One Step Ahead of the SEC – The Mystery behind Dan Frishberg – The Brains Elisea Frishberg – who knew?

I feel like I owe my readers an apology.  All this time I thought that “The Money Man” Dan Frishberg was the brains behind the massive theft involved with what is now known as BizRadio.  But it looks like I was wrong.  Seems that all was an illusion.  Perhaps Dan was not that smart after all, cause now the truth behind the myth appears – Elisea!  Shocked…well no, rather mystified.  Read this recent announcement by Elisea and then let’s talk…

I’m Elisea Frishberg and I’ve served as Executive Producer of “The MoneyMan Report” for twenty years. For all that time, when Dan has been on the radio, CNBC,  or Fox, I have been right there behind the scenes.

Through all these years, our show has been about helping people get themselves off the emotional roller coaster so they can be among the very few who actually make money in the markets AND KEEP IT.

Here is a picture of that roller coaster.

From despondency to depression to hope to relief, on to optimism then excitement and euphoria, and the herd’s emotional roller coaster ride starts back down into anxiety, denial (where they feel the market can’t fall any further,) and finally to capitulation. Then the whole thing starts all over again.

It’s all so human isn’t it?

I want to propose a solution – an easy way to escape from the herd and start to enjoy the markets.

Join us for our No B.S., Plain English, No Jargon, Everyone-Can-Do-It…

The MoneyMan’s Live Training…


Morning Session: Becoming Investor 2.0

We’ll learn once and for all how to free ourselves from the emotional roller coaster most investors stay stuck on all their lives.

Find out how, at each stage, the markets serve as the primary mechanism to transfer wealth from the uninformed to the smart money, and find out how to make sure you’re on the winning side. Once you’re free, you’ll know there is a profitable play for every situation, just as in baseball.

Take a look at the small space between DEPRESSION and HOPE on the right hand side of the picture. Between those two little dots, investors go through highly predictable emotions…

Contempt: According to the cycle, a bull market typically starts when a market is at a low and investors scorn stocks.

Doubt and suspicion: They try to decide whether what they have left should be invested in a safe haven, such as a money market fund. They’ve burnt their fingers on stocks, and vow never to invest again.

Caution: The market then gradually starts showing signs of recovery. Most remain cautious, but prudent investors are already drooling at the possibility of profit.

What does the smart money do at that point?

First the big hitters begin to buy convertible bonds. Solid companies issued bonds that are paying only about 5% or 6% because they companies are so solid, but in this coming out of panic situation, panicked investors are still afraid to take action, so highly desirable and safe bonds are selling for 70 or 80 cents on the dollar. It happens in every cycle, and now that you’ve learned how to escape from the herd, you’ll be right there, ready to take advantage of the opportunity.

In fact, you’ll wonder how making money could be so easy, and how you missed all these opportunities for all these years.

Next, once they see the high yield bonds start to recover, they know the stock market won’t be far behind, so they take their profits on the bonds, then back up the pickup truck and load up.

While the experts are claiming to be in a “stock pickers’ market” as usual, the educated investor knows very well that at this stage, buying the whole market is better. There will be plenty of time for fine tuning later in the cycle, when the herd is moving between the OPTIMISM and EXCITEMENT stages.

Is it really that easy?

I don’t want to kid you. It really is that easy to understand, but being able to actually execute the right strategies and tactics takes courage, brains, and the ability to resist the hypnosis of the herd. That’s the part you’ll have to practice for the rest of your life.

Cycles constantly repeat. We move through the same seasons every year, and we’ve all learned how to anticipate the changing seasons. We follow the weather, the harvest and the sports cycle every year of our lives. We easily adapt to the cycle of the seasons, so they never surprise us. In fact, we learn to love each season, because we anticipate the predictable changes, and we successfully plan our activities to match.

For example, when the stock market rallies, stockholders win.

At the moment of EUPHORIA or maximum confidence, some chinks in the armor start to show up, suggesting the early signs of economic slowing. Stock prices go down, and the new winners are…

  • the short sellers,
  • the bond buyers
  • the patient investors who kept their cash ready,
  • the put buyers,
  • and the smart investors who Rent Out Stocks.

They all prosper when the rally stalls. Who loses? Simple! Those who blindly buy into the intoxicating euphoria of the herd.

Learn the winning play for every situation. The reason experienced investors and traders are able to achieve better results over time, is that they understand exactly what the herd is going through.

Why? Because this isn’t their first rodeo!

In the afternoon session: Master R.O.S. and you will know…

1. How to increase your annual returns by 20%-30% per year in a sideways stock market.

2. How to pinpoint your most accurate economic and market forecast, then choose the exact right tactics for that precise situation.

3. How to pinpoint your exact risk profile, then choose the exact right tactics to fit.

4. How to decide if collecting rent on a stock is a better deal than just holding the stock.

5. How to take consistent profits from a sideways consolidating market

6. How to choose which stocks make the best long term holds, so you can collect your rents while you minimize the downside risk of owning stocks.

7. How to tell when the speculators are paying too much for their long options.

8. How to understand the profit potential is in an option, so you can consistently outsmart your renters, by out-timing them.

9. How to consistently buy stocks cheaper than their ticker prices.

10. How to know which month’s options offer the best rental rates

11. How to know which stocks in which industries make the best “rental properties.”

12. How to take advantage of market fluctuations to increase market profits by over 35%

13. Learn how the top pros can consistently spot THE optimum moment to collect their rents, by knowing how to estimate future volatility. This skill will also help you know when and how to protect the downside in you equity holdings.

14. How to understand more about how to price the rents on your stocks than the speculators and gamblers whose money you collect.

15. How to use time decay to consistently make the optimum rentals on your long term stock holdings.

16. How to know when to make a above the market offer, and when to accept the current market price.

17. How to know when to pass on a high rent, to keep more upside in your stock holdings.

18. How to read the market trends and directions.

19. The three most common mistakes investors and traders make in reading market trends.

Also Includes a Special Lesson On Iron Condors, the more advanced play for a sideways market. Warning: This technique works terrific in when markets chop and don’t go anywhere, but it may require some more study and practice for some–sign-up.htmlstudents.

Most people assume that when the markets aren’t moving you can’t make money. Not anymore. Low volatility markets can be extremely profitable.

With the Iron Condors strategy, we will trade a single complex option spread which includes the simultaneous vertical spreads in the same expiration month.

The strategy will advise on market neutral and well defined risk iron condors with limited profit. Each month we will identify an index or ETF that is range bound, allowing us to profit from the non-directional movement. The main advantage to trading this strategy is that it will give you near-term hedging with defined and manageable risk characteristics.

Click here for a short video on exactly what the smart money is already doing at every turn.


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The MoneyMan Report

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Let’s consider the fact that the SEC was supposed to have shut up Dan Frishberg from offering investment advice.  Why?  Cause he was actively involved in defrauding investors according to SEC reports.  Dan and the SEC agreed on the outcome.  From my perspective Dan was to have gone to with his glorious investment advice.

Ah…but there is nothing to muzzle the mouth of Elisea and apparently she was the brains behind the man…after all she was the Executive Producer of “The Money Man Report”.  Well…let me ask some questions:

  1. Elisea…if you were the Executive Producer – did you know that your husband was cheating many people out of their life time savings to support your failed business and personal lifestyle?
  2. No…you say, well then how smart were you?  Shouldn’t (as Executive Producer) you have known that financially BizRadio was in the tank and that you should have helped Dan cut back on lavish expenses?  Oh…I guess not as I’ve been told that you pushed for those lavish indulgences.
  3. And, lastly Elisea – do you have any remorse for those who lost their money at what you now seem to admit was your and Dan’s hand?  What are you doing today to make restitution?  Do you even care?

My strong suspicion is that Elisea won’t answer these questions – as it seems that it’s business as usual for the Frishbergs.


8 Responses to One Step Ahead of the SEC – The Mystery behind Dan Frishberg – The Brains Elisea Frishberg – who knew?

  1. Biz Free says:

    You nailed it!

  2. Jim A says:

    Elisea is not the brains behind the operation. She is really not that smart. If you listen to her on the radio, she cannot pull of the illusion of brains. She is using Dan’s work and trying to set herself up as the financial guru advisor because Dan is now banned.

    I know this may not be popular, but Dan really does know what he is talking about. I’ve listened to him for a long time before he started the Biz Radio fraud. I learned a lot about investing from him from 2002 onward. He is just not a good business person, hence the start of the fraud when BizRadio was not bringing in cash.

    This proves that the SEC is really toothless. I guarantee that Dan is still tied to Barrington financial and routing customers in that direction for some sort of fee, running it through a different business, maybe something Elisea set up.

    • scammed investor says:

      Jim, your are correct about Dan, but Elisea is the “push” behind the man. Dan has great financial advice but he is clueless when it comes to running a profitable business. I have listened to the FL Moneyman Rpt and Elisea is just a babbling mouth piece for Dan’s usually right on the mark stock picks. As for SEC, they are just poor Gov’t smucks with no real intention of stopping Dan other than headline announcements that appear to be completely disregarded by Dan, Elisea and Barrington Financial. My opinion is the SEC is a waste of tax payer dollars given these high priced attorneys are very well paid. But this is the world we live in. Caveat Emptor.

  3. Jim A says:

    Hi Scammed,

    I have listened for many years and Elisea has always been behind the scenes. She pushes Dan so he can make more money so she can live it up in style. We will see if the SEC will stop them. If Barrington Financial continues the relationship, sooner or later it will be exposed.

    • scammed investor says:

      I agree the trappings money can buy is a factor, but remember it was/is Dan who so desperately wants to be famous he will do anything to achieve this goal. Vanity appearances on CNBC, FOX, etc were First Class (all expenses for Dan and Elisea paid by BizRadio investors) trips to NYC to promote his personal image and build fame. Each trip, of which there were many, costs thousands and he was often bumped from the line-up if someone more important became available for the show. Not included in this travel expense is the salary of a full time promoter BizRadio hired to increase Dan’s national exposure. How many trips did Dan and Elisea make to the West Coast to visit their daughter? Did all these trips get billed to BizRadio in the guise of developing a California radio business?

      At least Al Kaleta, who is the real BizRadio scammer, has the good sense to keep under the radar. If it was not for Kaleta’s ability to attract funding using lies, promises, and deceit, BizRadio would have run out of money far sooner with far fewer harmed investors. I’m still puzzled as to why Kaleta is not in prison, if for nothing else stealing $200,000 worth of gold statues from BizRadio (recovered by Receiver).

  4. Jim A says:


    It sounds like you have more information than I. I never invested in BizRadio, but came close. If I was not too lazy, I might have been one of the scammed investors.

    I went to some of the Market Update meetings and saw that it was a cult of personality. At the breaks, people would be buzzing around him like he was a zen master. He loved it. I knew that he was dishonest when he threw up a graph of someone else’s work and claimed it has his own. The buying power and selling pressure is not his invention, but he marketed it as his genius. I also signed up for a bond course that kept getting delayed and delayed. I asked for my money back and it took weeks before I got it. One day, I showed up for a class and no one was around. I met Kaleta that day. He was the slick one.

    I still maintain that it started out good, but then went bad when the greed and lavishness took over. Both Dan and Al belong in jail, in my opinion. Or, their earnings should be garnished to repay all the money they lost. Either way would be more justice than was received.

  5. When was this report written?? They both are in out nonprofit group: “The Power Of Purpose Mastermind: Purpose Pioneers”– where we are doing soooooo much great things in helping people– and they have had dan on platform, is talking right NOW in Las Vegas as I write this, AND these good people that run this NEED to know IF dan is a scam!!! He talks sneaky, like a ponzi scheme– and IF he is a fraud, we need to blow the whislte ASAP!!!

    • I have seen no evidence that Dan should be trusted as the (for all practical purposes) ponzi scheme from Biz Radio left many severely financially hurt. While I cannot say that Dan is scamming people today, there are many that don’t trust him based on how he handled the Biz Radio situation and his actions following. Moving and starting the same process over is looking for trouble. Just my opinion however.

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