Oatmeal at McDonalds…Ethical and Healthy Choices for Consumer Benefit…

O.K. so this is a deviation from my normal blog in both content and length, but I have to share.  So, I’m sitting in my car in the drive through line at McDonalds (yes I know that sitting in a car is wasting gas) preparing to order my (very healthy) double cheeseburger and sweet tea (and Mickey D’s does make some good sweet tea)…when an auto play announcement comes on and says:

For your fun and enjoyment, McDonalds is now offering “Oatmeal” all day long!”

Say what?  Oatmeal?  Surely I must have misunderstood.  But, as I looked at the display – there is was front and center – piping hot delicious “Oatmeal” topped with (as they describe it) crisp fresh apples, plump raisins and sweet cranberries.  I am amazed!

Now for you “Oatmeal” lovers, this blog is written to announce that you should make a run at McDonalds – as they have now moved from healthy salads to fun and enjoyable meal that many crave – “Oatmeal”!

For the rest of us, well…it provides a good laugh and interesting conversation at the drive through.  By the way, I asked the young lady that served me as I drove up – “How many oatmeals do folks order?”  She laughed sharing that she doesn’t remember any…

Meanwhile…I suspect the Association of Oat Growers is pleased that for once “Oatmeal” is now receiving the national attention it deserves…  Hum…wonder how one eats “Oatmeal” while driving down the road?  Oh…and I can see it now…a lawsuit from someone who sues because eating sticky oatmeal requires more than one hand and thereby is the root cause of an accident…!

If you’ve ever had McDonalds “Oatmeal” please comment on how fun and enjoyable it was…PLEASE.


One Response to Oatmeal at McDonalds…Ethical and Healthy Choices for Consumer Benefit…

  1. Will says:

    I have had the McD’s oatmeal many times, and quite a few of my friends have as well. It is suprisingly good, which pushed me to look into the actual ingredients and whether it was truly a “healthy” option. It is not. Yes there is a little bit of fruit, but other than that, it is not “plain oatmeal”, just like their chicken nuggets (not selects) are not “plain chicken”.

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