Wesley Snipes – Prosecutor says Go to Prison Now!

Free on bond pending his appeal…now the Prosecutor wants Wesley Snipes (who LOST that appeal) in the “big house” and NOW!

Last Friday July 16, officials in an Atlanta, Georgia appeals court upheld a judge’s decision to put Snipes behind bars for three years on federal tax charges.

No date for the Blade star’s surrender was discussed and the correctional facility where Snipes, who has been free on bail pending the outcome of the appeal, would serve his time hasn’t been revealed. Yesterday – Wednesday, July 21, prosecutors filed a motion opposing Snipes’ bail, stating, “There is no good reason to delay his surrender”.

The star’s attorney, Daniel Meachum, insists he will respond to the filed documents soon. A jury originally convicted Snipes on three misdemeanor counts of willful failure to file his income tax returns in 2008.


Regardless of whether you feel that Snipes was treated fairly or not, he is going to prison.  And, from personal experience (I’ve been there – although not proud of it), I can say he won’t have fun.  But, I can’t see what the rush is all about.  As a matter of personal example, I was sentenced to a prison sentence in June of 1995 and ordered to report in October of 2005.  Snipes is not a flight risk, so the only reason for a rush is the Prosecutors impatience.

So…let me say to the Prosecutor – YOU WON…Give it a rest…let the system work.  Snipes will be incarcerated soon enough.  Don’t be greedy!

To everyone else…this BS about the tax system not being legal.  Bad argument and you will lose as well.  Prison sucks…so pay your taxes and enjoy life…cause life outside of prison is better than life in prison!



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