Elisea Frishberg – “Money Money Money!” What a difference two years makes!

From 2009 on Fox 26 to today…sometimes its hard to hide the truth.  Then Elisea Frishberg was a multi-millionaire – now we find that the millions she bragged about were scammed from unsuspecting investors. Before reading the discussion below and sharing your comments…watch this video.  It’s quite telling!

The interviewer said, “You’re a multimillionaire, but you were not born with a silver spoon in your mouth.”

Elisea responds, “In everyone’s book what I’ve done is impossible.  I am the co-founder of BizRadio Network.  We reach millions of lives and improve their lives.  We buy businesses.  We build cities.  We have monetary financial advantages, material advantage that I could never imagine I could reach.”

STOP FOR A MOMENT…I’ve got a question.  Does the news media do any (ANY) due diligence on their guests.  Come on – “We build cities.”  What a crock…

The interviewer asks in so many words how did you do this?

Again Elisea states, “For 48 years I wished someone would have come up with a box – a set of instructions – to lower my pain and anxiety.  So that makes you ask what makes you inspired to write this book? So I said I’ll box them up.  I’ll box up everything I’ve learned to get to where I am and I’m inspired and excited and want to give it to your listeners…”

HUM…PERHAPS THE BOOK SHOULD BE USED BY THE FBI…cause if you’ve boxed up all you’ve learned you should find the content to include chapters on: (1) how to scam unsuspecting investors out of their money; (2) How to live off of other people’s money (that they will never get back); (3) How to con the media into believing in the illusion instead of searching for the truth; (4) How to lie with a straight face; and (5) How to thumb your nose that those who supported your vision of a valuable business radio station.

HERE POINTS:  (Ya gotta check these out)

  1. Face Yourself
  2. Do Not Lie To Yourself (wonder if she’s O.K. with lying to others since that seems to be what happened?)
  3. Know What You Really Want (again wonder if she knew that was other people’s money?)

Elisea ends the interview by saying what people really want is MONEY…MONEY…MONEY!  Well…she got it.  The problem was it was other people’s money.  Wonder now what she has to say about that show?


5 Responses to Elisea Frishberg – “Money Money Money!” What a difference two years makes!

  1. Biz Free says:

    That video sums it up and truly is the gift that keeps on giving! She is so delusional…never met anyone who could lie with such a straight face.

  2. Don campbell says:

    I was an investor in BuzRadio. It was started with good intentions but greed soon took over. I saw Elisea go on trips and only have a small suitcase but would end up with expensive new clothes everyday. By the end of the trip she discarded her once used clothing to her helpers before returning home so she did not have to carry luggage

    We would request audited statements about the financial condition of the business. We would be told that it was to expensive while at investor meeting they served wine and expensive and catered resturant food.

    They would hold lavish parties at their expensive rent house( we were told they owned). Were ever they traveled it was first class.

    Much of the information on the show was very good. Many great advertisers. The concept was needed for the area but the ego’s took over and destroyed the station through lies, spending and misrepresentation.

    Everything you have printed is true and I respect you for bringing it public.

  3. Scammed Investor says:

    Don, how right your are. We got screwed. Can I please have my money back?

  4. Kucf says:

    I dont believe in everything you have said. The bottom line is you guys are i**** because you dont know how, what and when a situation will be there. You dont say that this a Business Ethics, but I cant see that it is. This act of what you write reflects how envy you are with the people who are more capable and knowledgeable than you are. Well, my opinion I dont care if she is a filipina or dan got’s fraud but you dont know who they are to judge.

  5. cbroouse says:

    Kucf, YOUR AN IDIOT! These two pigs ripped off everyone in Houston. Where the hell have you been? Don’t let your stupidity blind you. The Frishbergs were full of greed, stole millions from investors, and they created their own destruction. NOw look? They have flocked to Florida to find themselves some new “pigeons”. They are scammers to the core. I’m surprised they are both not in prison yet. I’m still counting on that. I’m so tempted to call the FBI and/or the District attorney. They belong in prison. For now, i’m sitting back watching to see how much they will owe the KCM Recievership. Anyone wanna know just google it. All the court records are posted there. Its no secret.

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