it was best to flee the country. After using Ponzi proceeds to pay the undercover agent the $5,000 deposit  required for the bogus passport in November 2008, Miller was told it would take seven to 10 days for the documents to be prepared. He provided two photographs of himself, and used the name, Social Security number and date of birth of his deceased Catholic school classmate in the application.

Looks like that scheme, like his ponzi schemes just didn’t work.  2010 brought a different outcome than the one Miller was planning – PRISON.

  • Over the course of his scheme, Miller defrauded more than 130 people out of more than $21 million, taking millions of dollars that some victims withdrew from IRA retirement savings accounts and others borrowed against their homes.
  • Prosecutors read Snyder portions of letters from victims. A husband and wife, one of whom was suffering from colon cancer, lost more than $800,000. Now in bankruptcy and suffering from regular nightmares, they wrote: “They say time heals all wounds, but not in this case. The impact on our lives has been like a cancer growing and festering and has caused irreparable and unrecoverable damage to our lives, not just financially but emotionally and physically.” They added: “Miller raped us of our money, our dignity, and any hope of a decent future.”
  • In sentencing papers, the feds labeled Miller “amongst the most egregious of any investment fraudster or Ponzi schemer this Court will ever see. He didn’t just solicit fraudulent investments through mailings or mass marketing, like many fraudsters do. He didn’t just interact with victims over the telephone or at investment seminars, like many others. [Miller] lied to people in person, up close, sitting in their living rooms or at their kitchen tables, knowing full well the vulnerability of his victims and the inevitable devastation his deceit would cause them.”



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  1. Marcus Keith says:

    Hi Chuck – I enjoyed reading your piece on Miller. I’m the undercover informant who lured Miller into the Passport Office sting. It was like a citizen’s arrest. The FBI said they never had a “special delivery” like that before!

    • Susan W. Kelly says:

      Congratulations for being brave enough to step up. Anything new with Ted Staren’s trial or outcome?

  2. Jon Wilcox says:

    Great Article!

    I am glad the FBI and our system of law has taken this man down. Thank you Mr. Keith for helping to put John Miller behind bars before he could hurt more people. And thank you Mr. Gallagher for shinning your light on these parasites.

    I found this story by searching for Miller’s partner, Ted R. Staren who is currently incarcerated and awaiting his trial in Santa Ana. Just like John Miller, Ted bilked investors face to face. When I heard he was a fraud it made so much sense. I witnessed him in action and can still see his brash smile. He thought he was so smart.

    I hope Ted gets 13 years too.

    • Frank Edgar says:

      Mr. Wilcox: I represent investors with Staren living on the east coast — what is the latest on the criminal and the civil actions filed against Staren?

      • Marcus says:

        Frank, I have been following this and Ted Staren was arrested by FB shortly before Xmas. He appears to still be incarcerated, according to the Fed BOP Inmate Locater. His name is spelled STAREN. mk

      • Jon Wilcox says:

        I have heard nothing about Mr. Staren and was unable to find him on the inmate locater provided by Mike. I too would like to know what happened to this man.

        Jon Wilcox

  3. Katharine Dahl says:

    would you kindly assist me…I gave all my savings to an associate of miller’s named Ted there any information on where he is or if any charges have been brought against him….is there any recourse? My ‘promissory note was due Jan 15,2010. I am single, seventy one, brain-jured (no kidding!) and don’t know where to turn…..thank you for any thoughts or suggestions you may have. In 2005 I thought i was making a responsible investment for my future and made it clear…i am a ‘NO RISK” participant. Ted said i would be like family and he would take care of me…..guess i better stick with God. i thank you.
    Katharine Hartwig Dahl, Georgia, USA

  4. Matthias Weaver says:

    Search under “Theodore R. Staren”. He’s in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Detention Center, release date “unknown”.

  5. K H Dah says:

    Please inform of any Ted staren news..i was one of those who ‘made his day’

  6. Bernie Germani says:

    I was an investor that allowed Ted and John into my home, and had my entire retirement portfolio stolen right under my fearful nose. My wife at that time did not like John Miller, but I had known one of his clients for many years who had high regards for John.
    I rolled over my IRA to IRA Resources, and that was the last time I saw money.
    In October 08 I had bought an investment property, and tried to get my money from Miller, but he never returned my phone calls, that is when I knew something was wrong, and then a few months later is when he was arrested by the FBI. 13 years is a slap on the wrist to come home to millions of dollars that is being kept who knows where. I don’t think Mr. Miller could ever show his face in Orange County again.

    • Pissed off Homeowner says:

      Is that what taught you to be a thief? Deutche Mellon is a much bigger pnzi than this is and you are a member. May you go to jail for double the sentence this guy got.

  7. Anastasia Beaverhausen says:

    Is there any update on Ted Staren? Has he been sentenced or is he still awaiting trial?

  8. steven says:

    I knew john miller & ted staren … john met ted in phoenix, ted then had some kind major medical problem. I suspected john was dirty. & to marcus kieth “rat” you wont have to worry about john & ted but sooner or later your snitching life will catch up to you

    • Marcus Keith says:

      … Unlike you, I saw the crime being committed by an recalcitrant conman, at the expense of people’s retirement funds, and I proactively intervened. What is your excuse for looking the other way?

      And if you are going to answer the above, be honest enough to identify yourself, otherwise just let it be obvious that you were one of Miller’s “associates” at some previous point. Right?

      • jim says:

        That steve sounds like he might be a snitch. he was probally was spending the money with mr.miller.

  9. Marcus Keith says:

    Yes, I concur – ‘Steve’ is likely an alias, the only commenter using an alias, probably.

  10. Matthias Weaver says:

    So what happened with Ted? It’s been a year since he was arrested. Is he still incarcerated?

  11. Matthias Weaver says:

    The inmate locator says that Ted Staren was RELEASED December 3, 2010.

  12. Matthias Weaver says:

    Apparently the trial is in mid-April.

  13. Alan says:

    Is there a website, or other place where I can find out about Ted Staren’s upcoming trial? And who is representing him?

  14. scott says:

    i was in mdc with john miller. he was still trying to make deals and scam the other inmates while awaiting trial. what a scumbag. i cant believe anyone would give this guy money. he knows nothing about trading or investing. scott

  15. Susan W. Kelly says:

    Does anyone know the latest information about Ted Staren? Someone above mentioned there is a trial in mid April. Does he have a trial coming up? Does anyone know the date? Is he in prison? Does anyone know where? It looks as though he was released from Federal Prison in December 2010. Is he going to get away with this as a victim? There isn’t any other updated information on the web.

    • Hello Susan, ted was not released from prison, he was released from the Federal MDC, a jail facility, on bail we presume.

      What exactly have you heard about his ‘upcoming trial’? We could not find anything via simple google search.

      • Susan W. Kelly says:

        Hi, I don’t really know the difference between jail and prison – incarcarated is the term I should have used. Unfortunately, I don’t have any information. I only know what I’m reading on this site, and online. Thank you for offering information on this site. I saw that his judge in the Santa Ana court was Block before. I tried to search for Block’s calendar, on the court site and they didn’t have any specific information about a trial date. If anyone else has any additional relevant information, will you please leave an update?

  16. Kathryn says:

    In response to Alan, according to the court document, Ted’s counsel was G. David Haigh.

  17. Katie says:

    I also was completely scammed under my by Ted Staren, who acted like he was my best friend, and always had strange excuses for not being able to give me my $39,000 back that I put in, let alone the thousands of dollars I supposedly earned on that at ~18% a year. The first year, he said he had a brain anurism and almost died, and that is why the money was held up. This stretched on for over a year I would say. Finally I got a something back for my first investment of $2k, and I’m retrospectively embarrassed to say that I fell for the hospital scam, and put a lot more into it, since he finally did pay me with the interest for the initial investment, with interest. This money was INSURED he guaranteed me over and over. Then a couple of years ago he said the bank went out of business and the insurance company too… but he was ALWAYS working on it, from one foreign country to another. Probably traveling the world on our hard earned money, living it up. What really upsets me is how CHUMMY he was, always asking me about my girls, my home and acting so concerned I wasn’t getting the money. Finally, just before he got incarcerated, he said he felt so bad for me, he would make an exception and pay me from his personal funds, but he wasn’t doing that for anyone else. Ha! The next thing I knew, I found out he was in jail and all of this was a fraud. It’s all very creepy and I am disgusted with him. This was borrowed money for me at the time, and A LOT of money for me. Is there any chance of ever getting our money back? I hope he pays all of for this somehow. His supposed wife, Amy(?) was involved too. But I don’t know if she really existed. He was a tennis pro. My roommate knew him about 9 years ago and told me about this incredible financial investment opportunity… If anyone knows anything we can do about this, please share. Thank you and good luck to all, Katie

    • Judy Wyrick says:

      Ted R. Staren’s wife is named Mia. As his nurse, she supposedly nursed him back to health after the brain aneurysm and then he married her. He sent us wedding pictures so I suppose it really happened. We are shocked and saddened to hear what he has done.

  18. Katie says:

    I also was completely scammed by Ted Staren, who acted like he was my best friend, and always had strange excuses for not being able to give me my $39,000 back that I put in, let alone the thousands of dollars I supposedly earned on that at ~18% a year. The first year, he said he had a brain anurism and almost died, and that is why the money was held up. This stretched on for over a year I would say. Finally I got a something back for my first investment of $2k, and I’m retrospectively embarrassed to say that I fell for the hospital scam, and put a lot more into it, since he finally did pay me with the interest for the initial investment, with interest. This money was INSURED he guaranteed me over and over. Then a couple of years ago he said the bank went out of business and the insurance company too… but he was ALWAYS working on it, from one foreign country to another. Probably traveling the world on our hard earned money, living it up. What really upsets me is how CHUMMY he was, always asking me about my girls, my home and acting so concerned I wasn’t getting the money. Finally, just before he got incarcerated, he said he felt so bad for me, he would make an exception and pay me from his personal funds, but he wasn’t doing that for anyone else. Ha! The next thing I knew, I found out he was in jail and all of this was a fraud. It’s all very creepy and I am disgusted with him. This was borrowed money for me at the time, and A LOT of money for me. I never got ANY statements, just the original document. Is there any chance of ever getting our money back? I hope he pays all of for this somehow. His supposed wife, Amy(?) was involved too. But I don’t know if she really existed. He was a tennis pro. My roommate knew him about 9 years ago and told me about this incredible financial investment opportunity… If anyone knows anything we can do about this, please share. Thank you and good luck to all, Katie

  19. Kathryn Estabrook says:

    Is there any update on Ted? Has he gone to trial yet?

  20. Susan W. Kelly says:

    Does anyone have the current status of Ted Staren? Has he gone to trial?

  21. Fran says:

    The trial will be February 2012, Santa Ana court. Have no specifics on date or time. This second hand information, comes from a fellow investor who was intrical with the FBI sting operation that put Mr. Staren behind bars in 2009.

    • Marcus Keith says:

      Fran, there was NO investor involved with the sting that took John down, only me.

      • Kathryn says:

        Do you know the outcome of Ted’s February trial?

      • Marcus Keith says:

        No, I don’t know anything about ted’s trial. I would have expected him to plead guilty by now, since he likely cannot win at trial.

        Does anyone know anything about Ted Staren’s status?

  22. C Greene says:

    Similar story from AZ – please add me to your list of contacts – C. Greene – Ted said he was a mutual friend of an owner of a real estate funding (Mortgages Ltd.). The mutual friend ended up committing suicide leaving a billion dollar legal issue with investors.

  23. Marcus Keith says:

    Here is an interesting find: a radio interview with John and Ted from 2006: very revealing —

    [audio src="" /]

  24. Pete says:

    trial date is 2/21/2012 for Ted

  25. Kathryn says:

    Does anyone know the status of Ted?

  26. Ed says:

    Does anybody know how to get your money back from IRA Resources?

  27. Peter says:

    Ted Staren’s trial is set for Oct. 30, 2012 at 9:00 am at the United
    States District Court 411 W. Fourth Street Santa Ana, CA 92701 before Judge Andrew J. Guilford

  28. peter says:

    trial now set for 6/11/13

  29. Susan W. Kelly says:

    Status Conference 8/26/13, 2pm, trial 9/10/13, 9am

    Honorable Andrew J. Guilford

    SACR 09-232-AG: U.S.A. v TED R STAREN

  30. Susan W. Kelly says:

    The matter was continued for a competency hearing of the defendant. It is set for October 15, 2013 and the trial is set in January 2014.

  31. Jamie says:

    does anyone have any pics of either of these two now? Are both currently free? We had a gentleman staying with us that I feel is strongly tied to them and when he left I found a id from 1981 with the name John Miller on it. He is going by the name Keith Fore…which there was a Keith Fore Oil in OK at one time…any help figuring this web out is appreciated. email me at

  32. Kathryn says:

    Much time has passed. Does anyone know the outcome of Ted’s trial?

  33. Susan W. Kelly says:

    On 12/5/13 defendant was ordered released from custody and to
    self-surrender to the atty general by 12/24/13. On 12/11/13, the trial was continued to 6/24/14.

  34. South Moulton UK says:

    It appears that Ted Staren was duped by John Miller just like the other victims in Miller’s Ponzi scheme. After 4 years of exhaustive investigation, the U.S. Government has recently dropped all charges against Mr. Staren and I have been told that Mr. Staren intends on suing the various brokers and brokerage firms he relied upon to help develop and distribute the PAAM Esoteric bond/note FX security backed by foreign exchange transaction pips. I have been told the he is suing to recover the 8 Million dollars he had invested in the PAAM fund via Transtar Inc. Bahamas as well as for unspecified damages. He is also suing on behalf of his investors to recover their losses and damages.

  35. Rita Michaels says:

    After extensive neuropsychiatric evaluation at a DOJ facility, Ted Staren was found incompetent to stand trial and all charges against him have been dismissed. He is a free man.

  36. Kathryn says:

    According to the BOP, Ted was released on 3/24/2014. Does anyone have any follow-up information?

  37. Susan W. Kelly says:

    United States Attorney
    Assistant United States Attorney
    Chief, Criminal Division
    ANGELA J. DAVIS (Cal. Bar No. 125845)
    Assistant United States Attorney
    MAJOR FRAUDS Section
    1100 United States Courthouse
    312 North Spring Street
    Los Angeles, California 90012
    Telephone: (213) 894-3456
    Facsimile: (213) 894-6269
    Attorneys for Plaintiff
    No. CR SA 09-232 AG
    Response to Defendant’s Motion to
    Dismiss Indictment and
    Government’s Request for Dismissal
    of Indictment Pursuant to Rule
    [Proposed Order Submitted
    Hearing Date: April 21, 2014
    Hearing Time: 2:00 p.m.
    Location: Courtroom of the
    Hon. Andrew Guilford
    Pursuant to Rule 48(a) of the Federal Rules of Criminal
    Procedure, the government respectfully requests that this case be
    dismissed and that bond be exonerated.
    The record in this case indicates that defendant was evaluated
    for mental competency by three independent psychiatric teams between
    2011 and 2013. Defendant previously attached (and thus made public
    record) these reports as exhibits one through three to his August 13,
    2013 motion to dismiss the indictment (docket entry 111). The
    Case 8:09-cr-00232-AG Document 139 Filed 03/31/14 Page 1 of 3 Page ID #:898
    government opposed defendant’s August 2013 motion on the ground that,
    pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 4241, the Court is required to commit a
    defendant to the custody of the Attorney General for a determination
    of competency. (Docket entry 113).
    On October 28, 2013, the Court, following the government’s
    recommendation, committed defendant to the custody of the Attorney
    General for a competency evaluation in accordance with 18 U.S.C.
    § 4241. (Docket entry 117).
    On February 26, 2014, the psychiatric team at the Federal
    Medical Center at Butner, North Carolina (“FMC Butner”), which
    evaluated defendant in accordance with this Court’s order and 18
    U.S.C. § 4241(d), issued its report. The report, which is attached
    as exhibit 1 to defendant’s renewed motion to dismiss (docket entry
    133), informs the Court and the parties that the psychiatric
    evaluators at FMC Butner concluded unequivocally that defendant was
    incompetent to stand trial or assist in his defense and that he was
    also unlikely to regain competency.
    Significantly, the government’s own retained expert likewise
    concluded defendant was incompetent and that the vascular dementia
    from which defendant suffered was progressive and not capable of
    being reversed. (Docket entry 111, ex 3).

    Case 8:09-cr-00232-AG Document 139 Filed 03/31/14 Page 2 of 3 Page ID #:899

    In light of the conclusions reached by the psychiatric experts
    at FMC-Butner, as well as the consistent findings of the government’s
    own retained expert, the government respectfully requests that this
    case be dismissed in the interests of justice. The government
    further requests that bond be exonerated.
    Dated: March 31, 2014 Respectfully submitted,
    United States Attorney
    Assistant United States Attorney
    Chief, Criminal Division
    Assistant United States Attorney
    Major Frauds Section
    Attorneys for Plaintiff
    Case 8:09-cr-00232-AG Document 139 Filed 03/31/14 Page 3 of 3 Page ID #:900

  38. Susan W. Kelly says:

    I would ask this site to remove South Moulton comment above and remove it from the internet. Obviously, it was an attempt to put on the internet the an excuse from defendant. Ted Staren was not declared innocent. Ted Staren took the coward’s approach and claimed he was mentally incompetent to stand trial, from vascular dementia, after being accused of stealing up to $100 million of innocent elderly people’s retirement, pension money in a fraud scheme. By the way, the prosecutors should look at South Mouton’s comment to understand that they might have been duped by Ted Staren, if South Moulton’s claims are correct, and prosecutors should reopen case and further investigate how someone can be declared incompetent to stand trial and unable to defend themselves, but then competent enough to plan to sue people and recover money. I wonder if Ted Staren got any ideas about vascular dementia from brother, Edgar Staren, MD?

    • It would not be appropriate for the blog admin to remove South Moulton’s comments (even though South Moulton is likely Ted Staren himself).

      Notwithstanding, I have personal knowledge that John Miller was personally duped by Ted Staren. And that Staren duped Miller into believing his lofty investment return gains.

      I also have personal knowledge that Staren plundered Miller’s investment accounts on more than one occasion with unauthorized high-risk losing commodity trades, leading to the ending of their partnership in crime.

      Regarding Staren’s MD brother – YES it is entirely likely that he received intense coaching. But also – it was claimed by Staren that he had brain-cancer surgery in year 2000. He used that excuse to mollify earlier investor complaints. In other words, this is the SECOND time Staren has used brain-dysfunction to quell investor allegations.

      I could never confirm Staren’s earlier claim of brain surgery, and there was no tell-tale scar or other indicator – I always suspected the story to be false, possibly co-fabricated by his brother Edgar Staren MD – however, IF Ted Staren DID have that brain surgery, then that would tend to support his apparent vascular dementia now.

      • Rita Michaels says:

        In 2000, Ted Staren suffered a large brain hemorrhage (stroke), rumored to be the result of cocaine use, and underwent surgery for an intracranial hematoma. He was left with supposed severe short term memory deficit, which apparently was not severe enough that it prevented him from running his investment schemes. However extensive subsequent neuropsychiatric testing at a DOJ medical facility corroborated the cognitive deficits and technically left him “incompetent” to stand trial. The evaluation was mainly objective, which theoretically, he would be unable to cheat or fool his doctors, especially with a 4 month evaluation/observation period.

        His brother, Edgar Staren M.D., is CEO of Cancer Centers of America and is reported to be estranged from his brother, and certainly wishes to distance himself as much as possible from controversy and bad publicity.

  39. Thank you for the clarification, Rita.
    I do know that Staren would frequently “lie” about having been a “tennis pro” but extensive googling only confirms that he played tennis in high school.

  40. Jorge Guitierez says:

    I went to Law School with Ted at Northwestern University. I also studied Law with him in London. After graduating with a Juris Doctor/MBA in 1986, Ted played on the Pro Tennis circuit before he took a job on Wall Street. He stayed with my wife and I in Florida during the Spring of 1987 while he was playing tennis on the Tour. I have an article from the Miami Herald which confirms this, and I have taken the liberty of attaching a link to the article which I uploaded to my g-mail drive. Wishing you all the best. Jorge’ /

  41. Jim Brady says:

    I met Ted in a meeting with John Miller in Anderson,SC early in 2008. Ted and John were pushing an investment in “Credit Suisse Bank”, where, supposedly, international money movements/transactions would be handled and the fees collected would pay the interest on the loans they were looking to secure.. BELIEVE ME, when I say that there was nothing wrong, mentally, with Ted that day. His “pitch” came across smooth, intelligent and without any stumblings. He had clear, concise ( apparently well rehearsed ) answers. His fiance, Mia, was present that day. As for Ted being “duped” by John Miller or visa`verse, that is bull s— ! The two were duplicitious in attempting to “dupe ” those present. As far as I know, none of those present that day to hear those two fraudsters invested in that “Pitch “. I had heard the “story” about his brain surgery, but did not see any evidence of a scar. I really believe, the best of my recollection, his “brain problem “came about as a result of haven fallen from a ladder. Also, he,as a tennis great, had supposedly beaten John McInroe in a tennis match. I guess when you have time to think up an excuse for your crimes it’s not hard to determine that our Shrinks these days are just like the vast majority of the voting public. They will fall for anyone dishonest !

    I also would not be suprised that some of the comments I have read on this site, were posted by Ted or John.

  42. Kay says:

    Ted Staren is a bastard career criminal. He stole over $60,000 from my mother. However, you need to prove criminal “intent” and the fact that this bastard has faked his brain injury, it is unlikely that law enforcement will do anything about his crimes due to his so called “incompetency” which we all know is faked and a blatant lie. This man is not incompetent! However, law enforcement will just say he was incompetent in handling the investments or whatever it was that he was “supposedly” helping you with. We have just had recent dealings with Ted and he is free and enjoying his life, such a tragic crime…………..However, just remember, he can run, but he will NEVER hide from God…….God is two steps behind him and criminals have NO conscience so he will burn in hell for eternity and that is where he should be.

  43. Kay says:

    Go to and read the article “86.5 million dollar judgement on behalf of 70 people against two attorneys, John Anthony Miller and Ted Staren in a fraudulent Ponzi scheme.

  44. Kay says:

    Ted is a liar………I am a ballroom latin dancer and he lied and told me that his fiance was a national champion in ballroom just to act as if we have something in common – what a lie! When I first brought up my ballroom dancing he NEVER once mentioned that his former fiance was a national champion. My instructor is a national champion and I told him that. He made up that lie thinking I would be impressed and could suck me in further by pretending we have something in common. He is the scum beneath pond scum.

    • Jim Brady says:

      Yes, it’s true. The dirtbag was paroled on 5/29/2019. Only 8 years in a medium security prison. The good state of California did not contact any of his victims per his impending parole. We still have not been contacted. The gubment probably kept what ever $ he had lying around, but made no effort to find where he had stashed the rest. He knew all along his scheme would get busted, so he stashed no telling how much $ to live on after he got out. Maybe some day I will meet him walking down the street —-

  45. Kay says:

    Ted is not incompetent at all! He used his “supposed” brain injury to avoid criminal prosecution, bottom line. He has a brother who is a doctor and coached him on acting “incompetent” so he would not have to stand trial for his crimes. He is far from incompetent……it is not possible to screw people repeatedly for millions of dollars if you are incompetent!! He is very well aware of the devastation he has caused to hundreds of people, smirks and smiles about it and continues to do it every day. He is a sociopath with NO conscience.

  46. Kay says:

    How in the world can the government believe this man is incompetent?! Just goes to show how screwed up it is. You can’t set up several money making scams and repeatedly screw people out of millions of dollars and be incompetent! And then to sue people to try to recover money like Ted has done?! He is competent to do that but not to stand trial?! WTH is wrong with this picture!? And like someone said on here, he WILL do it again and he did, to my mother and I am sure he is stealing from others as well. Trust me, he has several different scams going and most likely has many different identities as well.

  47. Kay says:

    Ted told us that he always had to have someone in the car with him in case his short term memory failed and he wouldn’t know where he was………..haha!…What a joke…..he used to meet my mother and I by himself all the time. And then one time he pretended to be lost on his way back to meeting me……….He is the biggest scam/con artist ever and should be locked up and never see the light of day again and if there is any justice that is what will happen!

  48. Does anyone know where Ted Staren lives at the present time?

    • Susan W Kelly says:

      Here is the contact information for the lawyers of Ted Staren. Perhaps they have his current address.
      his attorneys addresses

      G David Haigh
      G David Haigh Law Offices
      PO Box 7685
      Riverside, CA 92513
      Fax: 951-279-1908
      Designation: CJA Appointment

      James Michael Crawford
      James M Crawford Law Offices
      528 North Glassell Street
      Orange, CA 92867
      Fax: 714-538-0306

  49. Anonymous says:

    John is currently incarcerated at Lompoc. I knew him back in the early 90’s, when he was associated with Ron Dunham, who also is allegedly in prison for fraud against elders. Sad to think about how much good he could have done in this world, had he not chosen the dark path.

  50. Anonymous says:

    To verify any information above: I am Ted’s daughter. He left my sister, mom, and I with nothing when I was very little. He took all of our money, jewelry that my grandmother left us, and refused to pay child support for the past 11 years. We almost became homeless. We lived in a small apartment while my mom did everything she could to put food on the table. He overdosed on cocaine and had a brain hemorrhage when I was seven. When this happened, we use to visit him at Health South located in Scottsdale and I remember him never being the same anymore. I would feel uncomfortable spending time with him because he wasn’t my dad anymore. He was just a person I was visiting. We couldn’t even be alone with him because he was declared unstable. Then one day when my mom took us to our supervised visitation with him, he did’t show up and I have not seen him since. It has been over 10 years since I have seen my dad and when he got BAILED out of prison recently, he contacted my older sister with an email filled with lies. He tried to say that none of this ever happened and that he wants us to know that we have a loving dad waiting to reconnect with us. He had 18 years to give me a loving dad. Too late now. I remember my dad taking me to Paradise Bakery to meet with John and that is all i remember hearing about John but my mom always tells me that she remembers him being sleazy. One of Ted’s good friends even told my mom to “Take the girls and go” because he knew some stuff was going on. I do not know what my dad looks like anymore and as I am listening to the radio interview that was posted above I can not even tell which one is my dad. He almost destroyed my family. It breaks my heart to read the comments posted above. I am so sorry that he did all of these terrible things to so many of you innocent people. I hope that every single person out there gets their money back and Ted if you ever find yourself reading this you should know that I graduated High School at the top of my class, got a full-ride scholarship to a university, have served two international mission trips, was a four-year varsity soccer player, toured internationally with a youth symphony playing the trumpet, spent a year modeling for an agency, am a national honor society member, was awarded the scholar-athlete award for my school, and have completed over 600 hours of community service. My mom did the most amazing job raising my sister and I. The terrible things you did will never define who my sister and I are. These people deserve their money back and more importantly deserve the truth. If you ever do one thing for your daughter, do what is right in this situation.

  51. Kathryn says:

    To Ted’s daughter…I applaud you…and I am so sorry for you. Your dad and mom were very good friends of mine many years ago. As a matter of fact, your dad was a groomsman in my wedding in 1989. My husband and I adored your parents. Your mom was the nicest, sweetest, most beautiful, kind hearted person I had ever met. Your dad was so smart, funny, interesting and engaging. I am shocked and saddened by what he has done. But it is obvious that your mom did a great job raising you and your sister…as I knew she always would. Her maternal instincts were evident in her younger years, long before she had the two of you. Your mom was selfless and always put others first. She was one of the best friends a person could ever have. Although we were still in touch when her oldest was born (I’m intentionally avoiding using names), her cross country move put a great distance between us. I am happy to hear how well you have done and I hope your sister and mom are doing well also. I wish the three of you all the best. If you mention this to your mom, hopefully she will recall who I am…with fond memories. We spent a great deal of time together and I cherish it to this day. My thoughts and prayers are with your family. By the way, I too was a trumpet player from grammar school through college! God Bless! If your mom remembers who I am, I would love to talk to her again. So many years have passed, but there are some friendships you never forget!

  52. Anonymous says:

    Edgar Staren MD has hardly, if ever, had any communication with his brother in over a decade similarly. He’s a very good, loving and religious man that helps people. Not involved whatsoever.

  53. Ralph says:

    Seems as though the relatives are adding disclaimers so that no one contacts them about trying to collect any money. Also seems as though the relatives really know where Ted Staren is and how he is actually doing. If the relatives truly want to help, they should be honest about how Ted Staren spends his days, and where he is living, and if he is playing tennis, and if he has a wife, or if he is in another relationship, and how his “claimed medical issue” is really impacting him, and if he is completely faking it. Really, if he is reaching out to the daughter, it shows logical thinking, which should allow him to stand trial. The relatives should provide the contact information for Ted Staren, so that the press and investors can watch to make sure he isn’t faking his medical issues, and so that they can write to Ted Staren, and ask him where he has hidden their money, and ask Ted Staren to return their money that Ted Staren stole from innocent people. Where do the civil cases stand with regard to investors receiving their money back after Ted Staren stole their money?

  54. Randy Roberts says:

    I find it sad that Ted’s former wife Kimber, poisoned his children with such nonsense. I attended law school with Ted, and I posted the article in the Miami Herald confirming Ted’s participation on the Pro Tennis Circuit in the late 1980s. I was also a business partner of Ted’s and I personally sent Kimber $100,000 dollars during the time Ted was in the hospital following his stroke from proceeds of one of Ted’s real estate projects he and I were involved in. I can also confirm that Ted Transferred title to their home which Kimber sold, thru a straw party, for a profit in excess of $250,000 dollars. This is but a small portion of the monies received by Kimber and her children. As a side note, I don’t think I would have been so accommodating his ex, particularly after finding out that Kimber was still having an affair with the Minister of the Methodist Church they attended. I recall Ted contacting me back in 2001 about what he should do about the affair he found out about, and I advised him to try to work through things. He contacted me shortly thereafter and informed me that Kimber was cutting things off with Reverend Steven Govett, and that they were going to try to work through things. In the Fall of 2003, however, he contacted me again informing me that he found out Kimber was still in a full blown affair with the good minister and that she told him she was In Love with both of them. This is when Ted Decided to file for divorce. I am currently assisting Ted in his suits against various brokerage firms and brokers for return of the monies he had invested in his fund. I think we might have to add the offence of Cyber Bullying and fraud by his two daughters to the mix based upon the comments in some of the previous posts.

    • Jim Brady says:

      I have a strong feeling “Randy” is not Randy. Another UNBELIEVABLE fabrication in an attempt to cast some pitty on Ted.. Too Bad Ted and John aren’t sharing the same Jail Cell with some 6’6″ Black male, servicing him every night !

      • Jim Brady says:

        it has been over 2 years since i called ” Ralph ” a liar. Notice “Ralph” has not commented. Hey Ralph, whats your last name. prove who you are.

    • benjamin reauseu says:

      This is all a lie. You are a joke of a person and you can rot in hell with Ted Staren right next to you. I wouldn’t be surprised if “Randy Roberts” was really Ted himself. Ted ruined his family with his cocaine usage. Maybe make sure to add that to the list you scum.

  55. Gregory Rea says:

    I was a client of John’s. I still don’t understand why we were not told of what he did with the money by the FBI. I guess in order to keep paying people he didn’t hide it in offshore or ghost accounts. What about his family? Didn’t he at least buy a house or two? Or did Ted steal it from John and that is why John had nothing the FBI could find? Does anyone know if Lompoc has released him? I would sure like to know the release date so as to give him an appropriate “get out of prison” greeting of some kind in person. If he is still in Lompoc, he may be able to read these comments and the thread, as I was told that inmates can obtain access to the internet for good behavior.

    • anonymous says:

      Register Number: 33975-112
      Age: 61
      Race: White
      Sex: Male
      Released On: 05/29/2019

  56. Anonymous says:
    Register Number: 33975-112
    Age: 58
    Race: White
    Sex: Male
    Located at: Lompoc USP
    Release Date: 05/27/2020

  57. David Carranza says:

    I wish I had knowledge of this web site until now. Seems I’m a little late to the party. My father was scammed $250,000 from Ted Staren. All the insinuations about him having no knowledge about the ponzi scheme and John Miller being the so called architect is nonsense. Ted always came alone when he met my father. There was never even a mention of a business partner. What’s unique in our situation was that an advisor from a very well known stock brokerage firm, Charles Schwab, was the one who introduced Ted and my father. Because of this my dad and a few other investors in Ted’s scheme were able to file a lawsuit against Charles Schwab. They won the civil suit but because the judge ruled that Schwab was only “50% culpable” my father only received $125,000 in the settlement. After attorneys fees I would be surprised if he walked away with $100,000. Anybody who has the cognitive ability to be involved in a ponzi scheme is mentally incompetent. This is how our justice system works – if you’re wealthy enough you can literally buy your way out of prison.

  58. Ralph says:

    Edgar C. Staren Obituary

    Edgar C. Staren devoted and beloved father to Dr. Edgar D. (Lisa Olivieri) Staren of Paradise Valley AZ Theodore R. Staren (partner Cheryl Hayes) of Moreno Valley CA Barbara A. (William) Feldman of Hinsdale IL and B. Eric Bunt of Hinsdale IL entered the kingdom of everlasting life Sunday March 25 2018 peacefully in his home surrounded by his loving friends and family. Edgar (affectionately known as Ed or ECS) was born in Chicago IL on June 23 1932 and grew up on DuBois St. in Brookfield IL where the family his parents John and Louise and his siblings John Emmy Lou (Hollander) and Carol (Bell) resided until their parents’ deaths’. The John E. Staren Company was founded by Edgar’s father in 1945 originally located at 120 S. LaSalle in Chicago IL. Upon his father’s passing Ed took over as President and CEO of the company eventually opening a subsidiary The Starmill Company in 1972. Both companies were meat distributors on the buying and selling side of product worldwide. Mr. Staren’s business connections stretched internationally to Australia New Zealand Asia South America and all 50 of the United States. Although Mr. Staren traveled extensively and had friends all over the world he always called Chicago home and thought it was the best city in the world choosing to remain here during the winter rather than seek the warmth of the south. He loved our blistery cold the changing of the leaves in the fall the day the golf course opened in spring and summers by the lake in the city. Edgar’s family became members at Butterfield Country Club on his 14th birthday in 1946 and the family has had a relationship with the club ever since. Later in his life Ed joined Butler National Golf Club where he spent countless days enjoying the course the club and especially his friends. In 2006 he was awarded Man of the Year which is an honor voted on by his fellow members at Butler National. Ed never took for granted how fortunate he was in his life and giving back was second nature. His association in the not-for profit world and charities all over the country was as well known as his infectious smile laugh and generous heart. Among the over 75 charitable organizations he supported regularly especially near and dear to Mr. Staren’s heart were the Special Olympics of which he was an original founding board member the Evan’s Scholarship Foundation ASPCA and most recently The Shrine of Our Lady of Pompeii in Chicago. Mr. Staren’s business and personal accomplishments are many but his most important legacy is his unending devotion to his family and friends. He took endless pleasure in sending out gifts thank you cards and meeting new people anywhere he went. He often said “I’ve gotten back so much more than I have ever given.” He is preceded in death by his parents John and Louise Staren of Brookfield IL the love of his life and mother of his children Mary Jo her parents Donald and Bessie Devlin of Rochester MN and his sister Emmy Lou. He is survived by his children Ed Ted Barbara Ann and Eric his siblings John and Carol his 16 grandchildren: Edgar T. (Amy) Daniel (Leslie) John (Meg) Anthony (Mary Beth) Michael and Helen Staren; William (Alison) Madeline and Austin Feldman; Dakota and Kassidy Staren; Tori Ryan (Lauren) and Teddy (partner Martha Pazdro) Bunt; his four great-grandchildren: Eddie Gracie Danny and Isabella; and was anxiously awaiting the arrival of his 5th and 6th great-grandchildren. Visitation is Monday April 2nd 2018 from 2:00 pm until 9:00 pm at Adolf Funeral Home and Cremation Services Ltd. 7000 S. Madison St. Willowbrook. A full Catholic Mass will be celebrated on Tuesday April 3rd at 11:00 am with a viewing preceding the mass at 10:00am both at The Shrine of Our Lady of Pompeii 1224 West Lexington Street Chicago IL 60607. Interment is private. In lieu of flowers contributions would most gratefully be appreciated to The Shrine of Our Lady of Pompeii and The Special Olympics.

    Published in a Chicago Tribune Media Group Publication from Mar. 30 to Apr. 1, 2018

  59. Anonymous says:

    Theodore R. Staren (and partner Cheryl Hayes) currently live in Moreno Valley CA

  60. anonymous says:

    Register Number: 33975-112
    Age: 61
    Race: White
    Sex: Male
    Released On: 05/29/2019

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