Ethics and the Truth! Is What Used to be Trump University a Scam?

An interesting article was posted on CNN recently that discussed dramatic increases in Higher Education.  Two things seemed a bit strange to me: (1) the Federal Government was investigating the tuition increases at the same time they were cutting funding to Higher Education; and (2) featured in the middle of the article was an “out of place” video report on what used to be called “Trump University”.

The video and it’s content caught my eye.  Here’s the video for you to review.  Then let’s talk…


What would motivate anyone to sink $35,000 into a three day school and pay for it by maxing out credit cards?  Funny, but a scammer knows the human emotions that motivate people to make uncommon choices that typically lead to disaster.  In this case, the motivation – “the desire to be rich!”  Reality check…the rich get that way through hard work and understanding how to take advantage of a situation.  Trump is a master of that art.  If you think you’ll be rich from taking a three day course – you’re delusional.

“I thought I’m gonna be a millionaire because Donald Trump is a millionaire.”  A simple expression that exemplifies the power of thought and how one can easily be duped into helping the millionaire stay a millionaire!  Trump knows that success does not come easy, yet the marketing of his course opens the flood gates of money (to him and his organization) from folks who generally know no better.

The coach never met with the subscriber/student.  “If you offer something and you don’t deliver – you are stealing!”  Well…that’s true.  The question is – does the Trump organization recognize the ethical issue with offering something or promising something and then not deliver?

The Better Business Bureau gave Trump University a grade of D-  Ouch.  Wonder if this were The Apprentice if Trump would allow that to take place.  Seems that this is tarnishing his reputation!  Or maybe it supports his reputation as it is not as spotless as he might think.

Investigated for consumer fraud and deceptive business practices – The New York Attorney General is looking into issues related to Trump University.  Likewise Trump got into trouble with the Education Dept in the State of New York and the name – TRUMP UNIVERSITY – has been changed to TRUMP ENTREPRENEUR INITIATIVE…


Have any readers had first hand experience with Trump University or Trump Entrepreneur Initiative?  If so, how would you evaluate your experience?

Do you think that Trump is ethical in his representation of the value of the Trump University experience?



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