Gordon Grigg – staying in Prison says Judge Aleta Trauger. Looks like the “Good deeds” don’t outweigh the “Bad!”

Not long ago a request was submitted to the court to release Gordon Grigg pending his appeal.  Grigg’s wife wrote letters to Judge Trauger in attempts to illustrate a clearer picture of her husband’s “character, his life, his ability and his desperate desire to pay restitution.”

In a recent blog providing an update to the Grigg situation, I received a flood of communication (in various forms) expressing outrage at the idea that Gordon Grigg, who, as they put it, “used God to swindle people out of their life’s savings”, would honestly think that he had a chance at ever earning enough money to make restitution.  “That’s a pipe dream,” stated one victim, “clear evidence that all he wants is – out of prison!”

Well…it seems that Judge Aleta Trauger agrees.  Judge Aleta Trauger recently denied Gordon Grigg’s motion for release pending his appeal, because Trauger wasn’t convinced by Grigg’s claim he is not a flight risk. She also didn’t believe Grigg’s appeal would result in anything less than hard time.

Grigg is currently serving 120 months in prison on multiple counts of mail and wire fraud.

One thing I can say, time passes slowly in prison.  I know, (wish I could say different) but I’ve been there.  What will be the outcome of this unfortunate event?  My guess…Gordon will come to realize that God does work in mysterious ways and, if open, he might find that this experience will open him spiritually to places he has never gone before.  Likewise, there will likely be a realization that, choices once made, can’t easily be undone.  Restitution is great, but it doesn’t replace the change that those who were victimized have experienced.  My guess, the victims will always have an issue with trust.

I respect Gordon’s wife for sticking by him.  There will, in my opinion, however, come a time when reality will set in and all involved will recognize that every choice has a consequence and those choices Gordon made will forever mark all concerned…including his family.

My best to all concerned.

Of course, if you have any opinions that you wish to share…YOUR COMMENTS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME!

5 Responses to Gordon Grigg – staying in Prison says Judge Aleta Trauger. Looks like the “Good deeds” don’t outweigh the “Bad!”

  1. T. Michael ELrod says:

    Hi Chuck, my name is Mike Elrod – I’m Steve Wieland’s buddy in CA who also invested w/ Gordon Grigg & ProTrust Mgt.

    I’d just like to say that I’ve read your posting on the site and I can vouch for the chain of events that Steve Wieland spoke about. To the best of my knowledge, that is a very accurate account of how and when both of us invested with Gordon Grigg.


    Mike Elrod

  2. Chris Hagen says:

    I hope Gordon Grigg rots in prison.

    He is a greedy, two faced charlatan who swindled my mother, weeks after her husband died out of his life insurance policy.

    I doubt she will ever receive anything, from that deal, and why he was trusted so deeply boggles my mind. I met the man once, people like him are a danger to society, they use religion to blind their victims.

    After my father died suddenly, I had a phone conversation with me, at the end he just said, “Chris, let’s pray….”

    I hope him and his wife see this message and have plenty of time to read and dwell on all the information that is out there on him. May he rot in jail, and if he ever does get out, die penniless in the street.

    I don’t think there’s much worse than stealing the last dime from a widow’s whose husband has just suddenly died.

    Chris Hagen

  3. Jack LaOff says:

    He is back on the streets protect your daughters and money.

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