Ethics require Transparency – Dan Frishberg is caugh up in the Illusion of the Scam

They say it takes one to know one!  How many times do I wish that weren’t true, but in the case of Dan Frishberg and the BizRadio saga, I am uniquely qualified to report as I’ve (regrettably) been in his shoes and dealt with the consequence – federal prison.  Just last week, in doing a program for the US Navy, I was asked: “What did you learn in prison?”

Answer: “I learned three things: (1) every choice has a consequence! (2) often we get caught up in our own illusions and fail to see or acknowledge the truth; and (3) Success is measured by the impact we have on others, not by the stuff we acquire over our lifetimes.”

I freely acknowledge that I am not proud of my past choices from 1986 – 1989, but I have been honest in what I did, why and the lessons that were learned as a result.

So…where does this take us in the case of Dan Frishberg and BizRadio?

I was told by several folks that Dan has become frustrated at the publicity that he’s received.  When either BizRadio or Dan Frishberg is searched on the internet, articles (some mine) appear which shine a light of truth on what he, Al Kaleta and David Wallace have done to unsuspecting investors through their BizRadio scam. (Perhaps it didn’t start as a scam, but certainly became one by all accounts).

So what did Dan do?  Instead of looking at the truth of the matter, he’s continued his journey into the fog of illusion and enlisted the help of other bloggers to blog positively about him and the work that he does.  In other words, he’s trying to fill the media outlets with more illusion so that he counteracts his devious actions – currently being investigated by authorities.

One new blog by Mike Wazowski is a feeble attempt to shine a positive light on Dan.  Mike states the following regarding Dan Frishberg’s plight:

I have a feeling Dan “The Money Man” Frishberg knows just what Ray Donovan meant, even though his ordeal has been played out on a smaller field. Dan’s is a familiar voice on the radio and TV, where he has been a frequent commentator of Fox Business and CNBC, among others. If you want to see what caught my attention, take a look at this YOUTUBE VIDEO of The Money Man’s television appearances from 2008 and 2009.

Unfortunately for Frishberg, fame came with an opening for shady operators including a con artist who named himself CEO of Dan Frishberg’s radio enterprises and proceeded to try to sell the home station of his radio show, “The Money Man Report”. Also finding his way out of the woodwork is a blogging Lone Ranger who has spent more than a year on his lonely crusade against Frishberg’s reputation.

Let’s see – to be clear Dan does have commentary on YouTube, but then again anyone can have YouTube video.  What I notice is the total absence of Dan Frishberg as a guest of any legitimate media outlet since he’s come under the scrutiny and investigation of the SEC and his beloved radio station – BizRadio is effectively up for sale under the direction of an SEC Receiver.  Has Fox or CNBC had him on in 2010?  Sure would be interested to know if they did or perhaps they’re working on a new segment related to Dan on say – American Greed?  Just asking?

And, let me get this right – now Ron Crider is being implicated as a self appointed CEO “con artist” – hum…somehow I don’t think the fact bear out that claim.  But then again, I’m not yet sure that Mike is holding true to the title of his blog – Truth in Blogging.

Ah…but there’s more.  Mike now wishes to take a swipe at me.  Trust me, I’ve had many swipes, but this one is a bit comical.  Here goes Mikes comments:

Apparently a paid propagandist, he calls himself a “home grown journalist” and claims to be an Ethics Consultant. But his “reports” are nothing more than innuendo backed up by vague sources like “numerous phone calls and emails”, violating the first rule of the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics. Of course, since he’s bucking the Mainstream Media by, alone among all the business reporters and editors in America, portraying Dan Frishberg as a villain and not a brilliant financial strategist, he may think he is not bound by “professional” ethics.

This deceptive blogger says he is a CPA, yet he is apparently also a convicted felon. I don’t understand how those go together, but in any event, he pretends not to understand the difference between capital and equity when he is straining to understand how an investment fund with more than $50 million in real estate could have also invested in BizRadio.

So for TRUTH IN BLOGGING – let’s set the record straight:

  1. I am not a paid propagandist – NO ONE PAYS ME TO WRITE WHAT I WRITE.  As you might notice, my blog is free and not used as a site for advertisers or sponsors.  So – Mike you’re wrong here.
  2. He calls himself a “home grown journalist” and claims to be an Ethics Consultant.  Well…I suppose I am a bit of a HOME GROWN JOURNALIST as are most bloggers, but to clarify, I also have been published in numerous national magazines, featured on numerous talk shows including but not limited to CNN, CBS and NPR radio as well as TV appearances.  AND I AM A PAID ETHICS AND FRAUD PREVENTION CONSULTANT.  Again, Mike you might wish to check your facts before you assume that I am not what I say or appear.
  3. His “reports” are nothing more than innuendo backed up by vague sources like “numerous phone calls and emails.” VAGUE SOURCES – hum, Judges orders, SEC Receiver reports, Written Documents and interviews by those who have been victimized by Dan Frishberg.  Wow…I guess those are insignificant in comparison to what Dan Frishberg says is true (ah…the fog of illusion).  Hum…I guess we’d never have had Watergate reported by Woodward and Bernstein if we could not report from “vague sources”.
  4. This deceptive blogger says he is a CPA, yet he is apparently also a convicted felon. – Mike you really miss the boat “Big Kid”…as you are apparently incapable of doing simple research?  I WAS A CPA – created a PONZI SCHEME and SERVED TIME IN FEDERAL PRISON.  Wow…there’s no NEWS HERE!  You report as if you’ve found something.  Sorry, but you didn’t.  Rather all you’ve done is show that I am exactly who I say I am – I am transparent.  Clearly, I’m not the one caught in the fog of ILLUSION.

So…to those who follow my reporting on Dan Frishberg, David Wallace, Al Kaleta and BizRadio … I will continue to do so and appreciate all the help I’ve been given along the way.  There’s an old Elvis song that says, “what you do in the dark, will be brought to the light” – and in Dan’s case that is true.

TRUTH:  “Keeping it real by bring you the truth!  Mike Wazowski” – Mike may be a real person (I honestly don’t know), but what is true is that it appears that Mike is no more than a mouthpiece for Dan Frishberg – spouting reports that are designed to counteract the light of truth that the Houston Chronicle, I and others have been shinning on Dan.   Nice try Mike…but in the future, call me and let’s discuss the truth…my number is published!

14 Responses to Ethics require Transparency – Dan Frishberg is caugh up in the Illusion of the Scam

  1. Scammed Grandma says:

    Spoken like someone who hasn’t worked and saved to have enough to not be a burden on their children or society and had to watch while a scammer lived it up on their hard work.

    • Well…don’t know who exactly you’re referring to, but to set the record straight, I made restitution and have learned much from my past missdeads. Hopefully, when Frishberg pulls back the fog of illusion he’ll see that scamming has no value other than filling prisons.

  2. Jim A says:

    I stumbled across the “Truth in Blogging” site and wondered if you had. I was about to email you when I saw this post.

    The guy’s blog is registered via a proxy service so you cannot look up who had it registered beyond some service in Arizona.

    I wonder who in Frishberg’s camp is attempting to defend him by proxy?

  3. Yep… Dan is now doing what I’ve seen happen time and time before – he’s (what I call) scrounging to keep the illusion alive. He’s now got danfrishbergsales – danfrishbergmarketing – danfrishbergvideos, etc. All are weak attempts to diffuse the negative publicity that his scam has created. Every choice has a consequence and he’s desperately attempting to push the negative publicity aside in favor of his veiled attempt at creating positive publicity. Sad frankly to see it come to this.

  4. Jim A says:

    How long will the SEC wait before yanking his license to operate?

  5. Radioblah10 says:

    Dan Frishberg is desperate because he has nothing left. He has one person working with him on his “show”, and no employees, no business, no friends to speak of. He’s lost everything because of his hubris. He was for ex to move out of his house (albeit a rental) and is currently living in a hotel…yet still trying to project the illusion that he has money (Houstonian Hotel). He has nothing, and if all he has is YouTube, that’s something that he caused by himself by his deceitfulness, lies, corruptness, and his inability to listen to anyone but himself. Any idiot can have a YouTube channel or videos.

    As far as Ron Crider, he may not be the most honorable man but he did not under any circumstances make himself the CEO of BizRadio. Frishberg made him that and introduced Crider as such in a staff meeting. All Frishberg’s employees thought of Crider as the new CEO. Frishberg is a liar, a cheat, and is very, very delusional.

    I kind of feel bad for him, but he did this all himself and has hurt many people and thief monies. So I really don’t feel bad at all.

  6. Jim A says:

    Isn’t this interesting. Mike Wizowski is also blogging over at

    So he has two different spellings (Wa and Wi). I wonder who this guy really is?

  7. jammas says:

    I’m sure he’s not one of his victims. If he was, he’d be singing a different tune. Now on to KCM fraud, there is telephone conference on the 29th regarding KCM, BizRadio and also the status of potential claims against third party defendants. NOw I wonder who those will be? Mike LIsten up! This is going to be very interesting!

  8. jammas says:

    This will be conducted by the Receiver for KCM.

  9. jammas says:

    This Mike guy might be Frishberg himself, or one of his cronies. I did a public search. I only find 1 Mike Wazowski (with an A) and only 26 yrs old from Seattle. Come on! Why would a 26 yr old care about Frishberg? So its DF trying to change our perception of him. So much for that.

    • Hopeful Observer says:

      i did a search too, the only thing i could come up with is that Mike is a character from the movie Monsters Inc.

      funny that the person blogging about the myth of how Dan is such a good guy, is actually a mythical character himself.

      The team building all these sites aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed.
      It looks like they re-designed his moneyman website too. With all the grammar mistakes, and poor design it looks like he has to be doing this himself. I really hope he isn’t paying any one to do this, because this is the worst attempt at digital PR restoration that i have ever seen.
      But I wonder, if he is in fact paying someone to do this where he is getting the money to pay for it all?

  10. jammas says:

    Maybe he finally put that wife to work.

  11. RippedOff says:

    I had missed the receiver conference call. What was the outcome, are these guys off the hook?

  12. exemployee says:

    Working with Dan at the beginning of Bizradio, I can say “delusional” is “spot-on”. He would often say things like “people don’t know what they want, they want me to tell them what they want”. Yeah – OK great wise one … It’s obvious that frishberg is behind the mike wazowski blogs, it sounds like him. But the bottom line here is that he honestly believes that he is smarter than everyone else, and that he deserves to be compensated for his “genius”. There’s no doubt that the guy is smart – he generally will win any argument – he has that gift – but so do most really good con-artists. He obviously wasn’t good enough to get away with it — you gotta love “karma”!

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