Dan Frishberg – The Money Man – touts structured bonds and notes. Is that what he should be talking about?

Just the other day, when all the hoopla about Dan Frishberg seemed to be dying down (of course we all knew that was a momentary lapse), I received another of Dan’s famous emails.


Trillions of dollars of savings have been wiped out over the last ten years. Sadly, much of it has been lost through trying to “make it back” after the multiyear bear market that started in year 2000.

Here’s one good reason for the frustration.

The first time I saw this picture, I immediately understood the problem.

Up until that time, I thought of our country as having had some “ups and downs.” But measured in the global reserve currency, gold, you can see that even when we feel we are doing well, we are losing ground.

The fact is, even if you had better than average results investing in the U.S. over the past decade, you’ve gotten poorer than you were ten years ago. You’ve lost purchasing power, and now, just when we are really getting a handle on what’s happening to us, we are reluctant to do anything different, because most of us just can’t afford any more mistakes.

As always…I am amazed that I, of all people, am included in his infamous investor rants about where the market is going and how he can help you with your investments.  In fact, if you follow the link provided by Dan you’ll find six opportunities to give him your information so he can help you through touting the fact that he is a Registered Investment Adviser.

Don’t know about you, but here are some questions I think Dan would be better advised to raise and answer:

  • Since you touted the revenue generated from your RIA as the economic way for BizRadio investors to finally receive a return from their investment in December of 2009 – what have you done with earning from your RIA to help BizRadio investors?
  • Do you really think that you currently have the credibility to continue to tout your role as a Registered Investment Adviser considering the investigations that are currently underway?
  • It would appear that http://www.bizradio.com is an asset of the former BizRadio.  Why do you use that asset as if it were your own to tout your own venture and radio show?  Should that not be abandoned since it appears that you have abandoned the investors of BizRadio?
  • Knowing that Al Kaleta was banished (so to speak) from investments and BizRadio by the SEC, what motivated you to continue to allow him to be a part of BizRadio?
  • What effort, if any, have you made to pay back Rahan Siddiqi – since he advanced you six months lease on 1110 AM – the station you kicked him off of?

Dan…as the wall crumble around you, don’t you now think it time to become ethical and transparent in your financial actions and take steps to right the wrongs that many of your investors feel they’ve been subjected to?



One Response to Dan Frishberg – The Money Man – touts structured bonds and notes. Is that what he should be talking about?

  1. RK says:

    He is a crook. Get away from him

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