Choices and Consequeces: Solona Islam quits job in battle to make ends meet – Pleads guilty to Prostitution.

Sometimes all is not as it seems.  Described as a teacher – prostitute, Solona Islam has found herself in a very public debate over the choices she made in order to meet her desperate need for money.  Every choice has a consequence and featured nationally in various media outlets is not what Ms. Islam expected – I’m quite sure.

According to news reports:

A high school teacher in Little Rock has resigned after school officials learned she pleaded guilty in November to a prostitution charge.

McClellan High School algebra teacher Solona Islam, who had been put on paid administrative leave, told she resigned because she didn’t want to have the school district involved in her personal matters.

The 27-year-old was arrested Oct. 29 on misdemeanor charges of prostitution and operating a business without a license but Police Sgt. Cassandra Davis said the school district was not notified because the charge was not a felony.

Islam said she was desperate for money and originally thought she was just going to work for a dating service. She pleaded guilty on Nov. 5 and was given a suspended 90-day sentence and a $640 fine.

School officials told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette that they finally learned of the plea from a reporter and suspended Islam on Wednesday.

Islam, who was in the fifth year of her teacher career, told that she hopes this attention doesn’t affect her ability to find another job.

Choices and consequences!  As I read this story I began to recall those choices I made that, like Solona, began a road to recovery.  In my book – SECOND CHANCES – I stated:
I had rationalized my actions and certainly could correct any choice I made. I wasn’t a bad person, just a smart one, I thought. I knew how to beat the system. Feeling so invincible, I was soaring high; I believed that nothing could touch me. Little did I know.
I can’t personally speak for Solona Islam, but I can imagine that she lived this dual self never really expecting to get caught – thinking that she could walk away at any time.  But, often we find that lessons come at us when we least expect them and in ways we never consider.
While on Earth, we have a great opportunity for growth. Unfortunately, many of the lessons contained in experience are hidden from our conscious view within our subconscious mind. Because of the veil placed over humanity, most of us function with only a dim awareness of our purpose or mission. Life is our teacher, through which we receive many experiences. At some point, as we grow, the lessonsshow themselves. Then we can reflect on our experience and reap the consequences of our lessons.
I have come to understand that a situation that is less than joyful is there to teach us important lessons. We can learn from the lessons presented and gain insight and growth. That’s our choice. To progress and learn, however, it is helpful to express our conscious intent to do so. The reality is that unless we recognize the lesson, events may continue unfolding until the lessons intensify. We must remain open to the teachings and gifts we are receiving in order to grow and evolve.
As we grow in our spiritual journey, we can progress to the point that we step out of our bodies and become conscious observers. At that point, we begin to sense that we’re more in control of the situation than we imagined. By looking from the outside in, we can make a choice to respond in a way that serves our highest good. Self-awareness, in part, means that the veil has been partially lifted as we progress through our life lesson.
Perhaps before we quickly judge the humanness of Islam’s choices, we can for a moment look at the divinity of her life and know that deep beneath the choices shown are wonderful opportunities to learn and grow.

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