Motivational Speaker Scam? Insight Publishing – Something is not right in Sevierville, TN

I don’t care what business it is – success is founding on the choices you make.  There are no short cuts or easy ways to finding success, rather success is founded on fundamental principles applied consistently through your life choices.  As a business ethics speaker, I know from personal experience what it takes to create the outcomes you desire.

That said, part of what I do is focus a spotlight on unethical behavior, scams and/or frauds.  I cannot say that what I am reporting on here is a scam, but there are too many issues arising related to the speaking business coming out of little Sevierville, TN to be coincidence.

First – here are two of my most recent posts related to speaker services and issues coming out of that little town in Tennessee:


So today I receive this email that offers me (I’m sure this offer has been made to thousands of speakers) a chance to co-author a book with Deepak Chopra and Ken Blanchard – both of whom I respect and neither of whom I know personally.

Really…I think to myself.  Ken and Deepak want to work with me?  What an appeal to ego huh?  But, let’s look closer.  The offer states:

1 chapter left in our book project Roadmap to Success with chapters by Deepak Chopra and Ken Blanchard. You have been pre-selected to be a co-author, as our research department has recognized you as an expert strategist. We will focus on topics that are necessary for success in your business and or personal life. There will be 15 chapters total in the book. Please see below some topic suggestions.

The book will contain principles and topics applying to everyday lives and careers. Our authors find it easier for their books to be reviewed. Opportunities for media coverage are also greatly increased. Imagine your ideas and your story appearing in newspapers and magazines! Imagine yourself on talk radio! You gain maximum exposure, reinforce your credentials, and build credibility.  It also represents real value for your audience. Your investment in this project is your inventory of books which depending on your package has an ROI of more than $16,000.

Inventory Choices

200 books $ 1144

300 books $ 1716

500 books $ 2540

1,000 books $ 3800

No interest payment plans are also available.

Hum … I can write “my” chapter and have it included along with others with my picture on the cover with Deepak and Ken – making it look like I was “chicken eatin buddies” with these masters.  The only cost to me is a mere approximately $3.5 to $5.5 cost per book.  Looks to me like it is a way to sell books masquerading as co-authorship – when in reality Chopra and Blanchard have no clue (at least I think that is true) who they are lending their name to as co-authors.

Here more though:

Details and benefits:

Interview based book, no heavy writing required

Custom cover with your photo and celebrity authors on your inventory of books

Professional editing done by our staff editor

Book will be listed and ISBN # registered with Baker & Taylor, Bowker, Barnes & Noble and

Newsletter featuring each author will be emailed to 20,000 meeting planners listing their bio , photo and contact information

Custom press release provided to each author for promotion

21 Ways to Market your Book plan

You own the copyright to your chapter and can use it for whatever purpose you wish in the future

E book Rights – Each author will receive the E book upon on completion

To move forward give me a call in the office or email to discuss, prime chapter placement available. Hope you have a great day!

*If you are interested in building your brand/marketing and this title does not fit you. I am also looking for authors in our book project Bootstrap Business with Tom Hopkins, Jack Canfield and John Christensen.


Doors open faster when you walk in with someone famous!


Dona Merritt

Marketing Representative

Insight Publishing

A Division of The Innovator’s Group, Inc.

Sevierville, TN. 37862

Let me be clear … I am an advocate of self-publishing!  The publishing world is being turned upside down and twisted all around with the advent of easy self-publishing, printing on demand and, of course, the elephant in the room – the ebook.  So my question does not center around authors being self published – not at all – rather, the question relates to the method of piggybacking on the names of individuals who you have no contact with – don’t know you or your content – and yet seem to find that the collection approach is a way to use their good name to promote yours.

First there are two firms that represent themselves as Speaker Services companies, both of whom have questionable reputations and have had complaints lodged against them.  Now, another speaker services company emerges in the same little town.  Sorry, but something smells fishy here.

Is what is being offered here ethical?

IF you are a client of Insight Publishing and wish to offer your comments good or bad – we welcome your thoughts.  I cannot express a direct opinion from experience, but would sure like to hear from others.


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  1. Justin Cohen says:


    I have been approached by this company, and because I have a little marketing insight, I recognized it for what it is; a vanity publishing situation.

    For someone like myself, this is a good opportunity because I recognize it as what it is and I will not re-sell the books under the guise of anything other than me having contributed a chapter.

    I do not believe that the “co-authors” would be doing business with this company, contributing their writings, and allowing the use of their image and likeness if they knew it was an unethical scam.

    The “co-authors” are in it for the money.
    someone like me is in it for the vanity.

    It is what it is.

    If anyone of us pretends that it is anything other than money and vanity – that is when it becomes unethical.

    • Justin…I agree with all you say but one thing… The co-authors from what I’m told got no money and some of them from direct discussions with them had no idea that their work was being used in this way. When Brian Tracey or Ken Blanchard or others didn’t know this was taking place it raises the ethical question.

    • Pdx says:

      Boy, if it were just a “vanity publishing situation,” I’d be all over it. Unfortunately it’s an invitation to a lawsuit and COMPLETELY unethical. I received the cover offer above last week. Today they asked for my credit card before sending a contract…red flag…did a little research and found many others received the same scam. Bummer. I’d also been of the “I know what it is” ilk. Thankfully, I’m smart enough to know that there are scammers out there smarter than myself and REALLY appreciate all of the info that has been. Posted about these guys. Gotta ask: is Justin Cohen really David Wright…or just a hopeful business person?

  2. Kit says:

    You are right to be wary of Sevierville TN. Very strange events occur here. Sevier county TN is far from ethical or safe. I know. I live here. Should you look closer here, you should be wary.

  3. Anonymous (under litigation) says:

    BEWARE. It actually goes beyond what has already been discussed. It is actually a LEGAL issue. It turns out that ISN has not obtained the rights to use the name & image of many of the “superstars” they say you can be on the cover with. I know because I received LEGAL NOTICE from the lawyers of one of the cover “superstars” stating that ISN had no rights to use the name and image of their client and now demands that I eliminate any books I have. WHAT A WASTE.

    • Insight’s position on this matter is simple. First, we have been helping authors, speakers, trainers, consultants and coaches for over 21 years and we have operated our company with honesty and integrity. Stephen Covey, working through his staff, agreed to be interviewed for our anthology book projects, designed to help professional speakers and authors get their positive messages out to people interested in self improvement.

      His interview was recorded and published just as we agreed. Just last year, we received notice that Mr. Covey’s company decided not to participate in the project. A settlement was reached between Mr. Covey and Insight, in short, that Insight would no longer use our recorded Covey interview in any future publications after a specified date. Within this settlement, no admission of guilt was concluded regarding prior publications such as your book that fell before the specified date.

      Obviously we are disturbed that Covey’s Attorney is now contacting the individual participants that they, by proxy, deemed “immune” due to the publication date of your book falling prior to the settlement agreement.

      Our attorney is reviewing our options and we stand firm in our position, that Mr. Covey voluntarily agreed to be interviewed in a chapter of your titled book and that Insight owns that recording and had the right to publish that interview at the time of publication.

      Thank You,

      David E. Wright

      Insight Publishing
      A division of The Innovators Group, Inc.
      707 West Main St. Suite 5
      Sevierville, TN 37862
      800-987-7771 ext. 17

      • Shirley Shouldve known better says:

        Please do NOT agree to participate in any of Insight Publishing efforts. It’s a complete scam. They hook you on co-branding with a big name but they do not deliver, nor do they have approval from the big brands to do this. They have avoided my calls after getting my money and will not refund it as requested more than 10 times. I have worked with Jeanne Bach and tried to reach their CEO with continued runarounds. They have not completed a book and I am out thousands of dollars. Fraudulent, scammers, and no integrity

      • Lana Barnes says:

        Well, I have an update to my book saga. One of the authors in my in group threatened a lawsuit and they finally sent his books. I got the name of the printer and I phoned them. They did not want to work with me at first and then finally I phoned them again and said look are the books paid for and they said yes finally so I made a deal with them that I would pay them the shipping directly as I had already paid Insights 6 months later and no books.

        This worked out well and I received my books within four days. I negotiated the same deal for all the authors and for the ones that chose to I believe they got their books too. It was a four and a half year deal/fight to get them.

        Never again will I work with Insights. I knew people that had done this and never had a problem so I wasn’t worried until it started to get to be more than a year out.

        I hope everyone eventually receives their books. Call the printers Sentinal Printers as they are awesome to work with.

    • says:

      What ever happened with this case?

  4. SCAMMED says:

    WARNING!!! Do not engage with Insight Publishing, ISN or anything associated with DAVID WRIGHT, company president. Their business is not only unethical, it is downright illegal!!! It’s a scam!!! I fell for it and now the law firms representing the famous folks I appear on the book cover with are threatening legal action. ISN and David Wright totally misrepresented themselves. In speaking with David Wright, the man considers deceit acceptable. He is without remorse and is downright nasty!!!

  5. Jane Kelley says:

    Thank you for this post! I get lot’s of solicitations from these folks-from the “we heard you are a great speaker and want to work with you” (I am not a speaker!) to the co-author offers. I’ve found it suspect-never occurred to me it was downright illegal. Thanks!

    • Jeanne says:

      Hi Jane,

      I do apologize for you being contacted. This must have been by mistake as you would have only have been contacted if you were listed as a speaker so how or somewhere. I searched our database and could not come across your name. Please feel free to contact me directly as I will search again and remove your name from an e-mails and or phone calls.

      Thank you, Jeanne Baach

  6. Pete Szakacs says:


    I am preparing to engage Insight to publish my own book – no “superstars” or endorsements. It is completely my project. Not just for ego, I actually will use the book for marketing.

    My concerns- 1) WILL THEY deliver what they promise?
    2) How can they do it this inexpensively?

    Please share any more insight on Insight!

    • cheryl says:

      If they are using Jack Canfields name without his permission (I called his company myself) then you now know the level of integrity by which you are playing with.

    • Jeanne says:


      I know that you and I have been talking and I welcome a conversation so that I am able to answer any questions you may have. We will deliver on our promise as we always have and I am happy to provide you with clients to contact that have published their books with us.

      On it being inexpensive we are able to offer a low price because our graphic designer, editor and formatter all work in our office under one roof. We do not have to contract anything out.

      Thank you and have a nice day! Jeanne Baach

  7. cheryl says:

    I was googling the phone number for Insight Publishing to ask them a question regarding my chapter in their upcoming book Mastering the Art of Success when I saw your site. I read through your comments and decided that I would call Jack Canfield’s office (who is presented as one of the lead authors for this upcoming book) to find out if this is a scam. They told me that Jack Canfield has NOT signed an agreement to participate in this book with Insight Publishing which is scheduled for release this December. I am assuming the other co-authors they presented have not agreed as well – Mark Victor Hansen and Les Brown. Forget the investment – I am happy to catch this before the printing includes me in it. THANK YOU FOR YOUR EFFORTS!

  8. Jeanne says:

    In your statement above, you are misrepresenting facts surrounding Insight Publishing with your personal opinion(s). Having an opinion is fine, however presenting them as fact is merely unethical.

    Our interviews are scheduled and recorded with each celebrity speaker personally, for some celebrity’s it was scheduled through their staff member(s). They are made aware of the taping and of the intended use of the interview.

    A telephone interview is scheduled and conducted along with a request for a head shot for the cover of the publication. Insight is in possession of and owns the rights to these taped interviews.

    Each celebrity was compensated either by an honorarium or by receiving copies of the completed, published book.

    No one was mislead or scammed as stated above. We have been in business for over 25 years working with speakers, trainers, coaches and consultants on the above books and self-publishing. We have many clients that are currently working with us and have in the past and I am happy to share with you their information and experiences.

    Thank you, Jeanne Baach

    • Jeanne/David,

      This is easily resolved if you guys are bona fide:
      1) Explain why Cheryl got the info that Jack Canfield has NOT signed an agreement to participate in this book with Insight Publishing. And provide the relevant legit contact to refute this.
      2) I received yesterday an invitation for ‘No Winner Ever Got There Without a Coach featuring David Rock and Dr. Pam Brill’ Give me contact details for my ‘co-authors’ and representation for their agreement and I will confirm with them that this whole thing is legit.
      3) I will undertake to publish the results of both on this and similar sites.

  9. psyched4life says:


    I am one of the co-authors you referenced. And, from my lens, Insight is legit and has not deceived anyone, including ‘lead authors’ like myself.

    After careful consideration, I agreed to be a lead author on an Insight book along with David Rock. Each of us harnesses what we know about the brain to enable our clients to change and achieve their goals in our coaching methodologies. Each of us was a published author and speaker- my book The Winner’s Way- A Proven Method for Achieving Your Personal Best- had been published by McGraw-Hill in 2004. And I had many articles and research pieces that had been published during my time as a faculty at Dartmouth Med School and since my leaping into the wild world of consulting with competitors in business and sports.

    I agreed and signed legal documents to contribute a chapter that was published with myself and David Rock as lead authors-published under the title of Coaching for Success. Various authors contributed their chapters in the arrangement outlined above, including Rudy of Notre Dame Football and the “Rudy!” movie fame. Given my respect for Rudy as an incredibly resilient person- and my passion for sports- I was honored that he had a chapter in the book!

    My chapter was based on an interview with David Wright- and he was absolutely wonderful, offering great questions that enabled me to express the concepts and ideas that are integral to my system for coaching yourself- and others- to get into the peak performance zone where engaging with the challenge-at-hand can be a life-saving move. My contribution, then, was the interview, a headshot, the opportunity to edit the interview as desired, and compensation in the form of books or a fee.

    Everything went smoothly. Recently, I saw that Insight is recycling our interviews for a second book. From my own point of view, this is not a problem. First, everything in the first book still applies though I have accumulated lots more examples and technology has confirmed the inner workings of the brain that ground my system and explain why breathing is a great strategy to cool down and think straight… And second, all ‘lead authors’ signed an agreement that the intellectual property they shared and the photo became property of Insight. Given that, personally, I am appalled that an attorney would demand that those author contributors must take their books out of circulation.

    The bottom line is this. This offers speakers, consultants and others the opportunity to be published for a very inexpensive cost. Look around and you will see that many professionals claim to have books- and they were published by self-publshing houses for which the author spent 20K$ or more. I know people who have had their chapters published by Insight – and they were satisfied with the quality of the work, the process, and the ability to generate a marketing piece that is professionally done and ‘a book’!

    I chose to respond to this on my own during a time when I really don’t have the time. But I believe that everything Insight has done, in my case, had been legit and that they offer authors the chance to be published for a cost lower than that which many authors you meet invest in their own self-published books.

    Looking forward,
    Pam Brill, Ed.D.

  10. Mary Faktor says:

    I joined ISN years ago as they sold themselves to me as a speakers bureau who would market me and send me monthly leads of conventions and conferences. In three years, they have never gotten me a single gig ( although I am booked 50-60 times a year through my own marketing and other sources.) when they send their occasional “leads” they are always useless non-paying conferences looking for free speakers who pay their own way. They are also constantly sending marketing for their “workshops” and “book publishing” as mentioned in your article. Indeed they are scammers and a waste of time and money for any speaker.

  11. Kristin says:

    I have been contacted several times by Insight to do an interview based chapter. I am not listed as a public speaker anywhere and I have yet to develop any profile, I am simply starting out with a small coaching practice. There is no reason whatsoever for them to ask me to contribute unless they’re trying to rip me off. As far as I’m concerned, if you contact me out of the blue, have no familiarity with my work and then ask me to give you money for some “too good to be true” outcome you are scamming me. End of story.

  12. Pending Author of "Mastering the Art of Success" says:

    In reading through these posts, I am becoming more concerned. I agreed to be a co-author on a book, one of those referenced above. We were to have been in print and shipped August of 2012. It is now Jan 2013 and after my repeated followup (and my assistant’s) calls, emails – you name it – we only get ‘Oh, no – it’s not been printed yet, there was this issue” or “that issue”. Then they committed to a shipping date of Dec 4th. I had a local Postnet agreeing to hold space and take delivery of the 300 books I purchased as part of this program. It never happened. We had marketed the ‘upcoming book’ and now I fear our ‘book credibility’ damaged. I had several speaking engagements lined up and hoped to promote the book from a marketing perspective but have not been able to do so. It is embarrassing and frustrating. Now I wonder if I’ll receive legal notices from the other ‘celebrity’ authors once (IF) the book is ever printed and shipped. I had heard warnings about this organization requiring a lot of follow-up and calmly expressed my concerns to them last year after several things did fall through the cracks. They assured me they were on top of it. I really wanted to believe they were going to meet their commitments as seamlessly as they charged my credit card. However, at this point? . . . cannot get a return call or email for 1 week.

    • Please call me this is Jeanne Baach with Insight Publishing. 800.987.7771 ext. 22 I am happy to help you and give you an update on the project.

      Thank you, Jeanne Baach

      • Pending Author of "Mastering the Art of Success" says:

        The update I just received from you Jeanne is that there is no print or ship date for this book. I’ve receive the “We’ll let you know” response for months now. This is not new information and is not helpful in terms of when this project will complete.

  13. Lana Barnes says:

    I too have not had a wonderful experience with them. I have been waiting 4 years for my book and the other authors and myself were assured LOL that we would have our book within 6 weeks. That was 4 months ago. I was really not concerned with them at the beginning as I know 4 other people that have done these books with them and they had no problems at all.
    Mine however has been the trip from hell. My friend just told me that she will not deal with them ever again because of the problems I have been having even though she needs to re-order some more of her books. I am very disappointed as I have paid them the money for my shipping and they are now saying that all the authors with chapters in the book have to pay their shipping before we can get outs. This is total BS.

    One very unhappy author.

    • Shirley Shouldve known better says:

      I wish that Jeanne Bach would stop asking people to call her so she can take care of it. She does not. And does nothing but give the runaround. It’s been 2 years and I still have no book but empty promises, I have asked for a refund so that I can be rid of them and no success with that either. David Wright won’t return calls or agree to a meeting either. It’s truly the worst experience I’ve had and I continue to tell every speaker within NSA and Toastmasters andyone I know to stay away from this scam.

  14. Joe Cruz says:

    As Yogi Berra once said “it’s deja vu all over again.” I’ve been waiting for over seven months for my book to be printed. All I’ve gotten is target dates that keep moving. Now I’m not even getting that as Jeanne is not returning phone calls nor responding to emails.

  15. Shouldve known better says:

    Please do NOT agree to participate in any of Insight Publishing efforts. It’s a complete scam. They hook you on co-branding with a big name but they do not deliver, nor do they have approval from the big brands to do this. They have avoided my calls after getting my money and will not refund it as requested more than 10 times. I have worked with Jeanne Bach and tried to reach their CEO with continued runarounds. They have not completed a book and I am out thousands of dollars. Fraudulent, scammers, and no integrity

  16. James McKeown says:

    Absolute total SCAM. RUN………… not give them any money or sign anything…..Over 2 years, endless phone calls, Voice Mails and emails. They will always down the road you and promise you blue sky and the moon until they get your money. I filed a BBB complaint and they just ignored it and let it hit the wall. Complaint ID#: 8050130 Business Name: The Innovators Group, Inc.
    I wrote and asked for my money back return receipt requested. David Wright himself signed for the request and I got the green card back. Again, no communications, no refund, no books, and they kept all the money and have moved on to their next projects. I have filed a grievance with the DA in their county, so we’ll see what happens next. Do not engage with David Wright, Insight publishing or any of their companies…if you do, do not say that you haven’t been warned. I lost time, and thousands of dollars.

  17. Nancy Love says:

    Thank you for this. I was a hopeful author. Tough lesson to learn the hard way.

  18. coachginaz says:

    This is upsetting. I’ve been waiting almost a year for my book to be complete. I wish I did more research on the company before investing. I am a small business and the thousands I spent may have well been millions. I can’t get a straight answer from anyone at ISN. Not good.

  19. Lisa says:

    Just tried contacting Jeanne and the email has been deactivated and cannot be found, there website has been taken down and there is no way to contact anyone who used to work there or David Wright. I suppose in one sense it’s positive as no one side will be fraud red or taken advantage off, however I’m serious to know if the police had taken their website down or what exactly happened. After they’ve taken thousands of people’s money and hundreds of thousands of people money, including my own. This is clearly a fraudulent company, end of story. That in itself proves everything, all of these responses from Jeanne in this threat trying to back up insight, is just proving her involvement in this horrific scam. How people can do something like this is beyond me, my heart breaks for those effected by these evil people’s actions. Does anyone have an “insight” on how to contact the CEO aka David Wright?

  20. coachginaz says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Here is what I know… Insight Publishing has been closed down and Jeanne Baach and Dona Merritt no longer work there. A new scam called Resource Speakers Bureau has taken its place and is being run by David Wright’s daughter. I filed a complaint with the Tennessee Attorney General’s office as well as the BBB. I got a quick response from the AG – and shortly thereafter, Mr. Wright himself! Several of my colleagues also filed complaints at the same time, so that must have gotten his attention.

    Here is what he has to say:

    Dear Gina,

    I received your communication from Leesa through Email. I can imagine how frustrated you must be to say such things about us. You wrote that you had “just found out” that Leesa was my daughter as if I had tried to hide the fact. She is my eldest child and has been invaluable giving me advice when my business began to have trouble with a myriad of problems caused by unexpected circumstances, bad decisions, and clients that were not held to their contractual time deadlines.

    I would like to think that I have spent a fifty-six year business career helping people and not hurting them as you have stated. The recent problems I have had in the publishing industry have been overwhelming. I have been publishing books for twenty-six years and for almost all of those years I have been able to help hundreds of speakers, trainers, coaches and consultants increase their knowledge and income. Now, I am spending all my time trying to solve problems that may be impossible to solve. I am, however, still trying to solve them.

    You have stated that I have “scammed many people out of thousands of dollars.” Interestingly, I have not
    taken any money out of the business in more that a year. In fact, I have invested money into the company in an effort to solve the problems. I have never scammed anyone. It simply is not in my nature or desire.

    You also stated that you knew who “Kay Garrett” was. She worked for me several years ago and with others, helped to build the company. She quit working for us and went into business for herself. At that time she went by her married name. Recently, her husband died and she went back to her maiden name. I hired her when two people quit without notice after working for the company for over fifteen years.

    Concerning Resource Business Services, it is a company that offers certification and training for those people whose job it is to administer assessment tools to individuals and companies. Presently. we offer the DISC and The Organizational Survey. Concerning the Speakers Agency, it is simply a speaker booking agency. Down through the years, we have never been involved as a company that made “booking speakers” it’s main purpose. These new-direction companies have been on the drawing board for years.

    I am sorry that the relationship we had with you has deteriorated to the point it is in now. I remember you from the interview that we did together for the book. I am in the process of determining how I solve the problems connected with getting the book printed. I believe that all chapters have been signed off for printing. I am still going through the files to confirm it.

    Again, I apologize for any mistakes that anyone in our company made that caused you to have the opinions that you do. I am working to get all of our books printed. I will keep you informed of my progress.


    David Wright

    I also received two phone calls from him – both saying he was “trying to figure things out” and “He hoped to be able to get my book published.”

    This is all bull****. He has been doing this for years, and even those who have gotten books published have not been able to sell them. I know someone who received a “Cease and desist” letter from one of the “celebrity” authors, who said he had not given permission for his name or likeness to be used in conjunction with the book. So my colleague was screwed anyway.

    My advice: file a complaint with the Tennessee Attorney General’s office. Contact your credit card company that you paid for the book with and tell them what happened. You might be able to get a refund, because Mr. Wright is not disputing any claims.

    His email address is:

    Good luck!


    • James McKeown says:

      utterly totally lied to and screwed… his words are hollow at this point…..greatest ponzi scheme in the history of publishing. promised the sun the moon and the stars and never got the books. always down the road, tomorrow, blue sky….future…filed a BBB complaint that they just ignored. requested money back and never got it….Honestly he deserves to serve time for taking so many inspired authors hopes and dreams and money

  21. My Experience With Insight Publishing (Stepping Stones To Success)

    I’m an independent business owner in Canada who has also been perceivably burned by Insight Publishing…

    In March of 2015 I met with my local Business Resource Center for a ‘check up’ and that’s when I was referred to Insight Publishing. My colleague had met Jeanne Bach at an event (I believe in Toronto) where they had a booth set up. Upon contacting them I was thrilled at the opportunity to be on my way to becoming a more recognized thought leader and published author. Once I signed on the dotted line and they took my payment I halted my own writing project so I could focus on this one.

    When I paid I asked what the time line would be. Knowing nothing about the publishing industry but understanding how timelines can shift, I accepted August 2015 as a good length of time. At t that time I was also advised to start promoting the book ASAP, so to get the word out. (Good thing I lagged behind on that one).
    I stumbled upon a book on my shelf at home (Speaking Of Success) a fellow colleague had been on this project back in early 2000s I believe. No need to think anything suspicious at all of this company…here’s a book on my shelf to prove they are legit and real.

    In June I was contacted with the opportunity to purchase additional books at a price of $1.99 per book. I added an additional 200. I asked at that point how it was going, all seemed to be going full steam ahead. I started to talk up Insight to see if anyone in my network would be interested in being on a project of this nature (part of Insight’s incentive program) in hopes of adding a few extra books to my count.

    When mid August hit, I was contacted by Jeanne Bach again to see if I would be interested in additional books. I declined…and again asked about the project. I was then told the project was delayed to October. No worries I thought.
    October came and went…no book. Once again contacted Jeanne asking for the update. Most likely January I was told. A colleague who works in publishing told me these delays are normal, most like due to printing issues. Again, No worries!

    Around this time, I was successful in convincing a colleague to join on a project! What an opportunity for her to be part of something that will raise her profile…and I get 50 books. Not bad at all. She did some digging and found an article on RipOff Report…I dismissed it. I had an Insight book on my shelf and, let’s face it, NOT everything you read on RipOff is legit. I know this…a former Financial Services company I worked for was cited several times…and they had AAA rating in the industry. DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ! And, after all, this is a company with 26 or so years of solid credibility…what could possibly go wrong?

    January…NO BOOK. Insight (Jeanne) then was contacting me again to ask if I was interested in additional books. Having just paid down some debt and freeing up some room on my credit card I thought, sure! At $1.99 put me down for 200 more! I was thrilled that I now had 650 books coming to me, a co-authored project with Dr. Denis Waitley, Deepak Chopra and Jack Canfield. PLUS, I was reminded my package include the ISBN, E-book, and, the most attractive thing, the newsletter that would be sent to 50,000 meeting planners world wide! Oh, and the project had again been delayed to Late February/early March. Excellent!

    Around this time I had also purchased an additional product with Dona Merritt. It was a spot in A Speakers Magazine, where I could have my 1 Page displayed. Excellent! Sold! Another $399.00. Perfect! More credit to my raised profile. There was no follow up for Dona, no timelines, nothing. So I waited.

    In March of 2016, I again was following up with Insight to find out about the book and check the timelines with Dona for the Speakers Magazine. No reply from Jeanne. Called, no response. Realized I had her on social media, reached out to her there, respectfully asking if she could ‘point me in a direction’ to get some answers. She gave me David Wright’s direct email and office number (information I already had), I thanked her…that was that! Though at the time I wanted to inquire why she left Insight after some 17 years or so with the company, I didn’t want to pry or seem nosey. People change, and move on to other opportunities.

    I called Insight numerous times, no answer. Emailed David Wright, no response. Emailed Dona Merritt…emails bounced back. Mid April their phones were ‘offline.’ Beginning to get that queasy feeling, I emailed David and the general email delivery box. . I was very stern with my word choice…I wanted answers! Finally, response. He apologized. Said the phone number was the same one he’s had for 26 years…it’s an technical thing with AT&T. I was told that two people had quit (presumably he was referring to Dona Merritt and Jeanne Bach) and they were prioritizing…Chris Ott was to contact me within a couple of days. NO RESPONSE! Emailed and called again, NO RESPONSE! Threatened to add to this blog, RipOff Report and file a BBB Complaint unless I was contacted, updated, refunded OR sent books. NO RESPONSE!

    My colleague who had also jumped on a project messaged me at that point, indicated their website was down, phones disconnected….It was like they packed up and go the hell out of Dodge! And left everyone one with a stack of empty promises, unfulfilled contracts AND NO BOOKS!

    So, I’m angry, I feel let down, I’m embarrassed, I’m humiliated and I’m out of pocket nearly $3000, which in the grand scheme of life is not a lot of money…but when you are a solo entrepreneur, it’s stings…and I’m now second guessing anyone who comes forward asking to co-author with them. All I want is answers OR my money back. I don’t know what has happened to make this once legitimate company turn sour. David Wright owes everyone answers, books and/or refunds! I will definitely be contacting the Attorney General and filing a formal complaint. Not sure where it will get me, but it’s worth the time to see if I can get answers, or a partial refund.


    • Jimmy Mack says:

      I hope that everyone scammed by them reads over this blog and reaches out to the Attorney General and files a complaint. If enough people do that, I believe it can only spur them on to action thanks

  22. coachginaz says:

    Het Carl,
    Sorry for your experience…I know it well. Read my response above of May 28, 2016 for the latest information I have on Insight. They have changed their name and are still in operation – only as a Speakers Bureau. I suggest filing a complaint with the Tennessee Attorney General’s office. If you put you payment on a credit card, dispute it. I got some of my money back, even though it’s been over a year.
    Good luck and let me know if I can help in any way!
    Gina Zappariello

  23. coachginaz says:


  24. maggieconnor says:

    Aloha from Hawaii, A very dear friend of mine gifted me with $ so as to put toward publishing my book. I wrote it years ago and due to being involved with Insight it has never come to see the light of day. While I am relieved I didn’t use my hard earned money, I am very disappointed that my friends very generous get to me was squandered by Insight. I must say, had it been my $ I would have looked into this company. Because my friend was an attorney I actually just assumed she must have vetted them in some way. I have since learned she did no such thing. Well, onward and upward as my book must be read and enjoyed at some point. I did enjoy writing it. Just really dislike what this company did to myself and to all the inspired authors out there. To anyone else who is
    please don’t allow people to take away your dreams. Keep writing and self publish if you can. Love aloha from Hawaii, Maggie

    • Carolyn Rutherford says:

      Help. I paid up front for their setvices…just tried to contact them to start the process…..they’re GONE. With my money and obviously others!!
      What do I do??

      • Not much you can do…

      • coachginaz says:

        Hi Carolyn,
        Please refer to my post of May 28, 2016. Many of us have petitioned the Tennessee Attorney General’s office to pursue a claim against Insight, and yet, they remain in business. I suggest you read all the 2016 posts here to see what’s going on. If you paid via credit card, contact them immediately and tell them what is going on and they should refund your money.

        Also, file a complaint with the Tennessee AG. The more complaints they receive, the more likely they are to go after this business.

        For some reason, Insight has been getting away with this scam for years. They recently changed the name of their business and are operating out of David Wright’s home.

        Good luck!

  25. coachginaz says:

    Chuck, with all due respect, your advice to Carolyn is not correct. There is something she can do.

  26. Thanks for your comment and help. The only challenge is I have not seen any action from the AG’s office. You are right that is what can be done, the question is will any law enforcement office take interest. None have thus far.

  27. They have as have other law enforcement organizations. As cynical as it sounds, it’s not big enough and requires too much investigation to bring any action. More times than not action will be taken when it’s cut and dried or easy to get a win. There have been attempts to get a class action effort, but again there are costs involved and since the losses are insignificant (by most standards) there is no lead in the effort to find justice. Really sad.

    • Patti Fralix says:

      I just tried to contact Jeanne Bach and Insight Publishing today, to no avail. The email bounced back and there is no phone number that is answered. I contacted my cc company (Amex) and they said they can’t do anything since it is more than 60 days . Can anyone tell me a cc company that has pursued this, or credited the charge?

      Thanks, Patti Fralix

      • coachginaz says:

        Hi Patti,
        Jeanne Baach left Insight many months ago. The phone numbers and emails have been disconnected, and the name of the company has changed. Presumably to be able to keep the scam going. I used Discover, and they refunded most of my money. When they tried to contact Insight with the dispute, they didn’t get a response, so apparently this is David Wright’s method of refunding money…let the credit card company take the hit and he keeps his money. Contact Amex again and tell them this is a scam, and send them the emails above. They might forego their policy. Ask to speak to a supervisor.
        Good luck!

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