Wesley Snipes to report to PRISON! Still he seems to be fighting the already lost battle…

Appearing to be somewhat obstinate to the end, Wesley Snipes convicted for tax crimes is headed to prison – much like I predicted over two years ago.  Snipes is scheduled to report to Federal Correctional Institution McKean at Lewis Run, Pennsylvania on December 9.

The crime Wesley was convicted of was failing to file his tax returns – although he was honestly involved in a movement that believes that taxing income is unconstitutional and illegal.

Here’s the post that discusses Wesley’s conviction – https://chuckgallagher.wordpress.com/2008/04/24/wesley-snipes-sentenced-36-months-in-prison-for-failure-to-file-tax-returns/

A 36 month sentence means that Wesley will serve 30+ months in Federal Prison.

Snipes appealed his conviction, but lost.  After his defeat it was clear that prison was the practical outcome.  Now, having been there personally, I have the deepest empathy for Wesley.  Prison time moves slowly.  The one that that is true is that it will give Snipes a new perspective and opportunity for self-reflection.

Likewise, on a practical note, I guarantee he will file and pay his taxes moving forward.  I know many men who were imprisoned for tax crimes including not filing and paying their taxes.  All, when released, had given up the hope that somehow they could avoid the IRS or Federal Government.  Personally, I don’t care about the argument related to taxes – rather I care about my freedom.

About the Prison – FCI McKean, PA

McKean is a medium security facility housing male inmates.  An adjacent satellite prison camp houses minimum security male offenders.

FCI McKean is located in northwest Pennsylvania between Bradford and Kane, Pennsylvania.  It is situated 90 miles south of Buffalo, New York, off Route 59; and approximately 1/4 mile east of the intersection of State Route 59 and U.S. Route 219.

Here are some other links for those who are just now catching up with this story:






So here’s a question for readers – Do you think that Wesley Snipes has been treated fairly?  And if not, what do you think should have happened?


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