Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell – is it time for a change?

State of the Union News…

A new CNN report states – “President Obama will ask Congress Wednesday night to repeal the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy that bars gays and lesbians from openly serving in, White House Senior Adviser David Axelrod told CNN.”


If you have served in the military what do you think of the current policy?

If you have no military service, do you think that this policy should be maintained or repealed?

Is the current policy ethical?


5 Responses to Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell – is it time for a change?

  1. Andy Ciordia says:

    It feels like a childish notion that you can sweat, bleed, and ultimately die for our country but goodness, let’s have to hide your sexual orientation.

    I am not in the military but I skydive regularly with many armed vets and actives, they have never understood why this is still in place. It seemed very political at the time of enacting and still does.

  2. Dwayne says:

    Most of our service men and women already serve alongside openly gay people. All of our current European counterparts fighting in our current wars have no gay ban. Britian removed thiers almost a decade ago, and this is one of many requirements for admission into the E.U. This, like most gay initiatives was never truly a problem except for people who don’t want thier children to have to give up thier predjuces.

    Our politicians rely on a divided populace to stay in power, so they will continually try to create a hated class. It worked against the Jews and the blacks, and is working against the Mexican immigrants. Up until a few years ago Gays didn’t fight back. I for one refuse to be bullied. And I served, and am well trained.

  3. John Dovey says:

    What I don’t understand is why you have used an image of me in your post.
    1. You haven’t asked for permission
    2. I am in the South African Army, not the US Army
    3. We have a constitutional ban on discrimination (including that based on gender or sexual orientation), so unless you were trying to make that point, there is no connection between your post and my photo.

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