Oh my…an invitation from Daniel Frishberg of BizRadio! How I would love to attend…but

The email started – “I didn’t mean for this to be a secret”  – Really, Dan but there seem to be so many secrets – at least that’s what I’m hearing from your investors.

Dear Chuck,

I’m holding a very important strategy session and no one has heard about it.

Well…that’s sad.  Perhaps I’m wrong, but if they did they might likely run as it seems that so many of the investments that you’ve been a part of have turned sour and your investors have lost substantial sums of money.  They think it’s all been a scam, but I suppose that’s for the SEC or other investigating authorities to decide.

Last month I spoke at an amazing meeting in New York. I had planned to talk about some of the conventional investment strategies we’re using this year, as the stock market begins another leg up in the bull market. Actually we were forecasting it then, and it is happening right now.

The thing is I got a lot of questions from the audience, and they led the whole speech in a totally different direction from the one I planned.

Now I know what is concerning people, and I think they’re quite right. They worry that the bonds and the money markets and the CDs they own are all actually bets on the U.S. dollar. What’s more, they don’t feel that comfortable about the direction the dollar is likely to go next year and beyond. Frankly I don’t blame them at all.

“Now I know what is concerning people,”  really?  I guess we just see things differently, but having talked with many of the investors in funds promoted by you and/or your folks – Al Kaleta, David Wallace, etc. I think the things that concern them are – HOW DO THEY GET THEIR MONEY BACK?  Dan…are you that disconnected that you avoid commenting on the status of your investors (oops…victims) investments and what you are going to do (as “The Money Man”) to give them a return, or at least hope that there is a plan to repay?  I bet that’s the bigger question…cause, frankly, I’m not sure anyone’s listening to your babble when many say you’ve “scammed” them.

Other countries are making better decisions. The Asians have formed a free trade zone, and are building a new railroad to tie together china with Thailand, Singapore and Viet Nam. Maylasia is booming. The bottom line is, these countries are making themselves financially stronger, while we in the U.S. seem intent on doing everything we can to push investment and business away. Possible trade wars with Brazil and China, trillions in borrowing from other countries – you know the litany.
Look, I can handle any kind of smart of foolish behavior by the government, but I’m very concerned that many people are going to be trapped.

Imagine this. The U.S. dollar falls off the proverbial cliff, and you and everyone you know have almost all your assets denominated in dollars. You thought you were safe, and your bonds, municipal bonds and even CD’s are still intact, but they only buy you half what they did a year before.

While the meeting is filling up nicely, many people are telling us they didn’t know about it. Our failure to communicate. We are making our best effort to catch up right now.

“Many people are telling us they didn’t know about it.”  Lucky for them.  Here’s a question.  What is the purpose of the meeting?  Is this a veiled attempt to lure other unsuspecting investors into a private placement fund that funds – yet once again – money losing BizRadio (or whatever it is called these days)?  If not, if it is truly an investment seminar, then what would motivate someone to listen to you when there is a clear track record of losses associated with funds – whose assets were funneled into BizRadio?

From an economic standpoint, our economy and your investment world are undergoing changes more profound than anything in the past five hundred years. You can see a lot of things changing before your eyes!

This is a new world. Everything is easier and everything is more challenging.
How smart diversification san keep you whole and how dumb diversification will cost many investors their retirement.

Now there’s an optimal word…DIVERSIFICATION.  What happened to “diversification” when funds that folks invested in which carried your name not only did not diversity, but siphoned off funds – in some cases over 50% and put them into one “unsafe” business – BizRadio?  Some people can “talk the talk”, but don’t “walk the walk”!  Seems like from afar – you’ve got a walking problem.  But, maybe there’s something I’m not seeing…and as always, I am open to an interview so that you can clear the air.  One thing I know…a lot of people would like to hear from you and I promise that I’ll print what you say word for word!

Dan Frishberg can help you prosper in this world-wide economic revolution. Join him, Thursday, March 25, from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. in Houston, TX. It’s free to attend but if you want a seat, you must RSVP. Click Here.

OK…yes I disabled the link on the “Click Here” above.  I cannot in good conscious put a link on my site that I feel is sending someone to something that I cannot endorse.

FINAL  NOTE:  I had an email the other day where someone said that I was biased – not fair to Dan Frishberg – and who questioned my motive.  Frankly, that was fair and I am always open to those who have an opinion.  So three things:

1.  If you wish to contact me feel free to comment below – see the comment button and comment away…I welcome them.

2.  If you wish to contact me via email the address is chuck @ chuckgallagher.com  (by the way placing the space in between apparently reduces the chance that you email address is picked up by an email spyder phishing for addresses to spam to.  That’s your helpful hint of the day.)

3.  Most importantly, rarely do I get an opportunity to report on and watch a fraud investigation unfold, but it seems in this case I am able to see it before my very eyes.  Every choice has a consequence and it seems that Frishberg is either oblivious to the consequences that follow his actions or he is still caught up in the illusion and not yet tuned to the fact that someone has already pulled the “card” from his “house of cards.”  Dan – message to you – the House of Cards is collapsing.  I am not anti-Dan – I am anti fraud and scams and happy to report them when I see them.  And, in this case, the evidence is mounting that something “frishy” is going on.

OOPS…I about missed this – Sonia Joao the person listed as the contact person is also, per defrauded investors I talked with, the person who was Al Kaleta’s investment pusher – i.e., she was the person who made the calls and told investors that they needed to move money or invest in this and that.  Did she make that decision herself?  Naw…I doubt it, but she was certainly in the mix of things.  While many employed with BizRadio have left – interesting she is still there dealing with seminars.



6 Responses to Oh my…an invitation from Daniel Frishberg of BizRadio! How I would love to attend…but

  1. Bizz Free says:

    My question, don’t you need some sort of a license to discuss investment options with potential clients?

  2. Andy Lopez says:

    What is even more amazing is that given the circumstances and the obvious scam’ people are still litsening to his “wisdom”. Oh! will we ever learn??

  3. Bizz Free…yes you do unless it is a private placement below a certain dollar level. My understanding (and I MAY BE WRONG) is that Frishberg has the requisite licenses. Is that inaccurate?

  4. roger b. says:

    I really hope he gets what he deserves very soon. I am sick and tired of him acting like everything is fine on-air, when these poor investors will never get anything in return. It just makes me sick.

  5. Bizz Free says:

    I’m not sure, but I know that the female in question does not have a license but certainly seemed to be the one “saving the day” when there were barely funds to cover expenses.

  6. Investing with Dan Frishbergy says:

    THE SEC TOLD ME my money was spent on art work, expensive offices, and vulgar displays off wealth

    -I lost hundreds of thousands of dollars
    -lost all income on that money as well
    -I live day to day scared to death of my future
    -years long, ongoing, and long stomach turning calls with sec attys even as I write this
    -many many many many sleepless nights – still to this day
    -I dont trust ANYONE with my money
    -Because of trusting dan frishberg I have a VERY UNCERTAIN FINANCIAL FUTURE

    this is what frishberg did to me and my money.

    If you work with these people, God help you – and go ahead and get the numbers for the sec.

    Anyone know what he is driving these days? Im NOW driving a 15 year old van.

    Anyone know if he has health insurance? I HAD to cancel mine after what he did to me.

    Why did he only lease a house? Was this to protect himself because he knew he had a Ponzi scheme going with our money?

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