Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to play… Snowballs that is… Charles Gill and Ryan Knight now know that…

Two students at James Madison University were arrested and charged with felonies for throwing snowballs at a city snow plow and an unmarked police cruiser.  Charles Gill and Ryan Knight, both 21, were nabbed by cops in Harrisonburg, VA.  According to police, the pair first targeted a city plow last Saturday afternoon.  Now…playing in the snow is one thing, but I suspect these two didn’t expect what happened next.

The driver responded by calling cops to report the frosty fusillade. When police responded to the scene in a bid to identify the assailants, their unmarked vehicle also came under an icy assault.  Gill and Knight, a guard on JMU’s basketball team, were then apprehended and booked into jail for throwing missiles at occupied vehicles, a felony.

Charles Joseph Gill and Ryan William Knight, both 21, each face one to five years in prison and a maximum $2,500 fine, if convicted.


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