Bryan Scott Behrens pleads guilty to Ponzi Scheme type investment

As I was preparing to post this blog, it became painfully clear that this type of behavior seems to be on the increase or at least it’s becoming more apparent.

Bryan Scott Behrens, 47, of Omaha, Nebraska, pleaded guilty to securities fraud charges admitting he bilked investors out of at least $3.5 million in a Ponzi-type investment fraud scheme. According to prosecutors, Behrens promised to invest client funds in Nevada real estate, but instead used the money for his businesses in Omaha, paid out money to early investments and used the rest for personal expenses.

The SEC charged that from 2002 to 2007, Behrens operated a Ponzi-like investment scheme, raising $6.5 million from investors, including senior citizens, and misappropriating more than $3.5 million of those funds. He promised investors returns of up to 9 percent per year. Behrens was the owner of Bryan Behrens Company, Inc., 21st Century Financial Group and National Investments, Inc., as well as the owner of a local flower shop.

Read the original complaint here.  comp20427

What motivated this behavior?  If you know Behrens – feel free to share your thoughts on his motivation to effect such a crime.



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  1. Unidentified says:

    I have a lot of questions?

    Am afraid to say much as I would fear for my life. This happened to his father-in-law. Someone should check to see how he was able to get a $1,000,000.00 insurance policy on his father in law shortly before he died. I know Tony did not sign any release for this. Any reputable Dr. would never have authorized insurance of the amount as he was in terrible shape long before he died and could not get insurance for himself.

    This must be kept confidential as I trust not him, his family nor most of his friends including some attorney’s.

    He needs to be put away for life.

    • former colleague says:

      Don’t worry, after he is given a restitution amount to pay, his monies will be wiped away, as any monies will be identified via the pre-sentencing report. The courts will garnish money from him in prison, as well as after, and he will have to report any purchase over $500.00 OR BE CHARGED WITH FRAUD, AGAIN. He should also be subjected to a hefty fine, but fines are contingent upon your asset/debt ratio–and knowing Bryan, he will try milking thus ratio.

  2. Bill White says:

    I knew this guy and he and his wife’s lavish spending were beyond belief. I guess if you are going to pull off this kind of scam; you have to look like you have made a lot of money for yourself and others. Nobody gives someone a million dollars if they are wearing dirty jeans, driving a pick-up and partying at the bowling alley. The fancy suits; sports cars and lavish parties were all part of the scam. As recently as a couple of months ago he was able to get $ 115,000.00 from some lady in Omaha. The federal prosecutors were so upset they tried to have his bail re-voked. I hope he gets the maximum; but I’m not holding my breath. His wife is still living in a $ 250,000.00 home in Honey Creek, Iowa and they still have three or four luxury vehicles. Doesn’t sound like someone who agreed to turn over his assets in his SEC settlement !!

  3. chuck b says:

    well i know him well as he is my brother and always wanted to do good for everybody. you say you dont trust his family or friends you dont even know us.

    • former colleague says:

      He tried no such thing….behind employees’ backs–he mocked them vigorously. Moreover, he never paid them when he was supposed to. Good guys do not continue operating and collecting money when banned by the SEC. I know for a fact he couldn’t pass his Series 7 exam, which is why he sold insurance and not stocks. He bragged about spitting on the doorsteps of other colleagues…..He better hope some of us who know him well, too, choose NOT to speak at his sentencing.

    • guess who says:

      I know him well and there are no words to describe him. Hmm Chuck you say he always wanted to do good, stealing elderly peoples life savings is good you might want to rethink that. I also know your family and you are all a bunch of losers including Bryan

      • chuck says:

        well i guess if you know us and call me a loser have the balls to say your name chicken and you are the loser chicken

  4. A victim says:

    I wonder what was the real nature of the relationship between Bryan Behrens and Terry Moore, Pres. fo the Omaha Federation of Labor?

    Mr. Moore gave his endorsement to Unions and their members, encourageing them to do business with Mr. Behrens. In turn Mr. Behrens gave CONTRIBUTIONS to Mr. Moore’s projects, charities and so on. Mr. Moore continued this relationship even after the allegations of Fraud, etc.

    Mr. Behrens indicated to a source, that he was even going to make Mr. Moore a Board member of one of his phoney companys and pay him a salary.

    I hope someone will expose this to the working men and women who believe that Terry Moore is looking out for them, not for himself.

  5. former "appalled" colleague says:




    • guesswho says:

      I am appalled as well, I think I am more appalled that this man still lives in LUXURY after what he did to these elderly people. He still has his two homes each worth over $200,000. He still has three of his cars, and all of his toys which there are way too many to mention. Why don’t they start selling these items to pay back these individuals that lost there money. He will just continue to do what he has done in the past, because Mr. Behrens thinks he has done nothing wrong he thinks everyone owes him something.

      • former "appalled" colleague says:

        Also, he stated to the court that he could create a mega-insurance agency that would create enough money to pay back those he owed money to, IF THE COURT WOULD LET HIM HAVE PROBATION.

        First, he DOES NOT AND MOST LIKELY NEVER, EVER WILL AGAIN, HAVE A SECURITIES AND/OR INSURANCE LICENSE, therefore he cannot create any type of insurance agency, hence manage one without breaking the laws, again. I wish prosecution and/or the judge would have commented to him about his desire to create a mega insurance agency with no license.

        Also, I reiterate that he NEVER, EVER, had a series 7 license–allowing him to sell stock. He only had his insurance license. He never had a 7 because he flunked the tests and ridiculed those (me) who had one, stating he made more money with his insurance license than those with a Series 7. I agree that he made more money–by means of STEALING!

        Also, his charge was bilking investors out of 8 million. His attorney stated it was ONLY somewhere between 2.5 and 7 million. Oh, forgive us, we are off a million or two!

        Lastly, I know for a fact he never paid a female contractor their agreed 3-month contract fee, and when she became pregnant and ILL due to her pregnancy he stated “You play, you pay”. Well, Bryan, you steal and you pay–like 6.5 million dollars.

        A joke, however, that he ONLY HAS TO PAY 125.00 A MONTH OR 5% OF HIS MONTHLY INCOME. He more or less walked away with a sentence resembling probation.

        Start garnishing his home and cars to begin paying these people back. Hopefully judgments start poring in from individuals compelling judgments and garnishments.

  6. guesswho says:

    Brian Behrens has not made a honest dollar since he worked at McDonalds in High School.

    • chuck says:

      well he did a good job at mcdonalds and he worked for his cousin and what about the people he made money for there not complaining are they

  7. guesswho says:

    Chuck, STUPIDITY must run deep in Columbus, Nebraska. You ovbiously do not get it, he stole MONEY from the elderly and the money that he did pay back to people was stolen money from other people. I think you should google what a PONZI SCHEME is but you probably could not read it anyway lol

  8. guesswho says:

    what the heck are you talking about, it bothers you that much that some of use are honest people, tell the truth about your brother, you, him and the rest of the family are a bunch of losers lol

    • former "appalled" colleague says:

      …and, where are his clients that he made soooo much money for?; Why have they not supported him and/or spoken on his behalf throughout the past few years? Perhaps they are wondering where (all)there money might be?

      I was in his office on numerous occasions when he would degrade his employees that were only a few steps away down the hall. Moreover, he degraded their spouses, too.

      I wish no ill will for anyone on this earth, as we are all here for such a short time. Sadly, however, Bryan borrowed, hence stole for so long that it caught up with him. Shame on him.

  9. guesswho says:

    Finally his world is starting to cave in. I should have known he would try to to swindle his way out of going to prison. Bryan had filed a motion to extend his surrender as he is suppose to report to federal prision on Monday January 31, 2011 by 2:00pm. Thankfully the Judge denied this motion and ordered him to report to the insitution on January 31, 2011. He also had to be in court on January 20, 2011 to testify under oath as to where some of his personal property is that he claims is lost. Whatever Bryan you sold the shit, you have no remorse for what you have done to these elderly victims and I hope you get what you deserve.

  10. guesswho says:

    I forgot something, I remember a comment that Bryan had made that he would never spend a day in prison, well Bryan I hope you enjoy your stay and I am sure when you get out you will start stealing money from the elderly again because that is all you know how to do. I can almost beat you are still doing it as you are still living in luxury.

    • former "appalled" colleague says:

      When did Bryan state he would “never” spenda day in prison? Before, during, or after his indictment? Just curious as to whether he said those words during the investigation. Also, someone should forward the insurance information onto SEC, etc. regarding the 1,000,000 policy taken out on his father-in-law. What a nice daughter (Michelle) he (Tony) had to have his own flesh and blood assist Bryan in making money off of his death. Shame on you, too, Michelle!

  11. guesswho says:

    He stated he would never spend a day in Jail after his indictment and during the investigation. Bryan thinks he has done nothing wrong and will never admit to doing anything wrong but in my eyes if that is the case than he should never pleaded guilty and let the darn case go to trial. Please give me some more details regarding this life insurance policy I would be very interested in knowing more about it.

  12. former "appalled" colleague says:

    I am referring to “unidentified” person comments in May (blog #1 up above/on top). This individual seems to know alot about this insurance “scam”.

    I wish his employees knew how much he talked about them inclusive of their spouses. He stole documents out of my files, etc. Quite pompous to state AFTER the indictment that he would never spend a day in prison. I still cannot believe he only received 5-yrs and a “cushy” $125.00 amonth and/or 5% income monthly payback to his victims.

    Perhaps we should request more info from “unidentified” blogger who seems a little nervous to state much—per his own admission.

  13. chuck says:

    kinda funny how you all talk about him now if you didnt like it you could of quit

    • former "appalled" colleague says:

      Quit? Quit what. First of all, his clients did not learn of his theft until after-the-fact, therefore they didn’t “quit”, they preseed, as in charges, and we all know what happened thereafter.

      I was broker wwho knew him in the business, therefore I had nothing to quit…..

      Your comment made no sense.

  14. former "appalled" colleague says:

    and, P.S., Chuck, I talked about his wrong-doings long before his indictment.

  15. guesswho says:

    Chuck you make no sense but than again that does not surprise me as none of the Behrens are very smart. Hey Chuck have you gone to see your brother at Douglas County Correctional Center you better go because when he goes to Indiana that is a 10 hour drive. Your vehicle probably won’t make it that far or did your brother buy you a new one with the stolen money lol.

    • chuck says:

      hey jackwagon no he didnt buy me a car and mine will get there come on lets go together and i will drive so we can have a talk ? driven alot more then you and paid with my own money jackwagon sign your name grow a pair just like alot of people talk crap behind a computer without letting people who there are

  16. guesswho says:

    jackwagon lol that is a big word for you to use oh thats right you live in Columbus that explains it lol. You must be smoking something because you are telling lies every time you get on this website. You are either dumb or just plain ass stupid to believe that Bryan did nothing wrong. Your mom and dad must have thought really hard what to name him as Bryan Scott Behrens stands for bull shit behrens BSB I am sure you have heard that one before. Oh gosh I already went to see him as I am the first name on his visitors list.

  17. chuck says:

    well dumdaSS i dont live in columbus either jackwagon or thats ok you live in omaha that explains alot. and why dont you sign your name so you and i can have talk in person asshole you are lucky my parents have passed on which shows how big your balls are talk shit about somebodys parents who arent here dickhead you day will come

  18. guesswho says:

    Ok Chuckie lets give it a whirl and see if you understand English or not, you were raised in Columbus who knows if you graduated high school or not, I really have no desiree to talk to you in person, and I was not talking shit about your parents i just stated that they gave him a perfect name and maybe if your brother Bryan had some balls he would not have stolen millions of dollars from the elderly. I only have one objective in life and that is too see that he loses everything he has, so when he gets out of prison in 2015 him, his wonderful wife and his three wonderful children can come live with you lol. I won’t have my day because I work for a living, I don’t steal from people or go to my office and sleep all day long and than go around and brag to people about how hard I work for my money. Bryan is what you call a SCUM BAG and if I were you I would be ashamed to even admit he is your brother. Could please tell me what a Jackwagon is lol

  19. chuck says:

    lets give this a whirl “guess who” what think you are that for your info yes i did gradute from high school,went to the service yes served my country and not hidding behind a name like yours. Bryan told me he was going to live whith you when he gets outs what you think know,and i do speak english quit well thankyou very much look up jackwagon you have time sitting in your “office” while other people make you money.This isnt over someway somehow i will find out who you are and we will talk and behind a computer like you are doing

  20. guesswho says:

    you make no sense and you might know English but you sure in the heck can’t spell lol and no Bryan is not going to live with me because he would have to actually work for a living instead of stealing money. I have already talked to you in person before so get over it and realize that your brother is worthless.

  21. chuck says:

    whatever GOD will judge not you

  22. guesswho says:

    well he would probably be better off if I judged because if GOD does you know where he will be going. I find it hard to believe that GOD would justify what he was doing to the edlerly as good and GOD would not want him on his team.

  23. chuck says:

    then you think that you are better then GOD dont think so enough dude drop iam done talking to you it is like you are talking to make yourself look good get over it

  24. guesswho says:

    lol, I don’t have to make myself look good I am a law abiding citizen unlike your brother. You are the one that is making yourself look like a fool sticking up for someone that stole millions of dollars from sick and elderly people and how do you know that I am a dude.

  25. chuck says:

    guess you good be a GIRL AND PROBABLY are

  26. chuck says:


  27. guesswho says:

    more like stupidity run deeps, you are as stupid as your brother

  28. guesswho says:

    He talks shit about you just like he does about everyone else including the rest of his family so you better watch how far that blood runs.

  29. chuck says:

    it runs deep friend

  30. guesswho says:

    just can’t help yourself can you thought you werent going to reply anymore.

    • former "appalled" colleague says:

      Chuck–I do not believe “guess who” is trying to taunt you. Bryan screwed up–I mean, now he is trying to throw blame to his attorney, exclusively. There was a time that he visited a doctor who was going to file bankruptcy within a week, and Bryan was convincing him to buy life insurance first, then file bankruptcy-fraudulent, again.

  31. guesswho says:

    I am just telling the truth about Bryan this website is to comment on why he did what he did not to say he did good for everyone, what with other peoples money. Bryan knew exactly what he was doing shit when he was waiting to go to trial before he plea bargain he stole 115 thousand from a lady in LaVista. If Chuck can’t handle the truth than he needs to shut up. I still meant what I said that I will do everything I can to make sure he has nothing left as he deserves nothing all those sick and elderly people that he took money from will never see the money again. Bryan lived in luxury for many years it would be nothing for his wife to go spend 5,000 a day and not even think twice about it and I do believe she knew what he was doing but as long as the money was coming in she did not care.

  32. chuck says:

    guess who drop it you live your life ok leave him alone

  33. tommy d says:

    I went to a convention back in 2006 when this jack off sat next to me in his expensive suit, bad colonge, and greased up hair. He never even looked at me sitting next to me. I’ve been in the insurance business for 29 years. Something about him smelled bad.

    I was not surprised when he went down. He needs his ass kicked when he gets out,

  34. guesswho says:

    whatever chuckie he is not out he is going to get resentenced which is stupid for fighting it on his part because he will end up getting more time than 5 years because he has pissed off the Judge and the government lol

  35. chuck says:

    well whatever you think you will find out jack

  36. guesswho says:

    lol well chuckie he is still in there so what you got to say now loser just like the rest of your family all fuck ups.

  37. guesswho says:

    Don’t forget Tommy D the makeup, eye liner, base make and blush he had his own makeup bag lol.

  38. chuck says:

    well fuck stick he is out now asshole. i will find out who you are soon

  39. guesswho says:

    lol, he is not out he is in transit from terra haute look it up, his release date still says june of 2015. He will come here and set in jail and wait to get resentenced they are not that stupid they are not going to let him out of their custody and expect him to show up to be resentenced on Sept 23 at 9:00 am.

  40. chuck says:

    well dude he is not locked up nomore look it up

  41. guesswho says:

    Well it looks like I better get that restraining order back in place. He won’t be out for long he gets resentenced on Sept 23 at 9:00 am it would be wonderful if you could be there for that lol.

  42. chuck says:

    i should so i can see your sorry ass

  43. guesswho says:

    WOW, Bryan is working for Frank as a handyman lol, I am sure he is getting paid in cash and not reporting that to the courts. He gets resentenced on October 18 I hope he gets longer than what he had before. I hope everybody watches out for him because he is probably trying to scam people as he waits to be resentenced.

  44. chuck says:

    you think you know it all dont you

  45. guesswho says:

    I know more than you do ha ha, lets see he lost his appeal and is going to be sentenced again today Nov 3 at 9:30.

  46. Doc says:

    gee I heard it was Nov. 8th!

  47. Doc says:

    So what do you think? Do you think he made the judge mad, and he will give him more time? I thought he lost his house on Mullen Circle. Why are people saying they have seen him there? It was reported the house was foreclosed on. Is he trespassing?

  48. guesswho says:

    I guess we will find out tomorrow, if you read the court order everything he was cross examined on he answered yes too either he likes prison or is just plain stupid. Who knows with him what he is doing he obviously has money put away somewhere with someone becuase how can it be that he is in Prison and his wife still does not have a job his kids go to a private school and the kids are in school all day there is no reason why his wife can’t get a job obviously they have money hidden somewhere it is just finding out where it is. If you go to and google his name the court order will come up and you can read his response to the questions he was asked it is actually pretty amussing.

  49. ted says:

    Wow Guesswho, you must be one of his victims to show so much hatred towards him. How much did he take you for? Have you gotten anything back, I seem to remember they froze all of his assets. Do you think he may have millions stashed overseas?

  50. Watchful Eye says:

    Bryan S. Behrens is disgusting, including his wife—making insurance money off of her own father’s death. Bryan may be hiding money, but it will all come to surface…….watch and smile.

  51. Amused says:

    Somebody actually made money from an insurance policy, amazing!!!!!!

  52. guesswho says:

    Well everyone I just got off the phone with the courts and he is still scheduled to be sentenced today at 2:00 courtroom 8. Ted I don’t think it is stashed overseas I think either his wife has it, maybe Frank (the handyman) that Bryan has been working for and of course is not reporting that income to the courts another possibility could be his neighbor Joe.

    • ted says:

      Guesswho, don’t you have your lawyer looking into it, if I was taken for that much money I would be suing him and his wife and would subpoena the bank records. It wouldn’t be hard to trace where her money is coming from. I would do the same with his neighbor, could you offer any more proff.

    • Former "appalled" colleague says:

      Don’t forget about, LINDA, his trustworthy, glorified secretary. She is equally as crooked—-.

      I feel sorry for Kendall—-for ever getting involved with Bryan’s family.

      • ted says:

        I’m surprised the Feds didn’t investigate further. A conspiracy involving his wife, neighbor, receptionist and deceased father in law. Have you gone to the authorities or the press and informed them?

    • Former "appalled" colleague says:

      Don’t forget about his crooked assistant, LINDA, from 21st Century…….

      I feel sorry for Kendall, too, if he ever stayed involved with Bryan’s family.

      • ted says:

        Former “appalled” colleague, you seem to know an awful lot of his misdeeds. At what point did you decide to turn a blind eye and not report your suspicions to the authorites?

  53. Former "appalled" colleague says:

    Thanks, guesswho. And, by the way, Chuck, I’ve given out enough quips to let Bryan know who I am…….”you play….you pay”—-his reply to one’s high-risk pregnancy—–as I said before—tell Bryan, you steal—-you pay—–as in millions. I am 1000 miles away right now or would LOVE to be in that court room…..keep me posted guesswho, and thanks.

    Also, Chuck, he mocked Tony Veland’s wife, Brook, right behind Tony’s back…..while he was an employee……..he literally drove and spit on other company CEO’s doorstep with Scott Friel———–kinda funny how none of those guys are around to support him now…………..

    • Former "appalled" colleague says:


      No blind eye was ever turned from my face. Brysn showed his true colors in 2001 when he stopped paying me a sub-contracting fee. He even tried “unsuccessfully” to keep a check that was written out to me.

      I am glad Kendall walked away—but for
      Linda–I hope she ate the oats she sewed
      for Bryan, as she sewed some bitter and
      unpalatable oats willingly and pleasingly on his behalf.

  54. guesswho says:

    Thanks appalled and Kendall got away from Bryan and I don’t believe it was Linda because he got rid of her and Carrie was his last secretary before this all went down. Ted I have gone to the authorities and this is not over with it does take time. So maybe his wife and neighbor should be on there best behavior lol.

    • ted says:

      Are you also a former colleague or one of the investors that lost money? I’m assuming you are the one who blew the whistle on his misdeeds.

  55. guesswho says:

    lol I only wish I was the one that blew the whistle. All I can hope for is that he rots in prison, hell or somewhere. I could tell his whole life story oh maybe that would make a good book.

  56. Former "appalled" colleague says:

    all the way back to century insurance in the 90’s…………he parted ways with his partner back, then, too. Hmmmm, wonder why.

    Also, Bryan claimed he could never work out physically due to a car wreck he was in……and financially settled for and received. Hey, my neck was broken by an “uninsured” drunk driver, and I now have advanced colorectal cancer—but I use neither as an excuse to not take care of myself.

  57. Watchful eye............. says:

    Tick tock, tick tock………..

  58. guesswho says:

    Sorry to hear that, I have known Bryan for 30 years and during that 30 years he was never in a accident. Oh but I bet it happened back when he was working for McDonalds which would be the last honest dollar he ever made.

    • Fomer "appalled" colleague says:

      He mentioned his inability to exercise, at all, in a board meeting in 2001 that he was hit from behind by another car a year or two before that time period. He always commented upon my eating habits—-healthy, vegetarian, etc., while he would bring in fried, fast food all the time for people like Linda, Scott, etc……and himself, obviously.

      I wonder if Bryan and Michelle are still friends with their Asian Art dealer–Wilhem—maybe he knows where the money went!

    • ted says:

      Guesswho, I can understand if you don’t want to omit to being one of the fools who invested poorly with Bryan. I don’t know this individual but it seems it was apparent to many that this was a guy that sent all the signals to stay far away from. It amuses me how easily people can be swept up by the glamour of a quick buck and want to ride the coat tails of someone who appears to be making one. It would be interesting if the Feds were to apply the “claw back rule” and start tracing the beneficiaries of this stolen money. I’m sure others around him benefited from this scam. Maybe the feds can trace the money back and go after it or maybe some of the investors could bring suit to recover it.
      Appalled, you indicated you worked for him as a subcontractor. Was this during his scam? Did you benefit from the illicit gains? Maybe you could or should return the money as it was gained thru deceit.

  59. guesswho says:

    hmm Ted and could you explain to me how I am a fool.

  60. guesswho says:

    Bryan stole from the elderly and elderly sick people he did not have the balls to steal from people that knew what he was doing.

    • ted says:

      From your posts you must either be a former investor who lost money, a close friend or relative. You seem to personally know the people he scammed, not only elderly but elderly and sick, and you knew what he was doing at the time. My question for you is, are you one that profited from this guy or lost money to the guy. I just can’t figure out why, when you knew what he was doing, you did nothing. You admitted that you were not the whistle blower. You’ve known him for thirty years, knew he has never made an honest buck since he worked at McDonalds , know his former employees, where he lives, that his wife or neighbor may be laundering money for him and his kids go to private school. Sounds like a lot to know from a casual viewer. It would appear you are a lot closer to this thief than you are letting on. It would appear this guy has burned you in the past yet you are reluctant to share. Just curious as to the relationship.

  61. guesswho says:

    It really is none of you business as to my relationship with him or how I know him. I have gone to the appropriate people regarding Mr. Behrens so what is the issue, I don’t seem to get why all this is bothering you so much.

    • ted says:

      What bothers me are people like you who like to play all principled after the fact. You said you are not the one who turned him in but claimed you knew what he was doing all along. You say you have gone to the appropriate people maybe if you went to the “appropriate people” sooner some of these people would not have been scammed. Did you inform his colleagues/co-workers of your suspicions and how awful of a person they were working for, doesn’t seem so?

      I could care less of your relationship to this guy but judging from the number of blog entries you have made dating all the way back to 2010 you must be vested somehow. Just wondering where you were when he was stealing all this money.

  62. guesswho says:

    hmm, I was working for my money

  63. Fomer "appalled" colleague says:


    May I address you as Ted- though you are not named legally as such?

    I wondered how long it wouold take you to blow……It was obvious from your very transparent, gullible, inital post that you are involved much more than you would like to admit—which I could care less about. Perhaps “unidentified” and I are working this blog under cover—soliciting suckers full of angst, such as yourself. Are you a friend or family member of Bryan’s? It certainly sounds like it to me.

    Nevertheless, never state that I need to return stolen money, as I never worked “securities” for Bryan, as my licenses superseded his—-he could not even sell stocks, as he failed the exam on several occasions, but you probably already know that. My business was exclusive of his: Continue stating a slanderous lible statement implying that I need to rerturn stolen money, and I may rear my “ugly” head—-be careful what you wish for.

    • ted says:

      Sorry to disappoint but I’m a acquaintance of one of his victims. I was making a moral equivalence argument that if you were wise to this guy and knowingly gained from his ill gotten gains do you not have some moral responsibility to return the money. I never suggested you stole anything, wonder why you brought it up though. You claim to be a colleague, this is not tough to imagine as Behrens is not the brightest guy in the world I would imagine his coworkers/colleagues would be a little lower on the intelligence ladder for him to pull the wool over your eyes.

      I would be glad to supply you my name and address were you can serve me for libel, assuming that is what you meant as I’m not aware of “lible”, good luck proving libel unless you truly run around referring to yourself and are known by “Former appalled colleague”. I’m sure the statements I’ve made have damaged you beyond your wildest dreams. You seem pretty thin skinned to be on a message board.

      Behrens is a bad character and I’m glad he is serving jail time for what he did. That case is closed. I’m questioning others on this blog who seem to know so much that even if they had no legal responsibility to stop him sooner did they have a moral obligation.
      You’re the one who has to live with that question not me.

  64. guesswho says:

    oh my you figured it out you are so smart yeah I was working for him I would rather be broke than ever have worked for him oh by the way he got another 60 months today and was taken into custody today. Hopefully he has a friend in Indiana that will keep him company maybe they can share Bryan’s makeup lol.

    • Observer. says:

      Guess Who,

      I enjoy the history shared by you and Former Appalled Colleague… helps some of us understand this person a little better. If we were all guilty by association because we knew someone who committed a crime, then I am quite certain someone like “Ted” would have been put away a long time ago as she/he can’t sit idle without opening their big mouth.

      We do not know Guess Who’s relationship with Bryan, and we do not know what work transpired between Former Appalled Colleague and Bryan—–Ted sure think’s she/he does. Didn’t Ted’s mother teach her/him about ass-uming.

      In fact, how do we know Ted and her/his acquaintance are not co-conspirators–faux clients who are hiding the money……….?

      Despite all this rubbish, I appreciate almost everyone on this blog for providing insight into this shady character. Oh oh, should I state seemingly shady character, otherwise Ted will think I know something, and am therefoore guilty if I state shady in the affirmative?


  65. Doc says:

    Here are my thoughts, for what they are worth…Someone turned him…someone tried to turn him in for a long time…. there were many people that profited from his theft…some knowingly….some not..Some people were taught to do things dishonestly…those people were licensed and knew right from wrong..they chose to do wrong.. Some people that have been talked about on here as innocent were not! some that have been accused of knowingly defrauding people did not…Bottom line is Bryan manipulated many people…and stole from many..He is truly the guilty party.

  66. guesswho says:

    Chuck where are you always wanting to run your mouth don’t have anything to say now that he is back in custody.

  67. Observer. says:


    Boo hoo……..cry and condemn on someone else’s blog.

    • ted says:

      You so miss the point. I see all these posters playing Monday morning quarterback. Oh, Behrens is such an evil character they knew it all along, by their own omissions. What do they want a pat on the back for such an astute observation? The guy stole millions of dollars from clients, not hard to figure out he is scum. I say let’s get past the obvious and dig a little deeper.

      Let us look at Appalled, he was aware of his crooked assistant Linda even knew he mocked someone’s wife and also knew he spat on a doorstep yet he was working for Behrens as a subcontractor. Must not have bothered him to much or at least not enough to stop working for him. At what point did appalled stop working for him, when the checks stopped coming? Wow, you sure you want to defend this guy. Sounds like an upstanding guy I would like to do business with. I’ve come across plenty of shady characters in my life and never had a problem walking away from them. Maybe if more people would have walked away from Behrens he wouldn’t have been able to perpetrate his scam so easily.

      I still come back to the claw black rule that if someone knowingly or unknowingly gained from his illicit gains then those gains are fair game. I’m sure just like most of these other money managers that steal, he does not have a pot to piss in. I was just raising the point that maybe if the investor truly wish to recover some of their losses maybe should look beyond Behrens as to who else profited.

      I have never claimed any poster on this site or any acquaintance of Behrens has done anything criminal. I was bringing up the morality of the people around him. Seems to me the industry could use a little bit more morality, you read of these stories every day.

  68. chuck says:

    i still care for my brother,

  69. guesswho says:

    I am sure you care for your brother and I understand that, but you have to be truthful with yourself and admit that what he did was wrong, he ruined many peoples lives and has no remorse for what he did.

  70. guesswho says:

    Well the scum ball is finally back at Terra Haute it took them long enough he was taken into custody on November 8, his expected release date is August of 2015 I hope he enjoys the Holidays.

  71. Greg says:

    He should have no problem farting when he gets out.

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